Management Practice for a VUCA World

Management Practice for a VUCA World

Management Practice for a VUCA World

Management Practice for a VUCA World

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About The Book

Sri Vadrevu and Anwar Jumabhoy’s, 9 Entrepreneurisms: Management Practice for a VUCA World is a book that gives answers to what every leader and entrepreneur wants to know.

In a nutshell, what is the secret sauce that has led to the success of companies as diverse as Google, GE and Reckitt Benckiser? Or is there a secret at all? How do two businesses that start out with similar products and resources end up with vastly different outcomes? Why does one become a multi-billion dollar success story while the other fades into oblivion? What did the founders of Uber, Airbnb, and other hugely successful entrepreneurs do to catapult them onto the world stage when millions of others struggle to make their payrolls? Is there a way that a large company can be managed with the passion, energy and innovativeness of a start-up? These are questions that every leader and entrepreneur wants answers for.

Authors Sri Vadrevu and Anwar Jumabhoy have spent the past few years examining the culture, and practices at various businesses, what made the business prosper, and why they struggled. Their exhaustive research is laid out in 9 ENTREPRENEURisms. The authors have identified nine Entrepreneurisms that must be part of the infostructure of a corporation in order to achieve success in today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world.
Sri and Anwar debunk many myths about what makes a business successful and look into behaviors of entrepreneurs and CEOs who both succeed and fail.

Issues such as risk taking, the Business Frame, the role of board members, having the right people in HR, and managing talent are all discussed in this must-have book for any entrepreneur.
9 ENTREPRENEURisms helps you avoid the many pitfalls of being an entrepreneur that so many before you have fallen into.

About The Authors

Both Anwar and Sri have extensive worldwide experience working with large corporations, as well as with entrepreneurs who are seeking to navigate the ever-changing ocean of technology. Their reputation as experts of business strategy and organizational culture is stellar, and research and findings they share here is valuable.

Whether you are starting a business, expanding a business, or already at the top, this is a must-read. You will thoroughly enjoy the variety of different businesses that Anwar and Sri examined, and their unique insights.

What The Authors Say

Entrepreneurship is being taught in schools and universities, with the hope of creating more successful entrepreneurs. Little thought is given however the elements of entrepreneurship can be embedded into companies, both large and small.

Discover the 9 Entrepreneurism’s that define how entrepreneurs think, and act, which we have which are derived from a study of research material and over 80 interviews.

In These Pages You Will Uncover

  • Understand how entrepreneurs think & work.
  • Read about successful entrepreneurial companies.
  • Read why companies “missed the boat”.
  • Understand why your organization needs to change.
  • Entrepreneurship is not about empowerment.
  • Leadership development and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand.
  • Discover your organization’s entrepreneurial level.
  • Learn how to remake and ignite your organization.
  • Learn why a “pocket approach” entrepreneurial development does not work.
  • Entrepreneurship is not about risk-taking – Entrepreneurs don’t take risks.

What The Readers Say



Jayesh Parekh, Managing Partner, Jungle Ventures

Having experienced working at IBM for over 12 years and co-founding Sony Entertainment Television, I can safely say that this book is a great resource for both entrepreneurs and corporates. In today’s game, these nine traits are essential for both players to succeed.


Dr Dominic Turpin, The Nestle Professor, President IMD International

All CEOs I meet wish their organizations would be more entrepreneurial but don’t always know how to go about it. ’9 ENTREPRENEURisms’ provides you practical answers on how to address this challenge. Written by two practitioners, this great book offers 9 tools and a solid roadmap on how to make your business more agile and competitive.


"Tiger" NV Tyagarajan, President & CEO, Genpact

I strongly recommend this book to every leader seeking to imbed an entrepreneurial culture in their organization. The 9 Entrepreneurisms are spot on and the six-sigma based methodology is workable and practical.

This book worth RM120 is yours FREE if you subscribe or renew your Malaysiakini subscription for 2 years at RM288 from April 10 to April 30.

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How 36 sen can give you an independent, unvarnished view of Malaysia

How 36 sen can give you an independent, unvarnished view of Malaysia

“Aren’t news free?”
That’s most likely the first question you asked yourself when you were asked to subscribe to Malaysiakini.

How 36 sen can give you an independent, unvarnished view of Malaysia

Advertising isn’t enough

There was a time when media companies – newspapers, radio, television – would earn the bulk of advertising revenues in a country. However, with the Internet media, most revenues go to platforms or technology companies like Google and Facebook. Good journalism is about journalists reporting news and views that matter. Unless of course, Malaysiakini decides to do stories like “You won’t believe what the cat did today…”

You really get both sides of the story

Malaysiakini is different. Thanks to our thousands of subscribers, we depend less on advertising revenue. Our reporters earn a living without taking sides in the political and business arenas.

We retain our freedom to seek the truth behind every issue. For you deserve to make up your own mind about the matters shaping our nation.

Who finances Malaysiakini? We finance ourselves

The principal shareholders are the co-founders, editor-in- chief Steven Gan and chief executive officer Premesh Chandran. Together they own just over 60 percent of Mkini Dotcom Sdn Bhd, the company behind

About 11 percent is owned by Malaysiakini staff, while 29% percent is owned by venture capital Media Development Investment Fund.

No tycoon owners with own agendas

There are still some people left in Malaysia who won’t sell out for an excessive amount of ‘moolah’. Both Steven and Prem believe Malaysiakini is mission driven, and not a money-making business.

Check out Malaysiakini’s reporting and you’ll find out how independent we are. We report news as they were meant to be, without taking into consideration whether they benefit the opposition or ruling parties.

With great technology comes great savings

What’s 36 sen compared to the RM1.50-RM1.80 you pay for your daily newspaper? We understand the burden you face with the rising costs of consumer goods (we feel it too). So let’s keep you informed at an affordable rate.

Where will you be when history happens? Do you wait for tomorrow morning’s newspaper to hear all about it or log on to Malaysiakini via your mobile and tablet? We report and publish right here, right now, 24 hours a day.

The complete picture

You get videos, podcasts and infographics of the news instantly via Malaysiakini. That’s not all. Want the backstory for an article? Tap on the report’s links or ‘Related Articles’ section on our portal.

Our reporters are there for you – whether it’s political party general assemblies, protests, gatherings and unfortunate incidents such as bombings and hostage crises. Just refresh our live feed every few minutes, and you’ll receive the latest update with detailed descriptions, photos and videos.

Spark online conversations

Malaysiakini subscribers can comment on every article they read. It’s the biggest online kopitiam ever, where you can discuss national matters with online peers.

Every Malaysiakini article can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. We have almost over three million Facebook fans and almost one million Twitter followers, whom you can interact with.

Keep Malaysiakini Independent!

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Selangor Smart City International Conference sees massive turnout

Selangor Smart City International Conference sees massive turnout

Reporting by Xavier Kong and Zameen Datta

Shah Alam, December 8 –The inaugural Selangor Smart City International Conference 2016 welcomed participants to an exciting start on the morning of Dec 6 at the Saujana Hotel, Shah Alam. The packed conference hall saw a massive turnout of over 500 people for the conference on Day 1, comprising a vibrant and healthy mix of local and international representatives and individuals running the gamut from service providers in Smart City/Smart Tech, tech companies, GLCs, municipals, government agencies, academics and more.

The conference was organised by Menteri Besar Incorporated Selangor (MBI), the Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (SSDU) and the Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (SITEC), with the support of the Selangor State Government, and is a part of the state government’s plans to transform Selangor into a “Smart State” by 2025.

Day 1: YM Raja Shahreen, CEO of Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated (MBI) declares the conference open

Speakers from the first session convene on stage for a Q&A Session with Session Moderator Dr. Fahmi Ngah.

Technology key driver of Smart Cities

In his opening speech, Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated CEO YM Raja Shahreen Bin YM Raja Othman announced that Selangor would be “developing a caring, smart state” that saw its citizens as the state’s “greatest asset”.

“Technology will be the driver of smart cities.” he added. “The Smart City Concept is not just about filling the city with sensors, WiFi, beacons and green buildings, but also about how to encourage citizen participation, using the open data concept… to improve the quality of life and essentially make the people happy.”

The two day conference was split into four sessions. The first three sessions took place on Day 1 (Dec 6), and saw international and local speakers from Barcelona, Amsterdam, Taipei and Cyberjaya as well as tech giants Microsoft, Huawei and IBM in Session 1: Smart City Knowledge Exchange and Session 2: Smart Solutions for Smarter Cities respectively.

Just before lunch, the conference segued into the launch of the Smart Selangor Blueprint that sets forth a concerted implementation plan to stage the co-creation of a smart state driven by a strong digital economy and sustainable liveability by 2025.

Realising Selangor’s Smart State aspirations

Launched by the Selangor Education, Human Capital Development, Science, Technology and Innovation Exco, Y.B Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad on behalf of Y.A.B Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, the blueprint is a roadmap for driving a more sustainable economic growth for Selangor. The blueprint is a ‘living’ implementation framework which will be reviewed periodically to adapt to fast moving smart city dynamics, technologies, the evolving needs of citizens, businesses and investors.

This strategic pivot will bring about key transformational outcomes to realize Selangor’s Smart State aspirations by 2025 and place Selangor as the premier business, travel and living destination in ASEAN.

SSDU Program Director, Y.M. Raja Shahreen shared, “In mobilising the full development of a Smart Selangor, the key is to evolve at a more rapid pace to establish a new industrial landscape for Selangor SMEs and the manufacturing sector, and at the same time, preserve the current environment. We are taking these challenges head-on, as there are viable moving economic opportunities to be leveraged in the near future. Therefore, we must act in a timely manner to capture these interests.”

Eg Kah Yee, Chairman of Key ASIC, speaking in Session 3 (Leveraging IoT & Big Data for Smart Cities)

RM 26 million set aside for more pilot programs

“Reaching these actionable outcomes, in turn, will further empower Selangor to be ASEAN’s premier business, travel and living destination. Essentially, we are reconciling the state, business and Selangor Rakyat’s interests by delivering leading major innovations that will place Selangor as an important economic location in Southeast Asia surpassing other neighboring cities in comparative advantage terms,” Y.M. Raja Shahreen added.

Pertinently, for 2017, the state had committed RM26 million for at least 10 more new pilot programs to be expedited under the initiative. In its net effect, as the nation’s economic powerhouse and the most progressive state in Malaysia, the Smart Selangor strategic action plans will further enhance Selangor’s economic outlook as a key driver of growth and prosperity as well as address urban challenges leveraging technology as a key enabler.

Session 2 continued post-lunch, after which Session 3: Leveraging IoT & Big Data for Smart Cities continued with speakers from the UK, Malaysia and Taiwan sharing their solutions and ideas on stage.

There were a wide variety of innovations shown – everything from large-scale systems to monitor traffic flow across an entire city, to smartphone apps to make it easier to do your shopping. However, despite their differences, all of these inventive ideas had a common theme: they were meant to help ordinary citizens live long, happy and productive lives. Throughout the event there was a strong emphasis on actively making use of technology to solve people’s problems.

Strong turnout rate on day 2

Over 200 delegates turned up for Day 2 of the Selangor Smart City International Conference, maintaining the strong turnout rate over the course of the conference. The second day saw 21 solutions providers showcasing what they bring to the table in the development and advancement of a Smart City, as well as business matching sessions for 26 companies that were looking to find partners or collaborators in projects.

Over 200 delegates attended the second day of the conference

Nabil Feisal of Malaysia introducing his startup company Dego

Glen Kuo, representing Internet Information Co Ltd (Taiwan)

Showcase session

The showcase session, which featured companies from Taiwan, Malaysia, and the UK, ranged in topics and applications, as well as sporting differing ideas for similar problems. Among the more common topics included IoT advances in agriculture and environment control, as well as the use of technology to simplify everyday matters such as grocery shopping and parking. There were also companies specialising in more than one field, though the focus remained on IoT. Also present were several firms which specialised in building management and disaster control.

The companies from Taiwan largely brought with them IoT solutions which look to energy efficiency, food quality, logistics, disaster management, building control, and management, among others, whereas the UK teams brought with them solutions centered around security and surveillance, through Aralia Systems and Reward Technology.

Solutions providers from Malaysia included HappyFresh and PasarTap as on-demand grocery services, WeStyleAsia and RecomN as platforms that connect services to customers, ParkEasy and MOPPS as parking solutions providers, Dego as a logistics player, and Tourplus as an e-Commerce tourism platform.

Dr Lau Cher Han and Eizzar Supiar of Cradle both offered comments after the showcase session, with Dr Lau noting that, while there would be those who will believe that some of the solutions providers were not connected to the Smart City concept, a Smart solution is ultimately one that helps people to live smarter and easier. He further noted that the providers were there with several unconventional methods but all sharing the common goal of helping people lead easier lives.

Eizzar noted that it was heartening that large corporations as well as startups were moving towards smarter solutions and offerings, with large corporations working together with startups to further customise solutions to fit their needs. More cooperation is always a good way forward, Eizzar noted.

Business matching sessions

The business matching sessions saw over 160 one-to-one sessions between companies, with discussions focused on the exchange of ideas, the search for collaborators, and offering talents and proposals.

With the end of the final business matching discussion, the inaugural Selangor Smart City International Conference was brought to a close.

The business matching sessions provided companies with a valuable opportunity to make contacts and increase their exposure

Australian Business Migration Seminar

Australian Business Migration Seminar




The AUSTRALIAN MIGRATION AGENTS PTY LTD (Reg.995541-P) with a special guest speaker from the WESTERN AUSTRALIAN STATE GOVERNMENT SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (SBDC) invites you to a pre-assessed value-packed seminar.

  • Register early for the cost free seminar.
  • Have your eligibility assessed by the visiting government official.
  • Find out how you can migrate to Australia.
  • Find out which business visa most suited to your need.
  • Get to know about different business opportunities.




Mr. Bruno Delfante

Manager WA Business Migration Centre, Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC)

Mr. Robert K Chelliah

CEO Australian Migration Agents Group of Companies, Migration Agents Registration No. 92-54011

Types of business visas and financial requirements:


  1. VISA 132– Business Talent; Stream A – Business History. (Permanent Visa)
    • Business owners with business annual turnover of at least MYR9 million
    • Personal and business assets of at least MYR4.5 million.
  2. VISA 188– Business Innovation Stream. (Provisional Visa)
    • Business owners with business annual turnover of at least MYR1.5 million.
    • Personal and business assets of at least MYR2.5 million.
  3. VISA 188– Business Investor Stream. (Provisional Visa)
    • Business and personal assets of at least MYR6.75 million.
    • Interest bearing capital guaranteed investment of at least MYR4.5 million

*Other business visa categories available

Book a seat to attend our seminar

Venue: Hilton Hotel Petaling Jaya. Anggerik Suite, Level 2.
2, Jalan Barat, 46200 Petaling Jaya.

Date: Sunday, 27th November 2016

Admission: Strictly by pre-registration only owing to limited seats.

Time: 2PM to 6PM

Contact: Robert +6012 348 2961   Annu +6012 787 5590


Please follow the link below to RSVP.

For more information, visit our website

Expand Your Business to Australia with Residence Visas

Expand Your Business to Australia with Residence Visas

Expand Your Business to Australia with Residence Visas




Seminar info

Who should attend?

  1. Business Owners
  2. Investors
  3. Self-Employed Professionals including Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Engineers as investors.

What to expect ?

  1. Expand your existing company activities to WA
  2. Qualify for the Australian Permanent Resident status
  3. Provisional state sponsorship approval granted to pre assessed eligible participants
  4. Safe investment activities to Australia
  5. You will get to know of business and investment opportunities in areas like:
    • Commercial and domestic property development
    • Alternative energy related enterprises
    • Eco tourism and hospitality industry
    • Australian Food and Beverages
    • Agro cultivation and Commercial Horticulture
    • Engineering and manufacturing enterprises


Mr.Bruno Delfante

  1. Manager WA Business Migration Centre,
  2. Representative of WA State Government

Mr.Robert K Chelliah

  • CEO Australian Migration Agents group companies
  • Australian Migration Visa Specialist
  • Robert K Chelliah is a leading expert in the field of Australian Migration profession.
  • 26 years experiences of proven track record in many complex visa issues.
  • Consistently regarded as an iconic professional in the migration field
  • Robert comes with high degree of professionalism and integrity
  • High success rate, cost effective and quick turn around
  • User friendly and quality service offered.

PJ Hilton Hotel

Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya
Sunday, 19th June 2016, 2.00pm – 6.00pm

STRICTLY by pre-registration ONLY owing to LIMITED seats
Free under the Overhead Bridge next to PJ Hilton

Contact details

Contact number: 012 348 2961
Email: [email protected]

*The seminar is free to attend

Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

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