Burning Blood:
Experience WoW-like MMO-ARPG on your smartphone in 2017!

Filled with passion for victory, Burning Blood brings next generation of action based role playing game experience on your mobile phone. Inspired by western strategy classics, gamers can select persona from one of the three largest legion – Holy Sword, Moon Shadow and Beamon Tribe to ally or challenge other players around the continent.

With the in-game ride system, Burning Blood offers tons of tamed monsters to be ride along when exploring the vast area of the unknown. Forming allies with players around the globe forges interaction between players while strengthen the attack on massive multiplayer combat. Players also can show off their skill with the instant PVP option at all time.

Within Burning Blood, the continent is now at a bewilderment with the rise of 3 major legions – Holy Sword, Moon Shadow and Beamon Tribe. In order to seize the head start, players from each legion must capture portal scattered around the map. Tension and conflicts has risen around portal as each legion members vowed towards victory. Meanwhile, the return of everblight of the century posed a great risk for the survival of 3 legions. To survive throughout the darkness, hatred shall be left behind and legions must reunite together to survive in the blight.

One well known legion in Burning Blood – Beamon, is a tribe with orcs manifested by its muscle and scar and known for its tremendous strength. Today it’s no longer a slave for other, in fact they are the overlord of battlefield that leads the battle to fight for glory. In the other hand, Moon Shadow’s elves has a mesmerizing face and a seductive body but none of them are known for its loyalty as interest is their only focus. The Holy Sword clan once made up of people respected of its disciplines and justice. After a great civil war, the legion was then split toward multiple kingdom and duchies filled with prejudice that detesting each other. Would God’s realm bring back their glory?

Experience the adrenaline run and the epic massive multiplayer online PVP to meet new friends! Burning Blood will be available on Apple App Store and Google Play by 2017.

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