About The Book

May 9 was a significant day for all Malaysians. It heralded a new landscape – economic, social and political – for the citizens.

This book is a fascinating read that is retold through the inner stirrings of a young boy, an unfortunate victim of a sick and corrupt system on the brink of economic collapse. In the face of rising costs and unemployment, the boy yearned for a change. Will tomorrow ever come?

By sharing glimpses from the innocent lenses of a child, the author has painted a stark contrast of childlike simplicity with the world of grown-ups that is consumed by greed and glittering gems. It captures the journey of a nation that has witnessed the most dramatic trajectories of greed and power.

As the journey unfolds through the pages, we blush at the shameful erosion of a political system and the painful departure of leaders entrenched in corrupt practices. We applaud the triumphant ushering of a new team who would pick up the pieces and lead the people to new beginnings. This is a heartwarming narrative where Malaysians came together as one, and with a singular voice, they ignited the historic shift.

Through a compelling compilation of observations from journalists, commentators and political activists, veteran journalist and academician Krishnamoorthy sheds penetrating insights into the events leading to the iconic moment when the country’s once longest ruling Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, saw it as a call of duty to restore the nation’s glory. At age 93, he saved the country from the pits of kleptocracy.

May 9 People Power Saves Malaysia – Mahathir Leads the Way is a story of hurt and healing, abuse and forgiveness, of gloom and glory, and of tears and triumph. It is a tribute to Malaysians and Tun Dr Mahathir. Indeed, it celebrates the courage, hope and dignity of Malaysians — to create a brave, new Malaysia.

Surely, tomorrow will come, and it will be better than today.

About the Author

Krishnamoorthy Muthaly is a journalist who lives by his convictions. A veteran in media relations, Krishnamoorthy is passionate about providing readers with fast-paced stories, and adopts a decidedly different view to storytelling. His penchant for nothing but the truth has honed his investigative journalistic skills throughout his career, as he seeks to untangle the truth from a complex web of spins.

Self-motivated, resourceful and versatile, Krishnamoothy is one who goes beyond the superficial façade of life. One contributing factor that lends depth to his writing is his humble background. He started work as a junior officer in Tenaga Nasional from 1989 to 1979, and saved his earnings to pursue a degree in journalism at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Whilst at the university, he played a prominent role in the Knoxville festivals. Unprecedented in the history of the university, Krishnamoorthy organised a meeting for student leaders with former President Jimmy Carter in 1982.

As a senior reporter with The Straits Times and The Star for more than two decades, he has highlighted society’s concerns. He has gone undercover as a beggar, security guard, blind man, a physically challenged passenger, a salesman and a Member of Parliament. His exclusive scoops have not only brought timeless insights to readers but have also provoked our conscience, while unveiling the good and the bad about human nature.

With his crisp writing style and inquiring mind, he bagged several awards, including the Journalist of the Year 1987 from the Malaysian Press Institute and Consumer Journalist of the Year. Apart from writing, Krishnamoorthy is a media coach specialising in media writing and crisis management. He has also served as an academic with various universities, imparting his journalism knowledge to students. He is currently an Associate Professor at an internationally acclaimed university.

At almost 70 when most people would gladly retire, the author is not one to pause for the twilight. He continues to freelance with CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Time magazine, New York Times, The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, as well as German, American and Australian TV stations, where he conducts interviews with world leaders. Krishnamoothy’s stories and coaching embody his approach to life. Embracing the belief that people are uniquely different and are miracles in progress, Krishnamoorthy strives to add value to the lives of young people, and is committed to training and empowering the next generation for organisations. Essentially, he lives by the maxim of loving all and hurting none.



Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad played a key role campaigning at 93 and brought Malaysians of all races together through the Pakatan Harapan Manifesto. GE14 is a historic event of how Mahathir saved Malaysia from corruption. This book is a reminder to act against those who stole people’s money.


The Malaysian Tsunami of voters wanted the change. Everything that happens to us is the result of what we ourselves have thought, said and done. Malaysians are determined to be resilient, resourceful, and open minded to face the challenges and realities of the 21st century. Malaysia was engulfed in darkness and we finally saw the light on May 9.


May 9 was a significant date. Malaysia made history when opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan ousted the 61-year-old ruling Barisan Nasional through its campaign against kleptocracy.


Nationwide, the Malaysian psyche changed. In Malaysia, we took the responsibility to vote for a brighter future for our children and a better tomorrow.


My passion for writing. Why gossip? It is better to put my thoughts in writing. Journalists are known for writing the first draft of history. Not me alone, but others too have a chance to express their thoughts in this book. News, views, comments and statements by leaders are often forgotten. I am just documenting as events unfold for the record.


People Power defeated an unfair, unjust and authoritarian government. Everything that happened was the reflection of our thoughts and can be changed by our thinking process. I tried my best to chronicle this book as a story from darkness to light in Dr Mahathir’s last battle to rule Malaysia.


(Foreword — extract)

Love Malaysia, End Kleptocracy

Together, we can create a wave of change for a better future for Malaysians. We succeeded in ousting a kleptocratic government. In most of my public talks, I said Malaysia could have been branded as the “Switzerland of the East” if not for corruption that plagued the Barisan Nasional government. Enough is enough. Barisan has ruled the country for 61 years and how could RM2.6 billion be deposited into Prime Minister Najib Razak’s personal accounts?

Malaysia was blessed with a wealth of natural resources and talent, but corruption had become part and parcel of daily life. As the saying goes, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Fortunately, Malaysians have voted out a kleptocratic government. Before GE14, Malaysia faced a bleak prospect of the collapse of the rule of law, the creation of an absolute dictator and the establishing of kleptocracy as a norm. The leaders then infringed the law and continued to hold the reins of power, consolidating their positions.





Move-in-ready vs under construction, which one fits you better?

Move-in-ready vs under construction, which one fits you better?

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Instant Possession vs Under Construction

Ready-Move-In (Completed) New Launch (Under Construction)
  • Can move in instantly, immediate possession,
    no waiting period
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  • Able to directly negotiate with the owner to get a better price
  • If you’re an investor, you can immediately begin generating yield by renting the unit out
  • Get to see who your neighbours are
  • Attractive financing packages from the developer, minimize cash outlay
  • Potential for price appreciation upon completion
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  • Benefit from the customer service of the developer
  • Developer provides defects liability period, so all defects are taken care of
  • No warranty on defects. You may have to fork out quite a bit of money to repair and refurbish the unit to your liking
  • High cash-outlay. As you have to pay for all legal fees, stamp duties and loan differential sums
  • Can only move it after a certain period of time. E.g. 2 – 4 years later
  • You have to bear the interest cost during construction
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One size fits all? Not really.

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FREE Seminar: Australia Business Opportunity & Business Visa

FREE Seminar: Australia Business Opportunity & Business Visa

Malaysia and Australia have maintained a close friendly relationship, Australia has always encouraged Malaysians to undertake business and investment activities in Australia.

Many Malaysian have taken advantage of these opportunity and expand their business internationally through the Australian platform.

Together with these, they have taken advantage of the free education, world-class health system and pristine environment with spacious living, you too can take benefit from this opportunity.

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During this seminar you will get to know on:

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DATE: Saturday, 30th JUNE 2018
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Mr. Robert Chelliah
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1. VISA 188 – Business Investor Stream. (Provisional Visa)

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3. VISA 132 – Business Talent; Stream A – Business History. (Permanent Visa)

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Care for your health. Because your life counts on it.

Care for your health. Because your life counts on it.

Most Malaysians are unaware of fatal diseases caused by poor dietary habits and lack of physical activity in their daily lives.

Workout and exercise is the last thing comes to mind for most Malaysians when it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Many start a fitness regime only after they are diagnosed with some health problems which are usually too late. Individuals then attempt going for a walk in their neighbourhood, or jog at a nearby park, or maybe even sign up for a gym membership – desperate to recover from their fatal illness. Sadly, many are no longer able to perform even simple exercise routines due to their deteriorated health condition.

Today, social pressure and narcissistic influences in young people as early in their teens who want to look physically appealing especially on social media are also easily swayed by unrealistic and psuedo-health fads spread throughout the internet. These youngsters are willing to do anything for such false shortcuts while being completely clueless of the damaging effects and deadly consequences that comes along with it.

Damaging Effects From Lack Of Exercise



Four out of every 10 Malaysians

1.8% of the Malaysian population are depressed

40% of Malaysians suffer from mental health issues.

Lack Of Sleep

10% of Malaysians have a sleeping disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

and many of them are wrongly turning to pills to get some much needed sleep, which can lead to addiction.

Loss Of Memory

50,000 people in Malaysia with this disease. expected to double every 20 years


29% of Malaysians had anxiety disorder compared to 12% in 2011.



1.8 million out of 3.5 million Malaysians diagnosed with diabetes were not even aware they were afflicted with the chronic disease.


Malaysian, the prevalence of obesity was at 13.3%, while overweight was at 38.5%

Heart Disease

About one in four heart attack patient less than 50 years old

High Blood Pressure

Almost half of the population (47.7%) or about 9.6 million people have high blood cholesterol level.

You can avoid all issues with only exercise, where it can be done from home and good news for exercising from home as the following

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Malaysia’s 14th General Election: The Big Issues

Malaysia’s 14th General Election: The Big Issues


PROMO PERIOD: April 23 – 30

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About The Book

Malaysia’s 14th general election will no doubt be fought between a Barisan Nasional coalition that boasts its sixty years of “stable rule” and a Pakatan Rakyat coalition calling on the electorate to “save Malaysia” from the BN’s kleptocracy. Malaysian voters will likely be treated to tirades about current scandals including 1MDB, as well as past scandals, now that the former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir has joined the Opposition. But what are the big issues of this election?

This book, a compilation of the author’s recent writings, discusses the important issues confronting Malaysian society today. If any sustainable democratic progress is to be made in this country, it is crucial that voters are informed and demand that candidates and their parties clarify their stand on these issues well before Election Day. The author, Kua Kia Soong concludes with an alternative programme for Malaysia that is both inclusive and progressive – ‘Manifesto of the 99%’ by The Left Coalition, to transcend the years of corruption, neo-liberal capitalism and lack of democracy. Failure to learn the lessons of the last sixty years of BN rule will condemn the country to a further dysfunctional future for the vast majority of Malaysians.

About The Author

Dr. Kua Kia Soong is a director of SUARAM. He was arrested under the Internal Security Act during “Operation Lalang” in 1987 and detained for 445 days without trial. Upon his release in 1989, he helped to found SUARAM (Suara Rakyat Malaysia), the leading human rights organization in Malaysia.

Together with other civil rights activists, he joined the Opposition Front in 1990 and was elected Opposition Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya from 1990 to 1995. He was prisoner of conscience for a second time in 1996 when he spent seven days in prison with other activists for organizing the Second Asia Pacific Conference on East Timor which was disrupted by a mob from the ruling coalition.

He was the Principle of the New Era College, a non-profit tertiary-level institution run by the Chinese education movement (2000-2008); Director of Huazi Research Center set up by the Malaysian Chinese community (1985-90) and Academic Adviser to the Independent Chinese Secondary Schools (1983-85).

Kua received his BA Econ (1975), MA Econ (1976) and PhD in Sociology (1981) from Manchester University, UK. He was a lecturer in sociology at the National University of Singapore in 1978-79.

Content Part 1 – Questioning Pakatan Harapan

  • Saving Malaysia: From Reformism To Opportunism
  • Is the Anti-Najib Coalition A United Front?
  • Do Harapan Politicians Speak For All ISA Detainees?
  • Pakatan’s Unacceptable Tolerance Of Corruption
  • Policyless ‘Pakatun’ Parties
  • Mahathir’s ‘Bumi-Only’ Party Neither Civil Nor Hopeful
  • The Chief Minister’s Blame Frame
  • Time to Limit Terms For All Elected Officials
  • Voting According To One’s Conscience
  • Never Lose Your Dignity, Anwar Ibrahim
  • I Would Prefer Kit Siang As Attorney-General
  • Kak Wan: Eternal Interim Whatever
  • Najib Merely Modeling Mahathir on Foreign Investments
  • Those Were The Days of Hope

Content Part 2 – Questioning Barisan Nasional

  • Aye To RCI’s On 1MDB, Forex Losses And BMF Scandals
  • Malaysia Transforming into A Police State
  • Does A Critical Thinking Society Ban A Course On Marxism?
  • The Malaysian State’s Assorted Phobias
  • Have Non-Malays Always Shunned The Security Forces?
  • Time To Ditch Narrow National Cultural Policy
  • What’s UEC Recognition Got To Do With Sovereignty?
  • Making Sense Of Rather Petrifying Raja Petra
  • Tribunal Findings On 1965 Indonesian Genocide
  • Is NCC2 A Step Forward For Our Nation?
  • Lay Off Malaysiakini & BERSIH
  • How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria With SOSMA?
  • Ineffectual Enforcement & Selective Prosecutions
  • Is BRIM Corruption Or Crass Populism?
  • Keep The Constitution Secular And Inclusive
  • What Are Malaysia’s Defence Priorities?

What The Readers Say

Fuad Rahmat, Business FM

“Finally, an honest and critical look into what Malaysians can expect for the next general elections. Kua writes with verve and profundity, raising difficult questions but always in the end grounded on the conviction that a better world is possible. He speaks truth to power. Look no further for the right balance of academic inquiry and accessibility.”

Gayathry Venkiteswaran – Centre for Independent Journalism 

“Kua’s book is a must read for his critical and valuable analysis of the political, economic and social landscapes shaping Malaysia. He challenges the neo-liberal framework that has defined the policies of both the ruling government and opposition political parties, and offers a very much needed inspiration for the way forward.”

Dr Ariffin Omar, Former Lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia

“This timely book by Dr. Kua Kia Soong will not only stand the test of time but will remain a classic reference for years to come.. It will be a hard struggle for Malaysians to take back the country from the hands of corrupt and indifferent politicians. Yet we must fight on and Kua has given clear pointers of the issues that we must confront and resolve.”


PROMO PERIOD: April 23 – 30

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