Reported by Aidila Razak, video by Shufiyan Shukur

“…a woman who gets pregnant, and didn’t intent that pregnancy, she has the right to the full information on all the choices, one of which is does she want to keep that pregnancy. In Malaysia, abortion is actually legal for very liberal reasons since 1989, but most people don’t know because we haven’t told them and media and doctors are not well informed as well…”

An exclusive interview with Puan Rashidah Abdullah, Co-Chair of the Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia (RRAAM).

Rashidah Abdullah is an activist and independent consultant in the areas of women’s health and sexual and reproductive health and rights, women’s rights and NGO organisational development in Malaysia. She is the founder director on ARROW’s Board of Directors, Co-Coordinator of RRAAM, a member of the Malaysian Aids Council’s Programme Review Committee, the Programme and Management Committee of Sisters in Islam, and a trustee of Women’s Aid Organization (WAO).

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