Malaysia’s 14th General Election: THE BIG ISSUES

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Malaysia’s 14th general election will no doubt be fought between a Barisan Nasional coalition that boasts its sixty years of “stable rule” and a Pakatan Rakyat coalition calling on the electorate to “save Malaysia” from the BN’s kleptocracy. Malaysian voters will likely be treated to tirades about current scandals including 1MDB, as well as past scandals, now that the former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir has joined the Opposition. But what are the big issues of this election?

This book, a compilation of the author’s recent writings, discusses the important issues confronting Malaysian society today. If any sustainable democratic progress is to be made in this country, it is crucial that voters are informed and demand that candidates and their parties clarify their stand on these issues well before Election Day. The author, Kua Kia Soong concludes with an alternative programme for Malaysia that is both inclusive and progressive – ‘Manifesto of the 99%’ by The Left Coalition, to transcend the years of corruption, neo-liberal capitalism and lack of democracy. Failure to learn the lessons of the last sixty years of BN rule will condemn the country to a further dysfunctional future for the vast majority of Malaysians.


Dr. Kua Kia Soong is a director of SUARAM. He was arrested under the Internal Security Act during “Operation Lalang” in 1987 and detained for 445 days without trial. Upon his release in 1989, he helped to found SUARAM (Suara Rakyat Malaysia), the leading human rights organization in Malaysia.

Together with other civil rights activists, he joined the Opposition Front in 1990 and was elected Opposition Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya from 1990 to 1995. He was prisoner of conscience for a second time in 1996 when he spent seven days in prison with other activists for organizing the Second Asia Pacific Conference on East Timor which was disrupted by a mob from the ruling coalition.

He was the Principle of the New Era College, a non-profit tertiary-level institution run by the Chinese education movement (2000-2008); Director of Huazi Research Center set up by the Malaysian Chinese community (1985-90) and Academic Adviser to the Independent Chinese Secondary Schools (1983-85).

Kua received his BA Econ (1975), MA Econ (1976) and PhD in Sociology (1981) from Manchester University, UK. He was a lecturer in sociology at the National University of Singapore in 1978-79.


Part 1: Questioning Pakatan Harapan

  • Saving Malaysia: From Reformism To Opportunism
  • Is the Anti-Najib Coalition A United Front?
  • Do Harapan Politicians Speak For All ISA Detainees?
  • Pakatan’s Unacceptable Tolerance Of Corruption
  • Policyless ‘Pakatun’ Parties
  • Mahathir’s ‘Bumi-Only’ Party Neither Civil Nor Hopeful
  • The Chief Minister’s Blame Frame
  • Time to Limit Terms For All Elected Officials
  • Voting According To One’s Conscience
  • Never Lose Your Dignity, Anwar Ibrahim
  • I Would Prefer Kit Siang As Attorney-General
  • Kak Wan: Eternal Interim Whatever
  • Najib Merely Modeling Mahathir on Foreign Investments
  • Those Were The Days of Hope

Part 2: Questioning Barisan Nasional

  • Aye To RCI’s On 1MDB, Forex Losses And BMF Scandals
  • Malaysia Transforming into A Police State
  • Does A Critical Thinking Society Ban A Course On Marxism?
  • The Malaysian State’s Assorted Phobias
  • Have Non-Malays Always Shunned The Security Forces?
  • Time To Ditch Narrow National Cultural Policy
  • What’s UEC Recognition Got To Do With Sovereignty?
  • Making Sense Of Rather Petrifying Raja Petra
  • Tribunal Findings On 1965 Indonesian Genocide
  • Is NCC2 A Step Forward For Our Nation?
  • Lay Off Malaysiakini & BERSIH
  • How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria With SOSMA?
  • Ineffectual Enforcement & Selective Prosecutions
  • Is BRIM Corruption Or Crass Populism?
  • Keep The Constitution Secular And Inclusive
  • What Are Malaysia’s Defence Priorities?

Conclusion: Manifesto Of The 99%* By The Left Coalition

What The Readers Say


Dr Ariffin Omar, Former lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia

“This timely book by Dr. Kua Kia Soong will not only stand the test of time but will remain a classic reference for years to come… It will be a hard struggle for Malaysians to take back the country from the hands of corrupt and indifferent politicians. Yet we must fight on and Kua has given clear pointers of the issues that we must confront and resolve.”


Fuad Rahmat, Business FM

“Finally, an honest and critical look into what Malaysians can expect for the next general elections. Kua writes with verve and profundity, raising difficult questions but always in the end grounded on the conviction that a better world is possible. He speaks truth to power. Look no further for the right balance of academic inquiry and accessibility.”


Gayathry Venkiteswaran - Centre for Independent Journalism

“Kua’s book is a must read for his critical and valuable analysis of the political, economic and social landscapes shaping Malaysia. He challenges the neo-liberal framework that has defined the policies of both the ruling government and opposition political parties, and offers a very much needed inspiration for the way forward.”

PROMO PERIOD: February 12 – 28

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  1. S.H. Huang

    A New Malaysia ? Malaysian Malaysia in the making ? Open competition for Excellence ? Meritocracy ? Pragmatism in economic approach? Are we afraid of open competition ? Where are we heading to ? These and many more questions need answers, honest and frank answers!

  2. S.H. Huang

    The only thing to fear is fear itself, so said one American President. Fear factor ? ” Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant taste death but once, ” so wrote William Shakespeare.Mahatma Gandhi faced death in India. Nelson Mandela faced imprisonment for 28 years. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. faced threats many times ; but said ” I have a dream .” All suffered for their nations ; and made their nations great. Will a great leader rise up from Malaysia and make it a great nation for ALL Malaysians ?

  3. S.H. Huang

    Those who dare not do their duties honestly and sincerely should step down. Get out before you are thrown out by the voters! Only patriots should serve the nation and its people. Selfish people have no place in high office. They should bow out gracefully before they are kicked out.The poor, the weak, the handicapped, the infirm need help. Who will help them ? They are crying for help!

  4. straight talk no nonsense

    A concerted outreach to the kampong folks who have a simple mentality that the party they have supported for over fifty years is no longer honest in their dealings and governance. They should be booted out in the next GE. How can a prime minister who adopt a slogan ‘lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu’ be allowed to continue to govern with impunity ?

  5. Dincbee

    Having read his involvements in the variuos organizations as described i am inclined to think that the authour is race biased. We don’t trust people like him.

    • Rejal

      He is indeed race biased. To him only the Chinese matter hang the cooperation and goodwill among all the races that had been nurtured since Merdeka

    • YL Wong

      Hahaha, after decades of being lied to, some just don’t know what the tree is from scrubs.

  6. Mark Mathew

    Ghandhi said, if you want a change, you must be prepared to stand in the fore front of that change. Kua is a good example of that. Lets not just be arm chair critic generals, but put forward sensibly ideas for us to have a better Malaysia. For those who chose to stay quite and supposedly supporters of the corrupt, because of some “dedah” you feed on, BEWARE, you selfishly destroy the future of your own future generations. It may be to late to repent than.

  7. Dr. Neoh Choo Keong

    20 August 2017
    I haven’t read the book yet but I can say with confidence that whatever Dr. Kua writes it will benefit us Malaysians. Such is my belief in him. Another great Malaysian has proposed Competence, Accountability and Transparency – the formula has worked wonders before our eyes. As humans we cannot be perfect, so we don’t need 100% C, 100% A or 100% T. Anything near 100% is good enough. Similarly we don’t expect 0% corruption, so anything near 0% here is also good enough. Look at China. See the progress, see the marvel. The bottom-line is: The people must be happy. (Don’t ask apa mahu lagi?) Citizen medic.

  8. arsian

    Since our Govt is governed by racial like of governance…it will hurt another race to stand up…for instant the Orang Asli…they are of Malaysian Citizens but they are not States Citizen through out Malaysia. This Country is preserved for all Races but States are given priority for the Chinese, Indians and definitely for the Malays whom blatantly enjoyed the Ketuanan Melayu but not Ketuanan Islam. So much so…Great Changes should be implemented during and after GE 14 where the present Government has to be removed…either Pakatan Harapan or Pas ought to take over Putrajaya…Federal Constitution must be practiced be it Pas. Worldly Humanism must be the uttermost forwarding.. no need to murmur the after death projects of the unknown…let it conveyed within n enjoyed personally rather than disturbing the other beings…to avoid meaningless confrontation as we deserved now…this will be paralleled to what Brother Kua Kia Soong dreams to be…


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