How Can SMEs Improve Their Operations During The Tough Economy?

Find out how you improve your company management and operations during this poor economy.

According to the Department of Statistics, there was a 0.4 percent marked decrease in the labour market in September 2016 and employment is going to be tougher this year. On top of that, companies like Shell Malaysia and hard disk maker Western Digital Corporation have announced that they would be laying off a combined total of almost 2000 people by 2017.

It is a tough time now, finding the right people while generating more revenue for your business. But the good news is that everyone, including your competitors are in the same boat as you in this bleak economic situation. However, this represents an opportune time to streamline your operations and strengthen the foundation of your company to stay ahead of the competition and thrive later on when the economy gets better.

So how does one even start? There are so many things to tackle but amidst all the distractions that need your attention, there are TWO important questions you need to ask yourself to get the right results.

Question 1

How do I keep my employees engaged in the company? How do I keep them committed to fight for the company’s dream and goals?

Question 2

How can I get my employees to be more productive? How can we focus in execution, execution, execution?

That’s it, just these two questions. But sadly, there are many businesses that forget to answer the questions above. They want to, but aren’t doing so.

Why is that?

Well, we’re busy. Splitting time between generating revenue and administrative matters such as payrolls, approving leaves, being sucked in to the mundane paperwork day after day. No wonder it’s so difficult to focus on the important things.

So now that you know the problem, how can one save time, energy, and resources from all the pesky administrative work and focus on things that matter?

We’ve got an answer for you. Imagine all your administrative work done, just within minutes. Don’t believe us? Here’s how it helps:

1. It saves you both time and cost!

In many companies today, one has to apply for leave through a physical leave form, only to be processed by the HR department manually. Here’s the problem that affects  the employees, the employer, and the poor HR person.

As an employee: The amount of paperwork is terrible, one form needs multiple signatures, has to be done manually, and the worst of all, it takes some time to reach the manager’s desk for that final approval. It’s really a case of not knowing your leave application status at all!

As an employer: Keeping track of each individual’s leave day balance through paperwork is crazy! On top of that, one has to go through the whole list of employees to ensure that there is enough manpower available during that time period.

As the HR person: Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Data entry is going to be a nightmare.

However, with, an employer is able to approve their employees annual leave on their desktop or on mobile with a few simple clicks. The employer has full access to all employee’s leave dates and the best thing about it is that it is synced with the Malaysian public holidays calendar – from Penang all the way to Sabah, also syncs each state’s holidays! It even allows us to customize weekends to start on Fridays and Saturdays for businesses in Kelantan and Johor.

This is undoubtedly the best leave management system in Malaysia. The best thing about it? It’s free.

So, there’s no reason not to use, especially if your company is still applying for and approving leaves on paper. isn’t just a one trick pony. Besides solving the frustration of applying and approving leaves, solves one of the MOST painful and troublesome HR work especially in SMEs: payrolls. also has a cloud payroll system and it automatically calculates each employee’s EPF/SOCSO/LHD and issues pay slips. For a SME of 10 people, the cost will shock you. It’s just RM50 per month. Which is just RM1.70 a day, the price of one glass of teh ais!

The real value one gets it the time saved from all the nitty gritty numbers of issuing pay slips. Hours of works turn into minutes and it is probably the easiest and most user-friendly payroll system in town. All your data is backed up on Amazon Web Services, the number one data center in the world. This means that there’s no need to fear when your computer crashes because everything will be backed up, safe, and secure.

2. It makes your employees’ (and yours) lives easier

When my company migrated to use, my staff’s feedback has only been positive with the wonderful experience of applying for their leave and getting their payslips on their phone. They told me that they do enjoy a modern company that makes it easier for them.

And there’s more to that! I used to buy medical insurance from an agent, and after a period of time when someone actually gets admitted into the hospital, our HR team had forgotten the insurance coverage for this particular employee. However, since buying medical insurance from, my employees, HR team and I can login and view their own insurance coverage with a listing of panel hospitals and the room rates per night! It’s definitely a lifesaver! is also the perfect platform to ensure your employee’s happiness and job satisfaction. What do I mean by this? Let’s take birthdays for an example. Birthdays of each employee are synced in the calendar, giving your team the opportunity to bond together and to plan things in advance. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

On top of that, is also the platform to buy birthday cakes, flowers, team lunches and activities and a corporate gym membership. This definitely improves your employees’ well-being in the company.

3. It’s SME friendly

Yes, although there are plenty of different HR platforms out there, a big problem especially for a small and growing business is that they are quite technical, expensive, or have features that does not suit SMEs. is really designed with the SMEs in mind. I am able to start utilizing the leave and payroll system in minutes and for free! For a nominal price, you get the payroll system too! You can’t get any better than that!

So, there you have it! Whether you’re just starting out with a few employees or you have a larger team with you, always remember that your employees are your greatest assets.

From paper leave forms and manual payroll processes, it’s baffling to know that a lot of companies are still applying HR practices from 40 years ago! It’s time to do things better and more efficiently. And with the help of, you will see your company becoming better and your business grow faster! Create a system for your company today at and become a better company!

It’s time to change!

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