How To Remove Stains On White Rubber Soles

by | Aug 22, 2017

Most of us have owned and are obsessed with sneakers. But the white rubber soles of the shoes can get stained easily. Washing your sneakers is easy. The hard part to wash is the white rubber soles area. No matter how hard and how long you scrub on the white area, you will still see the stains.

So, how do you make the white rubber soles look new again without damaging the surface? What is the secret? Finally, there’s an easy way to make the white rubber soles on your sneakers white again.

You will be surprised that you only need these two things which can easily be found in your house. The magic ingredients are soda bicarbonate and baby wet wipes! Here’s how to do it.

Firstly, make a paste with the soda bicarbonate. Mix it with water. The quantity depends on how big the affected area is. Make sure the paste is really thick. Use your fingers to apply the paste onto the dirty areas on the rubber soles. Let it dry overnight. Then, take baby wet wipes to clean the dried paste. You need baby wet wipes because the material is stronger than normal tissue paper. Rub the rubber soles with the wet wipes. Continue to wipe the area to ensure that all the dried paste has come off. Keep going, and you’ll see the difference and be satisfied with the results.

The best thing is, you don’t have to brush hard on the surface, saving your energy and your skin from harsh detergent too! Hope this simple hack will make your life easier.