Care for your health. Because your life counts on it.

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Most Malaysians are unaware of fatal diseases caused by poor dietary habits and lack of physical activity in their daily lives.

Workout and exercise is the last thing comes to mind for most Malaysians when it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Many start a fitness regime only after they are diagnosed with some health problems which are usually too late. Individuals then attempt going for a walk in their neighbourhood, or jog at a nearby park, or maybe even sign up for a gym membership – desperate to recover from their fatal illness. Sadly, many are no longer able to perform even simple exercise routines due to their deteriorated health condition.

Today, social pressure and narcissistic influences in young people as early in their teens who want to look physically appealing especially on social media are also easily swayed by unrealistic and psuedo-health fads spread throughout the internet. These youngsters are willing to do anything for such false shortcuts while being completely clueless of the damaging effects and deadly consequences that comes along with it.

Damaging Effects From Lack Of Exercise



Four out of every 10 Malaysians

1.8% of the Malaysian population are depressed

40% of Malaysians suffer from mental health issues.

Lack Of Sleep

10% of Malaysians have a sleeping disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

and many of them are wrongly turning to pills to get some much needed sleep, which can lead to addiction.

Loss Of Memory

50,000 people in Malaysia with this disease. expected to double every 20 years


29% of Malaysians had anxiety disorder compared to 12% in 2011.



1.8 million out of 3.5 million Malaysians diagnosed with diabetes were not even aware they were afflicted with the chronic disease.


Malaysian, the prevalence of obesity was at 13.3%, while overweight was at 38.5%

Heart Disease

About one in four heart attack patient less than 50 years old

High Blood Pressure

Almost half of the population (47.7%) or about 9.6 million people have high blood cholesterol level.

You can avoid all issues with only exercise, where it can be done from home and good news for exercising from home as the following

  • Still able to enjoy your favourite TV show
  • Keep an eyes on your children or old parents
  • Cut down the hassle of travelling and parking to gym
  • Save cost if you went to gym only once a week
  • Anyone at home could use the workout machine
  • Hygiene, no sharing your sweat with others

Here are the following to enhance your exercise activity from home

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