TW Good

Cyber Sales 2016

The core objective of this project is to help Taiwanese firms and manufacturers to use mobile technology for international business opportunities, mobile commerce platforms, and technical output.

Around 62.6% of Malaysian have access to internet, the second highest percentage in South East Asia. About 17 million people are involved in online communities comprising of 15.8 million Facebook users with a smartphone penetration rate of over 63% and a mobile phone penetration rate of over 140.9%. 43% of 3G users spend more than 3 hours on mobile phones browsing the internet. This indicates that mobile usage has become essential and mobile related services and businesses should receive better development opportunities. In terms of digitisation, e-commerce accounted for only 0.2% in the retail sector, hinting at great room for development.


Malaysians with internet access


Smartphone penetration rate


3G users

Malaysia seeks the advantage in long-term cultural and economic exchanges with Taiwan which includes Malaysian talents staying in Taiwan, competitive investment costs and the central position of ASEAN bundled with lovely weather, minimal natural disasters and access to airports and ports. In terms of hardware, Malaysia’s network bandwidth has constantly improved and runs on an ideal power supply, an addition to highways and railways that connects Malaysia to other ASEAN countries. The strong support from the Malaysian Government, business policy and the protection of intellectual property rights have shown that Malaysia is a central hub for ASEAN’s development. Which is why the program selected Malaysia to work with as a partner in assisting Taiwanese business operators towards an advanced ASEAN.


Through technical exchanges with Malaysian e-commerce operators and support from Taiwanese brands and products focused on electronic suppliers, both nations can pave the way for for a greater Taiwanese technology and marketing industries.


TW GOOD’s cross-border marketing services and platforms as well as mobile application development is the bridge that connects Taiwanese and Malaysian industries and consumers. Relevant information that interests Malaysians can be gathered from Taiwan via online questionnaires, films, television, food, and tourism in order to create contents and attract attention. This allows the introduction of Taiwanese brands and popular products at the right time using product placements on Facebook pages and online news which promotes business opportunities. Business operators interested to enter Malaysian market can utilise the KD8 as a platform to start cross-border services, and get information about Malaysian marketing channels. Besides product launching, public relations, marketing, gold logistics, as well as other local services can be done via TW Good’s platform. Hopefully, the platform becomes a long-term service for the commerce community between Taiwan and Malaysia.