For those who are looking to refurbish your new home, we’ve got something for you! This coming Friday to Sunday (March 8 – 10) for three days in a row, Malaysia’s most well known home exhibition【Modern Home Exhibition】will be held in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. There will be big brands attending this fair with loads of deals and promotions! Don’t miss out on this fair if you’d like to compare amongst brands and find the best deal for your new home, all in one site!

1. The 43rd Modern Home Exhibition will be held from 8 March to 10 March at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

2. There will be more than 350 exhibition booths and over 120 companies attending this fair to provide you with all kinds of furniture options for your new home. From furnitures with a modern look to those with leading edge technology, they’ve got it all at the Modern Home Exhibition, making it an even better reason for you to visit.

3. Visit the Modern Home Exhibition for over 35 different styles and various promotions on the best wardrobes and kitchen cabinets in town.

4. With over 20 mattress companies attending the exhibition and bringing you leading edge technology on their products, you’ll definitely find the right bed for your desired comfort level.

5. There will also be deals on CCTV and Automatic gates for you to choose from.

6. For those who are looking for household items that alleviates the trouble of cleaning and cooking, this is the best place to be as there will be deals on the most important household appliances. From cleaning products to fruit mixers and even kitchen appliances that simplifies the cooking process, you’ll be able to find them all at the Modern Home Exhibition.

7. Families wishing to upgrade or add new wardrobes to meet growing needs will find many of the latest designs with affordable prices at the exhibition.

8. Customers who spend more than RM1000 in the 43rd Modern Home Fair will receive RM1300 travel vouchers to major cities in China, Bali and Chieng Mai. This travel voucher entitles one to free hotel accommodation, free meals and free entry to various attractions for the entire trip.