Malaysia, 18 July 2018: The number of Malaysian students choosing to enroll in New Zealand’s world-class institutions continues to surge, according to the latest data from Education New Zealand (ENZ). There were over 2,000 Malaysian students in New Zealand at the end of 2017 and the latest figures from ENZ show that as of June this year, there has been a 21 per cent rise in the number of first-time student visas from Malaysia compared to the same period last year. New Zealand’s eight universities, all ranked within the top three per cent worldwide by the QS World University Rankings, have driven much of the recent growth with the sector enjoying a 33 per cent increase in first-time student visas for the first half of 2018, compared to the same period last year. The Malaysian students have also been attracted to the unique education system in New Zealand that provides a wide variety of well-designed courses and programs. Beyond the curriculum, international students studying at a certain level are entitled to work part-time during the semester and up to 40 hours per week during term breaks. John Laxon, ENZ’s Regional Director for South, South East Asia & Middle East, said that Malaysia is one of ENZ’s key markets in the region with a long history of co-operation between the two countries.

“It is extremely encouraging to see more Malaysian students choosing to study in New Zealand. Malaysian students and parents recognize that New Zealand not only offers a world-class education experience, but also global industry connections that truly future-proof students’ careers. From New Zealand’s innovative teaching approaches to internationally recognized qualifications, students can expect a bright future and career after graduating from a New Zealand institution.”

New Zealand has been recognized as having the world’s best education system by The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2017 Educating for the Future Index. The Educating for the Future Index ranked New Zealand as the best education system overall, earning full marks for the curriculum framework for future skills, collaboration between education providers and industry, and cultural diversity and tolerance among other measures. Over the years, many initiatives have been launched to provide more opportunities for Malaysian students to study in New Zealand. This includes the FCertNZ Foundation Programme launched last year which allows for Malaysian students keen on pursuing their education in New Zealand to complete their foundation year at the KYS Business School in Melaka. They then complete the rest of their undergraduate degree at their university of choice in New Zealand. Other programmes like the New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards (NZAS) have also allowed Malaysian students to study in New Zealand and experience the diverse and innovative education system. Students and parents interested in learning about the world-class education opportunities in New Zealand are invited to visit the ENZ Fair in Petaling Jaya on Saturday, 4 August 2018. More information can be found here.

About Education New Zealand

Education New Zealand (ENZ) is New Zealand’s government agency for international education. ENZ works to grow awareness of New Zealand as a study destination and to support New Zealand education providers and businesses to take their services and products abroad.

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