Where to begin with Chinese medicine and Western medicine?

by Apr 4, 2017

Gout, an ‘ancient’ disease that has been plaguing humans since ancient Egypt circa 7,000 years ago. Archaeological studies found that mummies excavated from the Egyptian pyramids contained urate crystals in their joints. Famous Greek physician Hippocrates also stated the existence of gout in his times.

In ancient times, people’s understanding of gout was virtually nil, let alone treatment and medication. When gout strikes, they simply resort to seeking divine help, hoping for a miracle.

Pharmacologists at DALTON, Australia discovered that drinking hot (Australian cudweed flower) herbal drink can significantly help to reduce one’s uric acid and joint pain relief.

Australian cudweed flower contains rich anti-gout ingredients that can break down stubborn tophi effectively.

The 100% natural herbal and non-pharmaceutical formula of SORNADO Tea Bag has a number of positive effects such as balancing uric acid levels, relieving joint pains, detoxification, repairing spleen and kidneys, promoting haematopoiesis and strengthening immune system. SORNADO Tea Bag is accorded with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) certification by the Department of Health, Australia for its efficacy in normalizing uric acid levels (Certification Number: AUST L203504).

The efficacy of SORNADO Tea Bag is derived primarily from remedying the root cause of purine metabolism disorder by controlling the production of uric acid while at the same time stimulating the decomposition of urates and discharge of uric acid. Overall, it helps to restore uric acid to normal levels to prevent acute gout attacks and fundamentally ease the pain.

The uric acid reduction efficacy of SORNADO Tea Bag is 17.7 times higher than that of colchicine, as the findings of the year-long study reveals. Clinical trial had also proved that SORNADO Tea Bag is able to keep the gout recurrence rate down to below 40% and more significantly, it does not cause any side effects.

Therefore, SORNADO Tea Bag is not only created for gout patients but also for people with high uric acid levels!

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