In March 2016, Professor Robert Craik, Provost and CEO of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia visited Ms Moey Yoke Lai, the CEO of Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL), during its Scholarship Info Day event to present her with the inaugural MCKL-HWUM Scholarship. Valued at over RM180, 000 for covering up to three years’ worth of academic expenses for any undergraduate course at HWUM, the scholarship was exclusively available to one deserving student each year from MCKL.

This scholarship represents the culmination of years of MCKL’s tireless efforts to find alternatives for outstanding graduates who are unable to pursue their dreams of studying overseas due to financial constraints. As such, it will enable recipients to experience quality education of international standards within Malaysia without having to worry about the discouraging expenses usually involved in similar pursuits. This year’s exemplary recipient of the MCKL-HWUM Scholarship is Khoo Wei Ning, who has completed her A Levels in MCKL and will be entering HWUM to study Actuarial Science.

Over the years, MCKL has built up a formidable reputation of sending its graduates to prestigious universities around the world. Many can attest to the academic calibre of MCKL graduates, and like HWUM, several have chosen to acknowledge it by partnering with the College to offer exclusive benefits to its alumni enrolling in their Malaysian campuses. Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak Campus, for example, waivers application fees and first semester accommodations rent for all MCKL students. Other local institutions have also begun similar ventures with the College, such as UCSI University, IACT College, HELP University, KDU University College and Asia Pacific University of Technology and Information.

With more supportive options becoming available each year, we hope that more young Malaysians will be encouraged and inspired to make the most of their education for nation-building.

Students who wish to seek these opportunities may consider enrolling for MCKL’s courses such as the Cambridge A Levels, Western Australian Matriculation, American Degree Transfer Programme, Diploma in Early Childhood Education or Accounting Studies.

For further information on MCKL and its programmes: call 03-22746711 (Marketing) or 03-22741851 (General), Email [email protected] or visit our website