7 Habits to A Healthy Brain

Endless processing on information using brain juice will cause mental fatigue…

Current hectic lifestyle requires a lot of thinking. Endless processing on information using brain juice will cause mental fatigue. Here are the 7 simple ways to conquer mental fatigue

1. Feed your brain with sufficient nutritions.

The brain weighs about 2% of total body weight, but it needs over 20% of oxygen and nutrition intake. Always remember to supply sufficient nutrients to optimize brain processes. When the brain is in the process of thinking, it requires more oxygen flow. Studies showed BRAND’S Essence of Chicken helps to improve memory and concentration by improving blood circulation and oxygen flow to brain and body. Besides that, it helps to relieve stress. A bottle of BRAND’S Essence of Chicken contains nutritional requirements for our brain and body work well.

2. Change your daily mindset.

Be creative and innovative, the brain requires change to evolve. Explore new experiences like travelling to new places, taste different cuisines, create an artistic masterpiece, use a different route to work or simply stroll in the park. These short bursts of discoveries will help to refresh our mind.

3. Buffer some time for games

Stay young at heart, and play games. Pick up video games, board games, puzzles, or sports and play with family or friends, and keep it fun. Regardless of the games you play, it helps to sharpen your mind, and more importantly a great environment to relax.

4. Exercise regularly and stay fit

Studies showed that people who have adequate exercise will have a healthier mind. Choose an enjoyable exercise to do it with your love ones in order to avoid boredom. This helps to enhance your thoughts, and gives a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. Make it social by inviting friends over for Zumba dance, cycling, or jogging and have lots of fun for keep fit and let you have a healthier mind.

5. Learn something new.

Learning new skills develops your potential. Learn a new word daily and practice writing. Research on something interesting or pick up a musical instrument to keep your brains active. You might discover hidden passions or talents, and definitely a more positive outlook on life.

6. Relax with Music

Turn on your favourite song after a busy day because it helps your mind to relax and have a better mood.

7. Strengthen your memory

There is a simple way to help you improve memory. Recall the good times by looking at old albums and high-school yearbooks. This triggers your mind to recall back the past story and it is an good exercise for better mental fitness.