Want to watch Euro 2016 France all Night long? Here’s the tips

Malaysian football fans have waited long for Euro 2016, and it’s coming soon. However, the time zone difference between Malaysia and France requires fans to stay up all night to watch matches, causing them feel tired during work. Prolonging this routine will cause severe physical fatigue.

What can we do to enjoy matches without compromising our daily activities the next day?
These are 5 simple tips to increase your energy level and maintain mental performance that enables you to handle both the game and work triumphantly.

1. Eating A Healthy Breakfast

Watching games all night and the lack of sleep will put the body in a tired state. The first thing to do is to supply body with nutritional nourishments. A good breakfast is not about the quantity, but quality.

A healthy breakfast should consist Vitamin B, Vitamin E, calcium, iron and protein. BRAND’S Chicken Essence is recommended to include in your daily breakfast as it contains protein that is needed in the morning.

Having a bottle of BRAND’S Chicken Essence after breakfast not only provides you with protein that needed but also the energy and concentration to accomplish any given task. This is because BRAND’S Chicken Essence is using advanced technology to extract the essence that enables the body to absorb all the nutrients easily.

It’s not only free of fats and cholesterol, but also proven with over 40 scientific papers that BRAND’S Chicken Essence is able to enhance concentration and energy.

2. Self-Acupressure for Relieving Stress

Not only sufficient of nutrients, our muscle needs relaxation as well. Massage is a great way for muscle relaxation. But in our hectic life, it’s hard to find time to visit a masseuse. So why don’t just do it yourself?

“Tian Zhu Point” is an acu-point that can help our body to relax . It is situated at the back of the neck, by following the two crude muscles until slightly below the hairline, the most hollow area. Use your thumb and press slightly harder on this “Tian Zhu Point”. It is able to help freshen up the mind, reduce hypertension, relieve eyes fatigue and so on.

3. Having a light lunch

Staying up late at night will increase our body temperature. It is not only essential to consume more water but also to avoid oily food during lunch. Having a strong flavour and oily food will lead to increase in fats which cause the mind to feel tired.

Therefore, it’s highly encouraged to have a light lunch in order to prevent overloading our digestive system. Never forget to partake adequate fruits and vegetables to provide the vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

4. Afternoon Nap to Recuperate

Afternoon nap is one of the way to recuperate energy. Many people have a wrong assumption that a long sleep during the day is good to replace sleepless nights. It is harmful to our internal biological clock. A 15-30 minutes nap is good enough to replenish your sleep. With this, it improves our concentration, and energy.

5. Leave the Afternoon for Light Exercise

Our body energy level will reach its lowest point in the afternoon after staying up late. Most people will search around for something sweet to bite, however, the result is often disappointing. It is best just to do some light activities such as walking around for 10 minutes with deep breathing. This will help to increase our vitality that can last for another 2 hours, and also to alleviate stress.