Since the early August launch of Pokémon Go in Malaysia, the game has taken the nation by storm, and thousands are thronging the malls daily to capture virtual Pokémons.

From 13 August 2016, four shopping malls will invite Pokémon Go aficionados to pursue some unique targets in air-conditioned comfort. And the best part? These Pokémons are based on adoptable pets right here in Malaysia. Why settle for virtual catches when you can seek loyal, furry lifetime companions who will return your love in kind?

This initiative is the brainchild of Naga DDB, one of Malaysia’s largest advertising agencies, in conjunction with, the country’s premier pet adoption portal. They have #TheRealCatch for you—11,000 homeless animals eagerly awaiting your love.

Join in this pursuit of “the Real Pokémon Catch” at Publika, Berjaya Times Square, Sunway Pyramid and 1 Utama. The adventure will continue through at least 27 August, and perhaps a bit longer if the hunters are still in hot pursuit.

This campaign leverages on the Pokémon Go buzz to highlight the plight of needy animals. Pet Pokémon posters are placed at strategic locations and Poké Stops, encouraging pet adoption and sterilization of animals.

Andy Koh, founder of, notes,

“We are very thankful to the compassionate management of these four malls for their enthusiasm for this campaign, inspiring so many visitors to help homeless animals. We hope that this fun-filled initiative will set a precedent for more creative animal welfare collaborations in the future.”

Mobile promotional posters have also surfaced at various pet-friendly parks and popular streets, to the enthusiastic response of the public.

Chase after a real Pokémon instead!

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