KiniTV features 7 documentaries in conjunction with Human Rights Day

by Dec 19, 2018News, video

In conjunction with Human Rights Day that falls on the 10th of December, KiniTV is featuring seven original documentaries focusing on Malaysian minorities throughout the weekends in December. The screening is taking place on YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion and Instagram.

Of the seven documentaries, three of them were produced in a joint effort between KiniTV and the Freedom Film Network. The first is Tak Kesampaian, directed by aboriginal amateur director Shafie Dris. The second is The Story of Kam Agong while the third is Sevan Doraisamy’s POCA Boy.

These seven documentaries focus on the rights of the people in the rural areas of Malaysia and also the minority groups of the country.

The following are the dates and times of the broadcasts.

8:00PM, 8 December The Endangered Gentle Giants of the Borneo
8:00PM, 9 December The Story of Tijah Chopil
8:00PM, 15 December POCA Boy
8:00PM, 16 December The Anatomy of An Abduction
8:00PM, 22 December Tak Kesampaian
8:00PM, 23 December Operasi Lalang & After
8:00PM, 30 December The Story of Kam Agong

Below you can find a brief summary of the documentaries that will be screened.


The Endangered Gentle Giants of the Borneo

Running Time 10min
Directed by KiniTV Original
Language Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia
Subtitles in Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, English
Airing on 30 December 2018

Synopsis: The rainforests of Borneo are home to many flora and fauna including the little-known Pygmy elephant. Not many people know that Malaysia is home to several of these elephants, the smallest species of elephants in the world. They are known to be smaller and more temperamental compared to the other species in Asia. However, their numbers are dwindling as over the years as a result of irresponsible human activities.


The Story of Tijah Chopil

Running Time 10min
Directed by KiniTV
Language Bahasa Malaysia
Subtitles in English

Synopsis: Armed with only a high school education, Tijah Chopil is an indigenous Semai from Peninsular Malaysia. As the ethnic group with the longest history in West Malaysia, seeing the discrimination and injustice that her people are subject to made her pick up activism from the age of 17. This is the story of how she joined the fight for the rights of the indigenous people of Malaysia.


Poca Boy

Running Time 10min
Directed by Sevan Doraisamy
Language English
Subtitles in None
Airing on 23 December 2018

Synopsis: Can you imagine what it is like to be 16 years old and not be allowed to go further than 10KM from your home for an indefinite period of time? This is the true story of Ang, a boy who has been under house arrest for more than a year and who walks around with an electronic monitoring device fitted to his leg.


Pastor Koh: Anatomy of an Abduction

Running Time 23min
Directed by KiniTV
Language English
Subtitles in English

Synopsis: On the 13th of February 2017, Pastor Raymond Koh was swiftly abducted by 15 masked individuals in just 40 seconds. One year later and the police have not managed to solve the case, prompting questions into the possibility of this mystery being a case of enforced disappearance.
(This documentary was first released on February 13, 2018)


Tak Kesampaian

Running Time 23min
Directed by Shafie Dris
Language English
Subtitles in English
Airing on 16 December 2018

Synopsis: Despite poverty and socio-cultural hindrances, some Orang Asli youths do rise above and complete their secondary education. Nevertheless, their struggle doesn’t pay off. Despite achieving good results in their Form Five examinations, they had received rejections from higher education institutions. The film explores the responses from the community and educators on the factors leading to this issue.


Operation Lalang & After

Running Time 31min
Directed by Dave Anthony
Language English
Subtitles in English
Airing on 22 December 2018

Synopsis: After witnessing his wife taken away into preventive detention during the 1987 security crackdown known as Operation Lalang, filmmaker Dave Anthony embarked on producing a film documenting the ordeal as he put the crackdown on trial in search for answers. However, the fear of authoritarian politics kept the tape unpublished for 30 years. In 2017, on the 30th anniversary of the crackdown, KiniTV obtained the rights to publish the video. (This documentary was first released on November 27, 2017)


The Story of Kam Agong

Running Time 30min
Directed by Lawrence
Language Bahasa Malaysia, Lun Bawang
Subtitles in English, Bahasa Malaysia

Synopsis: In 2002, a Lun Bawang woman named Kam Agong living in Sarawak succumbed to excessive blood loss after delivering her eighth son. Over the next six years the family embarked on a tireless legal battle, seeking justice for Kam. The court finally found the local clinic doctor and the Malaysian government guilty of clinical malpractice and sentenced them to pay RM50,000. Sixteen years later, Kam Agong’s daughter Agnes brings her youngest brother back to their hometown to honor her memory. (This film is produced in a collaboration between KiniTV and the Freedom Film Network.)

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