The Magnificent Seven

Reasons to consider a Volkswagen for your next purchase.
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Your car is the second biggest expenditure of your life and the most important expression of your personality. It is a decision that cannot be taken lightly and one that incorporates many variables. The factors below should enter your consideration the next time you decide to spend money for a set of wheels.

1. Timeless Styling

A car says much about its owner, and a Volkswagen aspires to portray its owner as a person of sophisticated tastes. All Volkswagen vehicles are styled to be easy on the eye, yet remain understated and unpretentious. As other cars start to look dated, your Volkswagen merely ages with grace. No model embodies this philosophy better than the elegant Jetta; its uncluttered and unfussy design ensuring that it will remain fresh-looking for many years to come.

2. Innovation and Technology

Volkswagen brings advanced technology to the masses. Innovations which previously thought were limited to luxury marques are offered to the masses at affordable prices. The list of impressive features in Volkswagen vehicles start with height adjustable headlights, Climatronic automatic air-conditioning, cruise control, and anti-pinch windows in the Polo and increases to include multi-collision brakes in the Golf, Fatigue Detection in the Passat, and 4-camera ‘Area View’ 360-degree monitor in the Touareg.

3. Performance and Efficiency

Traditional thinking tell us that high performance cannot be attained without compromising efficiency. Volkswagen’s advanced powertrain engineering capabilities narrow that compromise considerably by simultaneously delivering engaging performance and being thrifty at the pumps. So, not only is the exhilarating performance of your Volkswagen easy on the wallet, it’s easy on your conscience too. Don’t just take our word for it though, the excellence of Volkswagen TSI technology is evident through its global win at the “International Engine of the Year Award” in 2014 which also happens to be the ninth time succession in the 1.0 to 1.4 liter TSI twincharger category.

4. European ride and handling

Developed and honed in the country that is home to the Autobahn and Nurburgring, all Volkswagen vehicles are uncompromisingly honed to maintain unwavering stability and unrivalled road manners when cruising at high speeds. In models such as the Golf GTI and Golf R, advanced chassis electronics such as XDS+ provide subtle yet telling intervention that further enhance the already sound dynamics of these vehicles. Meanwhile, models such as the Golf R and Touareg provide superior traction through Volkswagen’s 4MOTION all-wheel drive system.

5. Safety

Volkswagen vehicles are equipped with a comprehensive range of active and passive features that give you the best possible protection in the event of an emergency. The body shell of every Volkswagen is meticulously designed and solidly built to ensure life-saving levels of crash protection. The security of traveling in a safe Volkswagen vehicle is assured with consistent five-star Euro NCAP ratings across the range. In the event of an unfortunate accident, Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS) as fitted in the Polo, Jetta, and other models, automatically unlocks all doors, turns off the fuel pump, and activates hazard lights. When you buy a Volkswagen, safety is standard.

6. Easy Maintenance

Your Volkswagen is designed and engineered to run flawlessly for an extended period of time. To ensure that your vehicle is in optimum condition, we require you to bring it in for servicing once every 15,000km. Compared to owners of other brands that need 5,000km or 10,000km service intervals, you need less trips to the service centre and more time for your other pursuits.

7. Five Years Peace of Mind

All new Volkswagen vehicles are covered by a five-year warranty of unlimited mileage in addition to a five-year mobility programme. Not only are you protected from any potential vehicle defect, our promise is that you will never be stranded in a Volkswagen.