Alliance Bank Now Offers 3.5% p.a. for Alliance SavePlus!

Alliance Bank Now Offers 3.5% p.a. for Alliance SavePlus!

Stretch Your Money Even Further With Alliance SavePlus’ high interest rate

Managing and saving your money is crucial to long-term financial health and personal well-being.

The recent Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) hike by Bank Negara Malaysia is especially good news to the man on the street, as many banks have revised their interest rates upwards, resulting in higher profits in savings. High interest rates equal higher returns for every Ringgit that you save.

There are also other aspects to consider, such as the flexibility to access your money without compromising the interest earned.

A high-interest, liquid option

The Alliance SavePlus Account now offers up to 3.5% per annum on your total balance. This is 25 basis points more than the average current or savings account in Malaysia, and higher than a one-month fixed deposit board rate.

With the Alliance SavePlus Account, you don’t have to worry about incurring penalties for early withdrawals as it offers you unlimited access to your money anytime, anywhere.

On top of that, you get to enjoy waiver on transaction fees when you save with Alliance SavePlus Account. All you have to do is maintain a minimum of RM10,000 in the account and voila, you can perform fund transfers and ATM withdrawals for free!

For a better idea on how Alliance SavePlus works, let’s take a look at the following table:

Total Account Balance in Alliance SavePlus Account Benefits
RM0 – RM20,000 No transaction fees*
RM20,001 – RM100,000 1.8% per annum interest rate + no transaction fees
Above RM100,000 3.5% per annum interest rate + no transaction fees

* Terms and conditions apply.

Source: Alliance Bank

How the Alliance SavePlus Account works

Helping you achieve your financial goals

It is important to choose a bank account that matches your savings goals, and the Alliance SavePlus is one such no-frills bank account.

It lets you enjoy great returns on your money and the flexibility to withdraw your cash in case of emergencies.

The Alliance SavePlus Account is open to all Malaysians, permanent residents and non-residents of Malaysia aged 18 years old and above. Existing Alliance Bank current/savings account holders with online banking facilities may log on to allianceonline to easily open your Alliance SavePlus Account.

For more information on how to apply for an Alliance SavePlus Account, please visit, drop by any of our nearest branches or get in touch with our Contact Centre at 03-5516 9988.

Are you too Blunt to know him?

Are you too Blunt to know him?

When James Blunt came into the spotlight fourteen years ago with nothing more than mopped hair and a guitar strapped across his waist, he was nothing more than another musician striving to make it big in the already competitive music scene in the mid 00’s. However, “You’re Beautiful”, his 3rd single off his debut album, Back to Bedlam, shot him up into the No. 1 spot in the Billboard charts, catapulting him into what seemed to be another soft rock sensation.

Fourteen years later, many Malaysians scratched their heads when he is mentioned.

Who is James Blunt?

James Hillier Blount, better known as James Blunt, was born in 22nd February 1974 in Hampshire, UK. Having graduated from the University of Bristol using a military bursary, he went on to serve for his country for 6 years, even participating in the Kosovo Wars and rising to the ranks of Captain.

After serving, he went on to sign with a recording company, and adopted Blunt as his stage name. After Back to Bedlam, he has released four more studio albums, including his latest album, The Afterlove, propelling himself into the mainstream pop music scene once more. Both his singles, Love Me Better and Bartender, echo his 2005 form with his melancholic singing and modern vibes, allowing him to stay relevant in this already competitive music scene.

You’re Beautiful?

When the song, “You’re Beautiful” was released as a single in May 2005, it was easily the most played and requested song of the year. The soulful tune, along with Blunt’s unique vibrato belting to a man’s lost love captured the hearts of everyone who had learned to appreciate his music.

However, “You’re Beautiful” was also deemed as one of the most irritating song ever recorded, with Spike writer D. Sussman calling it the “worst song of all time”. It was largely derived from the song constantly being played in the radio stations, and would continue to do so for the year.


One of the most intriguing aspects of James Blunt’s career was not his music, but his Twitter account, where he frequently answer insults or negative comments made by Twitter users with sarcasm and dry wit, which gave him the repertoire of being snarky.

Some may call him rude or ungrateful towards fans, but James Blunt had unwittingly injected non-verbal humor in this verbal-heavy Internet era, and has never taken himself (or his songs) too seriously. If anything, that generated even more hate for him, which he had since turn it into free publicity.

Photo by Gala

Someone loves him…No, really, someone loves James Blunt

Being dubbed a playboy in the mid ‘00s, Blunt attracted many attractive women by his side, often showing in events with different women. One would have to assume that his swooning voice had something to do with that.

His infamy for female flatulence finally ended in 2012 after he married to socialite Alexandrina “Sofia” Wellesley, daughter of Lord and Lady John Henry Wellesley, and also happens to be the granddaughter of the 8th Duke of Wellington, Valerian Wellesley.

His music may be questioned by many, but his looks is not for many women out there!

The Carrie Fisher Factor

Many may not know this, but James Blunt’s fame was largely influenced, or indirectly so, by the late Carrie Fisher herself.

While having signed a record deal, James Blunt arrived in Los Angeles with nowhere to stay. Carrie Fisher offered him a place to stay, and they remained close friends ever since. One of his hit singles, “Goodbye My Lover”, was recorded in Fisher’s bathroom, and she named his debut album, “Back to Bedlam”, for him.

Their friendship never wavered even after his eventual success in the music charts, as Blunt continued to keep in touch with Fisher. A much more recent event before Fisher’s passing was at a Star Wars event, where Blunt was Fisher’s date of the day.

Interested to meet James Blunt in Malaysia? Come join him in Dewan Wawasan, Menara PGRM, KL at 25th March! Get your tickets now!
Tickets are priced from RM122 (including RM4 handling fees)

and available online from

or call 03-2280 0363
for phone booking.

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for more exciting activities.

What Kind of Volkswagen Matches Your Personality?

What Kind of Volkswagen Matches Your Personality?

A car is a big investment. More than a mode of transportation, a car projects what we want people to think of us.

Some people spend months to look for the right car that fits their personality.

And perhaps you want to discover which Volkswagen would be ideal for your character and personality.

Answer these simple 12 questions and find out which Volkswagen sedan matches your personality!

Shopee Mall Hits The Shores of Malaysia and Takes Online Shopping to Greater Height

Shopee Mall Hits The Shores of Malaysia and Takes Online Shopping to Greater Height

Shopee Mall Hits The Shores of Malaysia and Takes Online Shopping to Greater Height

Hailed as Southeast Asia’s newest online marketplace offering an ultimately safe and holistic premium shopping experience, Shopee Mall hits the shores of Malaysia; taking online shopping to greater heights with an enticement of an exclusive lifestyle like never before.  Featuring best and value deals from most-loved brands for online shoppers, Shopee Mall provides access to thousands of products from over 300 top sellers such as Watson’s, Nestle, L’Oreal, Acer and the list goes on.

Online shopping will certainly never be the same again as Shopee Mall’s ability to bring the array of brands onboard its credible platform also makes it very convenient for customers as it is as good as shopping from the actual brick-and-mortar shop, without actually leaving your house! All transactions can now be done in mere seconds in a secured way via mobile devices and customers are also assured of the quality plus authenticity of the goods received.



Based on the results of their recent 9.9 Online Shopping Day campaign which was well-received among Malaysians, the most important factors influencing Malaysians’ online purchasing decisions were discounts and flash sales as well as free shipping coupled with reward programmes, Shopee Mall has certainly done well in catering the needs and demands of Malaysians.

Another unique hallmark of the e-commerce platform which definitely requires worthy mention is the ‘Lowest Price Guaranteed’ feature on over 50,000 products which allows shoppers to spend their money wisely as all selling prices are the lowest among other online platforms. The Shopee team are extremely confident of this wonderful pledge so much so that should there be a lower price on any other similar platform be detected, buyers will get an amazing 120% price difference back to be used for future purchases.

Taking pride in being a credible online platform, the virtual mall offers purchasers the ability to shop with peace of mind as all products listed are 100% authentic. From cosmetics to computers, shoes to sporting gears; the team behind Shopee Mall goes to great lengths to ensure authenticity of each of the items being offered. In the rare event that a buyer receives a non-authentic product from any of the authorized Shopee Mall sellers, the person will be reimbursed double the amount paid for the product.

In an effort to ensure customer satisfaction, Shopee Mall also abides to the amazing ‘15-Days Return’ policy at zero cost for all of its products! Simply initiate a return or refund within 15 days of receiving your purchased products and if it meets the Return T&Cs guide, buyers will receive their refund in full amount in cash! A much-lauded convenience of making purchases with Shopee Mall is the zero shipping charges as all items purchased will be sent right to your doorstep at absolutely no cost with a minimum spend of only RM30 nett.

To start off with a bang here in Malaysia, Shopee Mall will embark on a series of enticing promotions for a limited period. Avid online shoppers should definitely take advantage of the Shocking Sale Brands Edition at Shopee Mall which will take place for 5-days only, starting from 3rd October. Be sure to drop everything that you are doing at the stroke of 9.00am and 5.00pm daily during this period and head to the virtual mall as shoppers stand the chance to purchase a myriad of curated top products from official brands at unbelievably low prices!

Make your purchase even worthy by partaking in Shopee’s ‘Spin The Wheel’ lucky feature which offers fantastic giveaways in the form of Shopee vouchers and coins.

Shopee Mall never fails to amaze us and here’s a little reward for newbies. Download the Shopee app and redeem special items for RM1 only! Offer is limited to the first 200 redemptions only so hurry!

Redeem for just


Use code: Mkini1

Download Shopee app

Search for the item “Shopee Mall” & add to your cart

Enter redemption code at the checkout page

Terms & Conditions:
Valid till 31 October 2017, 11:59PM. Valid while stock lasts only (limited to first 200 redemptions only). Only one (1) redemption per device & per user. Valid for Malaysiakini readers only. Shopee reserves the right to cancel any redemption(s) made by user without prior notice. Visual for illustration purposes only. Terms & Conditions are subject to changes without prior notice.

For authentic products at unbelievable low deals, download the Shopee app here and be a part of this revolutionary experience.

Available on

Available on

Australian Migration Business & Investment Opportunity

Australian Migration Business & Investment Opportunity

Australian Migration Business & Investment Opportunity

Business Migration

If you are a business owner or an investor ready to expand and start your business in Australia, you will benefit by attending this seminar.

You will get to understand your eligibility and the end-to- end process in acquiring your Australian Permanent Residency.

Following the seminar, the eligible and contracting applicant will be able to meet W.A State Nomination Manager; Bruno Delfante on 22nd October 2017 at our PJ office for provisional approval.

To be eligible for one of the Business Visas, the applicant must meet the following financial metrics.

Types of business visas and financial requirements:

1. VISA 132 – Business Talent; Stream A – Business History (Immediate Permanent Visa)

  • Business owner; Annual revenue of at least AU$3 million in any 2 years of the last 4 years
  • Business ownership with 30% equity
  • At least AU$400,000 business equity value.
  • Personal and business assets of at least AU$1.5 million
  • No point tests.

2. VISA 188 – Business Investor Stream (Provisional) (Converted into Permanent Visa after 4 years)

  • Business and personal assets of at least AU$2.25 million
  • Interest bearing capital guaranteed investment of at least AU$1.5 million
  • 65 score points assessment.
  • 2 years of residency in 4 years (accumulatively)
  • 3. VISA 188 – Business Innovation Stream. (Provisional) (Converted into Permanent Visa after 4 years)

  • Business owners; annual revenue of at least AU$500,000 in any 2 years in the last 4 years.
  • Personal and business assets of at least AU$800,000
  • Business ownership with 30% business equity
  • 65 score points assessment
  • 4. VISA 188C – Significant Investor Visa (SIV) (Provisional) (Converted into Permanent Visa after 4 years)

  • Total assets of AU$5 million in managed funds
  • No point test, no age limit and no English language requirements.
  • No Australian residence tax obligations.
  • 160 days of residency in 4 years.
  • *Other business visa categories available               *Private counselling available post seminar

    Location & Date

    Venue:Hilton Hotel,PJ
    Date:Saturday, 07 October 2017
    Time:02:00 – 06:00 PM

    *Admission is strictly by pre-registration ONLY owing to limited seats.

    There will be discussions on the latest Commonwealth government migration regulations, eligibility rules and policies on State Nomination, types of visas and details on projects available for overseas investors.

    Presenting at the seminar is a prominent Australian Migration agent with over 27 years of practice hands-on experience, CEO of Australian Migration Agents, Mr. Robert Chelliah.

    Through AMA they will assist you in your business strategizing and expansion into Australia, providing a one stop platform, step by step guidance and assistance to the applicant and their family from beginning to Post Arrival Support Services (final and settlement stage for successful applicants.)


    Robert Chelliah
    CEO Australia Migration Agents Group of Companies

    Bruno Delfante
    W.A State Nomination Manager

    Overseas investors can invest and start and/or expand their business into Australia in many selected fields such as Property Ownership and Development, Ecotourism, Food & Beverage, Hospitality Industries and many more.

    The state government of Australia has zero interference over the conduct of private businesses, another plus point for business migrants choosing Australia as their preferred investment destination.

    Details of available projects:

  • Supermarket – Grocers – Investment value >AU$500,000.
  • Property Development – Apartment, townhouse project – land ownership >AU$1million.
  • Commercial warehouse – Poultry and food produce – Ownership >AU$1million.
  • Manufacturing – Business ownership AU$1.2million.
  • Property Development – luxury villas project >AU$1.5million.
  • CLICK HERE for other available projects
  • Other business and investment fields open to investors: Commercial and domestic property development, Eco tourism & Hospitality Industry, Food and Beverage, Agro cultivation and Commercial Horticulture, Retail Outlets and many other areas.

    Where acquisition of existing business or purchase of residential property is done with the assistance of the agent, Australian Migration Agents Pty Ltd offers the commissions we obtain from the broker and vendor back to you in the form of a refund of our professional fees by the end of your engagement term.

    *Admission is strictly by pre-registration ONLY owing to limited seats.

    Education has also been one of the primary factors taken into consideration when choosing a country to migrate for the family.

    For holders of Australian Provisional and Permanent visas, dependent children are entitled to free education under the Australian Government up to year 12.

    The Australian National Education is voted 4th best education in the world in 2017 based on their well-developed public education system.

    For a financially-able middle and upper-class Malaysian, quality education is often pursued through international schools and institutions.

    An average Malaysian would have to spend up to RM1.4 million over 12 years of education for each child attending one of the top 5 international schools. Given that a typical Malaysian family has an average of 2 children, these figures are doubled and will come up to as much as RM2.8 million for 12 years of education.

    This savings of up to RM2.8 million that most families have calculated ahead of time, can then be allocated as an investment for a large property in a suburb in Australia where the top state school is located.

    AMA has hundreds of proven and outstanding winning records in facilitating investors with their business expansion and investments plans into Australia.

    Chelliah is an expert in legislative migration and handling complex cases, he is a skilled strategist and also a well-known media commentator.

    With a 100% success track record, Chelliah has over 40 years of working experience with the Australian Commonwealth Government Immigration Department making AMA one of the longest serving migration agents in Australia.

    Attend the seminar and discover how you can make your migration plans a successful one.

    AMA is an Australian migration agency established in 1994 that practices with the highest integrity and ethics complying with their mission statement of


    *Admission is strictly by pre-registration ONLY owing to limited seats.

    More Information:
    Australian Migration Agents Pty Ltd

    Robert +6012 348 2961
    Dessy +6016 411 5672
    Gayathrie +6012 340 5590
    Shalini +6012 787 5590

    Tropicana Fills the Market Gap with Reasonably Priced Homes for the Modern Urbanite

    Tropicana Fills the Market Gap with Reasonably Priced Homes for the Modern Urbanite

    Tropicana Fills the Market Gap with Reasonably Priced Homes for the Modern Urbanite

    The unveiling of Tropicana Corporation Berhad’s new brand extension, Tropicana Urban Homes shows the developer’s dedication to fill the growing consumer need for high quality, accessibly priced homes.

    2017 has seen a booming Malaysian population and among the highest numbers of young working class adults in recent history.

    This has led more attentive developers such as Tropicana to cater to the market segment, building property to suit the needs and buying power of these home seeking adults.

    “Tropicana Urban Homes was conceptualised with young buyers, middle-income professionals, aspiring homeowners and new families in mind, who are priced out of the traditional property market. ”

    said Dato’ Yau Kok Seng, Group CEO of Tropicana

    According to the Malaysian department of statistics, the Median age for the Malaysian population is now 28 years old, signaling a higher number of working class adults who are around the age when the purchase of a home is among their top priorities.

    Tropicana, announcing the launch of its newest portfolio expansion under its Tropicana Urban Homes collection, has said that the development will see a total of 1791 modern apartment units at two of its award winning townships, Tropicana Aman in Kota Kemuning and Tropicana Heights in Kajang.

    The developer recognized the need for young working class adults to be based near the city, as transportation and length of travel time continue to be one of the segment’s top concerns. This has led to the strategic selection of the development’s location.

    Tropicana Aman is linked to six major highways including KESAS, the Federal Highway, LKSA, ELITE, and SKVE. The Tropicana Heights township is also conveniently 4km away from a transportation hub that harbours both, KTM and MRT stations.


    The target demographic of young adults and families have been faced with skyrocketing property prices, properties now see prices ranging from RM 500, 000 and above without a corresponding increase in wages.

    Tropicana’s development of Aman 1 and Heights 1 counters the average overpriced home and sees a starting price of a mere RM236, 000, making it the sensible choice for the home buyer.

    Through extensive market research, the developer has also found and catered to the demand for self-contained townships and has designed Tropicana Aman and Tropicana Heights to be self sustainable so that every possible amenity is within reach.

    Tropicana’s idea behind the concept of a self contained township has led to the incorporation of amenities and facilities such as world class educational hubs, Central parks, Neighbourhood commercial spaces, and recreational hubs within the townships. This caters to the unique needs of young home buyers and families alike.

    With the increasing gentrification of the congested city areas, property prices within KL have skyrocketed so that green lungs within developments are now a rarity.

    But Tropicana Aman brings with the development a huge 85-acre central park which acts as not only a green lung, but also a recreational space with a with a linear lake and a centrally-located Clubhouse, ringed by a 100-feet wide tree-lined boulevard.

    The Tropicana Aman township has also been designed to be a walking and biking community. This has been achieved through the incorporation of a 7km long walking / biking trail to encourage a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. 10 link-bridges and 17 beautiful pavilions are also spread across the Central Park for the enjoyment of Tropicana Aman’s residents.

    Tropicana Heights also follows suit with 16 acres being dedicated to the creation of a Central Park that features a 750 meter linear lake, seamless pedestrian walkways, jogging and bicycle tracks, all complemented by beautiful landscaping and parkland views.

    Both developments have taken into consideration the various lifestyles of its residents and have catered in layouts suited to both families, and single working adults. Heights 1 consists of 1025 units that vary in size ranging from 449 sq ft to 1783 sq ft while Aman 1 consists of 766 units and is split into two sizes, 870 sq ft, and 1000 sq ft.

    These two maiden launches under the Tropicana Urban Homes collection is slated for a 2017 year-end release date.

    For Tropicana Aman enquiries:

    Call 1700 81 8868

    or visit the Tropicana Aman Property Gallery

    For Tropicana Heights enquiries:

    Call 1700 81 9566

    or visit the Tropicana Heights Show Village

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