In the wake of an increasingly digital age, there remains a large vacuum to be filled in the area of creativity. The demand created from the cries for effective and efficient creative tools has brought about a resurgence for quality craftsmanship. Pioneers from all over have scrambled to compete in becoming the next sensational mainstay.

ConceptD, a new breed of superior computers let creators be creators. This range comprises of computer devices recently introduced by tech giant, Acer; conceptualised amidst the large user database that the brand has of heavy duty gamers that have been utilising professional creative applications. To put it simply, ConceptD is a class for the creative aficionados that caters workstation-standard performance but with the finesse of cooler and more subtle systems.

To touch slightly on some of the specifications, the ConceptD machines operate at a noise level of below 40 decibels while rendering – basically so inconspicuous that you would be a ninja in even a library. ConceptD is also steadfast on delivering impeccable colour accuracy; equipped with up to 100% Adobe RGB colour gamut, 4K IPS Pantone certification and a colour differentiation measurement of less than 1% (Delta-E).

As said by Chan Weng Hong, the General Manager of Products, Sales and Marketing at Acer Sales & Services Sdn Bhd said, “ConceptD devices are designed for creative needs as the high-performance processors and graphics cards can handle extreme workloads yet stay quiet. The power-packed performance is presented in a minimal design to inspire creators to let their creative juices flow freely.” At a mere overlook of the general features present in ConceptD, the words of Mr Chan are already beginning to ring true.

ConceptD laptops provide between the ranges of entry levels to outright ultimate creative tools. The flagship model is the ConceptD 9 Pro. A model very much in the vein of modernity; its display is mounted on an Ezel Aero Hinge that comprises of two arms that can rotate the screen somewhat acrobatically in a full flip. The 17.3-inch display is also thoroughly touchscreen optimised with a maximum brightness of 400 nits (twice the amount of an average laptop at 200 nits). 

Other laptops in the ConceptD series include the ConceptD 5 Pro and ConceptD7 Pro that are respectively far thinner and lighter, further emphasising on the performance prowess that is made available on the go. Additionally, all the ConceptD Pro laptops come equipped with advanced graphic processing powered by the NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics card that and features Intel Core ™ i7-9750H.

While many desktop counterparts lack in style and nimbleness, the ConceptD 500, its flagship desktop model, denounces that archetype with its sleek and refreshing design. The CPU unit comes in a pristine white that is topped with a maple coloured wood grain-look top panel. Very much out of the conventional, ConceptD has managed to bridge the gap between two very opposing elements – bringing a touch of nature and natural to something that is very much synthetic in essence. 

One thing to watch out for however, is that with great capability comes great cost. The ConceptD models are available from as low as RM3,399 to as high as an exorbitant RM18,999. Rest assured, however, that you get what you pay for and quality is more than guaranteed.

In a nutshell, Acer has graced the world with ConceptD as an answer to the cries of creators worldwide, but the versatile computers are far from limited to one area of performance. Boasting a modern touch to its design as well as impeccable performance cues, this range of computers is definitely one to take the world by storm and revolutionise the reality of creating on the go.

Available now in Malaysia, make your way over to your nearest Acer Concept Store that listed in Table below to get a feel (and maybe your hands after) on one of the many eye catching ConceptD 7, desktop and monitors!

For ConceptD Pro series laptop, can be ordered via email