10 Strange places to become Pokestops

by Jul 14, 2016

The latest craze in mobile gaming, Pokemon Go, has lured its users to some pretty bizarre places while on the hunt for Pokestops. Pokestops are places in the Pokemon Go world where you can collect items such as pokeballs and eggs that help you advance quicker throughout the game. To truly master Pokemon Go, players need to take full advantage of the Pokestops they come across. The game doesn’t seem to have any requirements as to what actually makes a place worthy of becoming a Pokestop, which has lead to users finding themselves in some very odd situations. Here are 10 among the strangest places that have been turned into pokestops:

1. Walter White’s House

2. A Strip Club

3. Someone’s Grave

4. An ashtray


5. A Creepy Shed


6. The Church of Scientology

7. A Nutella Tree


8. An Abortion Memorial

9. ‘Young human’ Entertainment


10. An Actual Alligator