The Biggest Online Sale in
Recent Malaysian Memory

For the first time ever, Taiwan Good will be hosting their products on partner sites such as lazada, and GemFive.

Taiwan Good will be putting their products online on their website for the first time ever in the biggest online sale Malaysian cyberspace has ever seen.

Thousands of products flown into the country all the way from Taiwan will be available for purchase for a limited time in a massive three-day sale.

The sale will be taking place from the 24th of October until the 26th of October. Products from TW Good will also be available for purchase from TWGood partners such as Lazada, e-bay, and

These products will include electronics such as Acer laptops, Cosmetics, clothing and food that will be sold at up to 75% off the original price.

Taiwan has been testing the Malaysian market through online purchasing campaigns such as the TWGood campaign, this comes as Taiwanese companies are looking further into investing in the local e-commerce scene.

This has allowed the TWGood sale to offer its prices at a lower rate compared to the prices of regular online goods.

Around 62.6% of Malaysians have access to the internet, the second highest percentage in South East Asia. Malaysia also has a smartphone penetration rate of over 63%. This has led to the Malaysian e-commerce industry to be a very attractive option for foreign direct investment.