Join the 10km Coway run!

The number 1 water purifier brand* in Malaysia will organize a 10 Kilometre run to raise awareness regarding the importance of water to our health.

Coway, a Korean company that emphasizes on premium water filters continues its record of championing health related issues by highlighting the importance of hydration during exercise.

Water is the most important nutrient that humans need. One can go several weeks without food, but three days without water and a person risks death. This is because with 75% of our bodies being made out of water, it is the most abundant compound in the human body.

Studies show that being properly hydrated can lead to a higher level of efficiency in the execution of our daily routine. In fact, dehydration can cause severe mental fatigue and an increase in memory problems. The reason for this can be found In the nutrients that our brain is composed of.

The marathon couples drinking water, the main source of hydration, with exercise, the main cause of dehydration, in a powerful message to the public on how both are equally important and emphasizes on the need to maintain the balance between the two in order to ensure a healthy body.

With an impeccable reputation of stringent testing of their products, making sure that each of their machines go through a million tests before it reaches its consumers, the company hopes that the 10k run will encourage participants and those around them to hydrate themselves.

The company also states that they send service experts they have dubbed Coway ladies or “Cody”, to homes once every two months to carry out regular servicing of these devices, ensuring that they are working at maximum efficiency and guarantee clean drinking water.

Coway’s growing customer base of 6 million homes is a testament to the success of their product and the strict quality control practices that the company implements will only further improve their track record as the best source of purified water in the country.

The Coway run will include a 10 Kilometre trail and will run alongside a 5 Kilometre fun run. Registrations are open to ages 18 and up and can be registered at before 16th of April.

Be a hydration advocate and join the Coway run on the 7th May. You will be thrilled to find Malaysian runners in all shapes, sizes, moods and mindsets, like the walkers and talkers, the snails and the Olympians. Haven’t run enough to know who are them? Check out the video introducing the Malaysian runners you hate and love.

*Highest market share in water purifier market in Malaysia, according to Spire Research and Consulting, 2016; GfK, 2017.

Be a hydration advocate, join the Coway run on the 7th May and support the cause