True enough, life can be full of compromises. If we limit our choices to just preconceived notions, all that is left is compromise! But hold on, there are certain things in life that should not be compromised.

Let me give you an example. Protecting the engine of our car might just be one of the many things easily overlooked or ignored by us. Oh dear, that is a big ticket item, possibly the second most costly after our home. Aren’t we supposed to take good care of it so that our hard earned money is not wasted on unnecessary fixes when problems crop up?

Using cheap alternatives purchased through non-authorised channels where the authenticity of the engine oil cannot be guaranteed is doing more harm to our car and our finances in the long run. It simply means compromising on the well-being of our engine at the expense of our safety on the road.

Prevention is better than cure. A well maintained engine will always come hand in hand with the use of a well-researched lubricant (engine oil) from a trusted brand through authorised channels. It is all about quality assurance and peace of mind, a priceless thing in life that we all yearn for, after all.

The good news is that the other side of the coin may just be full of choices. The engine oil that you are going to buy is one of the many real-life examples. You certainly have a choice to go for your preferred brand for certain reasons. The choice you make will have an impact on the outcome, be it engine performance or protection.

Engine is the heart of our car and it certainly deserves a good care to ensure it functions properly. And every car needs engine oil for protection against friction, heat and wear. By coating all surfaces within the engine, the motor is protected from corrosion even when it is not running.

What if I tell you that we indeed have a good choice to counter the misperception of “lack of choice or purchasing power”?

Shell Helix HX8 might just have the right answer to keeping the roadworthiness and serviceability of your engine in check. Mind you, it is a premium fully synthetic engine oil from a trusted brand that has never been so affordable. Check this out: Helix HX8 Plus OW-20 [RM199 (WM), RM200(EM)], Helix HX8 X 5W-30 [RM180 (WM), 181 (EM)], and Helix HX8 Synthetic 5W-40 [RM165 (WM), RM166 (EM)] – you don’t have to compromise on price, quality and performance.

According to Shell’s product engineers, Shell Helix HX8 is formulated with Flexi Molecule Technology that constantly adapts to boost protection where your engine needs it the most. In return, giving your engine longer Oil Drain Intervals (ODI) to extend the life of your car even in tough driving conditions.

Tests show that the product would result in 58% better high-temperature deposit control and viscosity stability¹ 78% better corrosion protection in start-stop urban driving conditions² and 40% better wear protection³ 


¹Comparing Shell Helix HX8 with API SN specifications based on engine oil oxidation and deposit control test
²Comparing Shell Helix HX8 with API SN specifications based on engine corrosion test
³Comparing Shell Helix HX8 with ACEA A3/B4 specifications based on engine wear test

Helix HX8 OW-20 

Helix HX8 0W-20 is a purpose-built variant that meets the evolving market needs for motorists migrating to low viscosity motor oil and car manufacturers converting their ‘factory first fill’ and ‘service fill’ requirements to low viscosity grades. The product offers premium fully synthetic engine oil performance at an affordable price for the best maintenance of your car.

And equally important, low oil consumption means less top-up.

What does it tell you? It translates into cost effectiveness that is friendly to your pocket when comes to engine maintenance.

In conjunction with the launch, Shell Malaysia is offering a RM25 discount on the purchase of any of the three Shell Helix HX8 variants upon the registration of the Shell Advantage Rewards programme.

The promotion is valid from 1 October till 30 November 2019. Find out more about the promotion at our website

So, between dubious products from unauthorised sources and a trusted product from a globally reputable brand at a price you can afford, the choice is yours.