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Many companies and government agencies often complain their press statements are not picked up by the media.

They state that media has ignored their press releases and it’s because public relations professionals lack the skill in writing. For this reason, corporate organisations are unable to get their press releases published or aired as news in the media. It is because their public relations executives are not trained to highlight newsworthy issues and events in the press releases.

Press Release Writing is an art which is not taught in depth in colleges and universities by professionals. If the press releases are not being published, then CEOs should ask themselves have they send their staff for training to enhance their skills in writing.

Malaysiakini’s CEO, Premesh Chandran, said if the corporate communications executives ​ could not articulate themselves then the chances are press releases would not be published.

“It’s time their staff got experience in writing press releases that is newsworthy. They need to understand how to write for the company’s target audience. And, in the press release they must deliver a sharp story angle that will interest the public,” ​said Premesh, adding that a practical PRESS RELEASE WRITING workshop would held at Campuskini on April 16th.

Malaysiakini’s general manager, K.Manohar said senior editors would also provide tips and some practical lessons on writing press releases.

“Participants can master ways on how to garner better publicity for their organisation, especially through writing of effective press releases in class group exercises.”

Gain professional insight from media expert

You can gain professional insight from 35 year experienced journalist and media relations coach M. Krishnamoorthy. Krishna​moorthy highlighted society’s concerns while working with The Star (15 years) and NST (11 years). He has gone undercover as a beggar, security guard, blind man, handicapped, salesman, Member of Parliament and an executive catching taxi touts at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. He’s recorded one of the highest number of front page breaking news articles in The Star. In addition to being a trainer, he currently freelances as a fixer/coordinator for CNN, BBC, German, Australian TV networks, New York Times and TIME magazine

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​This workshop is beneficial to any individual who deals with the media – CEOs, Heads of Departments, Corporate Communications and Public Relations officials, organisation spokespersons, Human Resources leaders and those who deal with the media on behalf of their respective organisations.

Free book for all participants! (Worth Rm 45)

A free copy of Flying Through Crisis MH370 Lessons in Crisis Communications (Retail Price RM 45) will be given to all participants. The book has more than 150 case studies on better media relations and samples of press releases with tips on how write newsworthy press releases.

The workshop is priced reasonably low at RM 300 (HRDF claimable) as part of Campuskini’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts to educate CEOs and public relations professionals to be media savvy.

Thank you for providing the “actual” course that i’ve been looking for in my entire PR work.

Maizatul Nadiah

Corporate Affairs Executive, Tenaga Nasional Berhad

The workshop provided an excellent platform for the sharing of minds and methodologies. Crises come in different shapes and sizes. And we discovered the different approaches to bring great resolve. Great course to attend.

Ghazalie Abdullah

Chief Strategist, GRA Communications Sdn Bhd

Press Release Writing

Gain professional insight from media expert M. Krishnamoorthy, who brings decades of media experience in various roles, under his belt.