5 signs that you're an accidental hipster

It’s one of the most hated modern trends around the globe.

Something that’s as old and tired as the felt jacket that you’d find in your local vintage store marked at an outrageous price. These inner-city individuals are all about ‘upcycling’ and artisanal foodstores, two words that make any sane person cringe.

But what can they offer to us? Or how have we adopted what the culture had to offer?

And most importantly, how are you a hipster without even realising it?

1. You take coffee seriously.

When does coffee move from a morning pick me up to an artisanal obsession?

It’s not just about finding the right brew, it’s all about the up-and-coming little cafe down a back alley that has the best cold press soy decaf latte with no froth and a shot of caramel. But you prefer it; mainly because that cafe has no people in it to annoy you, but also it’s good coffee.

2. Your coffee order is longer than five words.

If anything else comes out past 'take away cappuccino with one', that's a major sign.

Sorry, but you’re a bit of a hipster. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just as long as you’re comfortable with everyone rolling their eyes at you and cursing you under their breath.

3. All of your clothes at the back of your closet are in style.

The original 80's designed Adidas top is a treasure now

Time to get it out of the pyjama drawer and into the streets. You’ll be the envy of all your friends. People are paying good money for the retro look, think how much you’ve saved by being so lazy.

4. That single-speed bicycle you had as a kid?

Yep, it's back too. Get it out of the shed and onto the road

The more rust the better. Because bicycles with more than one speed are just too much of a hassle for your active inner city lifestyle.

5. It's not just an Instagram account!

It's a matter of life or death, as are all of your social media accounts.

You live by the words ‘prime time’ and abide by the unspoken rules of posting and captioning. Because everyone knows a good caption helps make the pic, and bring the likes.

The first step is acknowledging you have a problem, and making sure you have a supportive group of friends to stop you as you try to run back to that cold brew, or stop you thinking everything is Insta-worthy. You may not mean it, however, there’re worse things than branding yourself a hipster.

Lachie Durling, Student, Deakin University

3 December 2016