Study ACCA Part-time in MCKL with Top Lecturers

Study ACCA Part-time in MCKL with Top Lecturers

Study ACCA Part-time in MCKL with Top Lecturers

In January 2017 Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) officially opens its doors to students enrolling for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) part-time evening classes. Students can now study part-time and prepare for the ACCA examinations with a team of world-class lecturers, who conduct evening classes on weekdays and on Saturdays at MCKL.

Students will be taught by some of the best lecturers and leaders in their respective fields of specialisation. The ACCA Programme at MCKL is headed by Ms Christina Chong, Fellow of the ACCA, UK since 2000. With over 18 years of experience in accounting, audit and corporate finance, including leadership positions in multinational companies, Christina leads a team of highly qualified and experienced lecturers.

Outstanding Lecturers

Mr Low Chin Ann, Course Advisor and lecturer, is a Fellow of ACCA, UK and has produced several top prize winners over the course of 15 years teaching in professional accountancy courses and various degree programmes. He has lectured widely, both in Malaysia and internationally – in Singapore, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. He also conducts corporate training programmes in corporate governance, taxation and auditing related topics for multinational companies.

Another experienced lecturer is Mr Ian Lim, a Fellow member of the ACCA (UK), Chartered Accountant of Malaysia and Certified Financial Planner. His interest in teaching began in 1999 when he taught accounting, financial management and management accounting subjects. Ian specialises in financial reporting, financial management and performance management courses in the ACCA programme. He understands students’ needs well and he has embarked on international teaching and training assignments – in countries like Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Brunei and Africa.

Ian is also a mentor for ACCA students who opt for the B.Sc. in Applied Accounting degree from Oxford Brookes University, UK. His commitment and dedication, his simple yet effective teaching techniques are evident in the students’ results; earning him awards by SAA Global Education Singapore (education arm of Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants) for producing the most number of prize winners for ACCA Fundamental Level in 2013 and 2014.

Mr. Daniel Ho is another well known lecturer who has been teaching various finance modules, such as Securities Analysis, Portfolio Management, Derivatives and Fixed Income Investment. He is known for simplicity and clarity in his teaching. Due to his wealth of knowledge and experience, Daniel has been invited to conduct lectures in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and even in Mongolia.

MCKL: ACCA Approved Learning Partner

At MCKL students will be provided with a conducive teaching and learning environment at affordable fees, leading to a professional accounting qualification which is recognised globally and is well accepted by international accounting firms and corporations. Full-time students will have the added benefit of enjoying the all the facilities and services of a centrally located urban campus near KL Sentral and being eligible to apply for scholarships and financial awards.

MCKL is a Gold Approved Learning Partner of ACCA,UK and the programme is fully accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). MCKL aims to educate and train qualified accountants of integrity, imbued with high ethical standards and values and who will become outstanding nation-builders; in line with its vision to be The College of Excellence for Life.

As Yang Berhormat Datuk Johari Bin Abdul Ghani, the Hon. Minister of Finance II puts it,

“….. Accountants play key roles in the development of an economy; not just as the financial backbone of organizations but also as advisors, strategists and administrators. Our journey towards becoming a high income nation by 2020 envisages strong demand for professional accountants.”

Entry Requirements

Applications are accepted from school leavers with STPM/A Level/UEC certificates. Graduates can be accepted with advanced standing in the ACCA programme. School leavers with SPM/O level certificates can enrol in the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) programme and proceed on to the ACCA programme.

Scholarships and rebates are available to students who qualify*.

For further information on MCKL and
the ACCA, CAT programmes:

03-2274 6711 (Marketing) / 03-2274 1851 (General)

Or visit our website

Visit MCKL Website   and   Visit ACCA2U Website

You could be suffering from gout too!

You could be suffering from gout too!

Also known as metabolic arthritis, gout is caused when a person’s metabolism weakens, resulting in excess uric acid that it is unable to excrete normally or efficiently. This harmful uric acid is deposited into the human joints and after some time forms uric acid crystals and causes a gout flare-up.

This disease is most often seen in middle aged males. In beginning stages, the pain doesn’t last long and usually disappear by itself in a few days. However, this is only the beginning of the agony.

Gout has 4 stages in total – hyperuricemia(asymptomatic gout), early stage(acute gout), mid stage(inter-critical gout) and late stage(chronic tophaceous gout). In the earlier stage, there are no clinical symptoms of gout besides a high blood uric acid value. As such, most patients are unaware of or choose to ignore even found this symptoms. After that, the pain will begin to attack the patient’s joints, usually starting at the big toe which starts to swell painfully along with redness, warmth and tenderness. The piercing knife-like pain is so strong that makes the patient always has sleepless nights.

At the mid stage, also known as inter-critical gout, the pain will spread to the fingers, toes, wrist, ankle, knee and other parts of the body. Then, the surrounding soft tissue and bone will also be affected with varying degrees of damage and dysfunction. As the crystallization continues to build up, it slowly forms stone-like structures called “tophi”.  At this point, the kidney’s performance will begin to deteriorate.

In the end, tophi will increase continuously to the point that it can easily rupture out of the crystals, resulting in serious deformity and dysfunction of the patient’s joints. This can severely affect the patient’s daily life as they will be in constant pain. In addition, the urate constantly deposited into the kidney which will eventually turn into kidney stones, causing problems like edema, oliguria, proteinuria, nocturia, high blood pressure, anemia and more. The kidneys will be damaged and begin to deteriorate, leading to kidney failure which can be life threatening for the patient.

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Experience WoW-like MMO-ARPG on your smartphone in 2017!

Experience WoW-like MMO-ARPG on your smartphone in 2017!

Burning Blood:
Experience WoW-like MMO-ARPG on your smartphone in 2017!

Filled with passion for victory, Burning Blood brings next generation of action based role playing game experience on your mobile phone. Inspired by western strategy classics, gamers can select persona from one of the three largest legion – Holy Sword, Moon Shadow and Beamon Tribe to ally or challenge other players around the continent.

With the in-game ride system, Burning Blood offers tons of tamed monsters to be ride along when exploring the vast area of the unknown. Forming allies with players around the globe forges interaction between players while strengthen the attack on massive multiplayer combat. Players also can show off their skill with the instant PVP option at all time.

Within Burning Blood, the continent is now at a bewilderment with the rise of 3 major legions – Holy Sword, Moon Shadow and Beamon Tribe. In order to seize the head start, players from each legion must capture portal scattered around the map. Tension and conflicts has risen around portal as each legion members vowed towards victory. Meanwhile, the return of everblight of the century posed a great risk for the survival of 3 legions. To survive throughout the darkness, hatred shall be left behind and legions must reunite together to survive in the blight.

One well known legion in Burning Blood – Beamon, is a tribe with orcs manifested by its muscle and scar and known for its tremendous strength. Today it’s no longer a slave for other, in fact they are the overlord of battlefield that leads the battle to fight for glory. In the other hand, Moon Shadow’s elves has a mesmerizing face and a seductive body but none of them are known for its loyalty as interest is their only focus. The Holy Sword clan once made up of people respected of its disciplines and justice. After a great civil war, the legion was then split toward multiple kingdom and duchies filled with prejudice that detesting each other. Would God’s realm bring back their glory?

Experience the adrenaline run and the epic massive multiplayer online PVP to meet new friends! Burning Blood will be available on Apple App Store and Google Play by 2017.

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New tread, not threads

New tread, not threads

New tread, not threads
for Chinese New Year

Chinese New year sees every increasing road traffic accidents, don’t become another statistic, make sure your vehicle is in top condition before heading home.

January will see the annual exodus of more than a million vehicles filled with people leaving the cities to return to their hometowns during the Chinese New Year.

With the increased traffic on Malaysian highways during cultural and religious holidays, we also expect to see an increase in the number of road accidents. In 2013, 158 fatalities were recorded, while the total number of accidents was 11,788 compared to 13,550 in 2014. 2015’s holiday season saw 17,632 accidents, resulting in 199 deaths.

Accidents in 2013

Accidents in 2014

Accidents in 2015

It isn’t just the festive seasons that see road accidents, of the year 2015 in total, authorities recorded 489,606 road accidents. Out of which 6,193 were fatal accidents.
While a large number of these accidents are attributed to human factors such as:

Driving faster than the speed limit


Running red lights

Changing lanes without signaling

Using mobile phones while driving

and some are due to the neglect of the driver leading to mechanical failure of the vehicles.

The most commonly neglected parts of a car are often some of the most important components, for example, the tyres. The tyres are the only thing between the main body of the vehicle and the road, they travel thousands of kilometers a year and are in contact with the ground all of the time, all year round, they are in control of your steering, braking, acceleration and absorbing all the bumps that the road may throw at you, so it makes sense that they should be regularly checked and changed.

Research by the AA has revealed the alarming risks motorists are taking, it found that  1 in 10 road traffic accidents could have been prevented by decreasing braking distance with new tyres.

Improperly maintained tyres can reduce the performance of your car, increase the risk of skidding, and lesser known, increase fuel consumption, leading to a corresponding increase in CO2 emissions.

Under-inflated tyres can reduce the braking distance by a huge amount, which is dangerous because even a few centimeters can mean the difference between getting away scot-free and ending up in a fatal accident.

Malaysian weather is wet, and when it rains and roads are slippery, braking distance severely increases. To prevent this, road users must ensure that tread depth is at least 1.6mm thick so that braking distance isn’t compromised.  If you can only afford to replace to tyres, put them on the rear axle, this is because it’s harder to control a skidding car when the tyres of the rear axle is compromised.

Road users should also carry a spare tyre with them at all times. Not only because it’s safe, but also because failing to do so can affect insurance breakdown coverage if they don’t.

Malaysia hopes to cut its accident numbers in half by the year 2020, and just like the years before, road safety measures will be stepped up just prior to the balik kampung high-times and the authorities will be deployed to the accident-prone hot-zones.

Despite this, Malaysians must be vigilant and ensure that their cars are properly maintained and do not pose a risk not only to themselves, but to others.

Keep your treads thick and your family safe this Chinese New Year with Michelin CNY promotion!

Michelin is giving out a free travel organizer with a purchase of two tyres or two travel organizers with a purchase of 4! The promotion lasts until the 27th of January 2017 and is available at all TYREPLUS and Michelin outlets.

It’s a Clean Sweep for APU!

It’s a Clean Sweep for APU!

It’s Clean Sweep for APU!

APU bags all three academic awards at National Big Data Challenge

Kuala Lumpur,
21 December 2016

3 student teams from Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) attained all of the top 3 awards, as they emerged as the Champion, 1st Runner-Up and 2nd Runner Up award winners of the Academic Track of Big App Challenge 3.0. The results were announced at the awards ceremony, which was held at Hilton KL Sentral on the 9th of December 2016.

The competition was organized by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), in line with its efforts to encourage and increase the adoption of Big Data Analytics across all sectors in the country. Through the challenge, MDEC provided a platform for the nation’s brightest application developers to tap into the power of Big Data to solve socio-economic problems.

Participants in the semi-finals of the challenge came from various hackathons nationwide, which were organized by educational institutions and members of the industry. In August, the Asia Pacific Center for Analytics (APCA) organized the APU Data Science Week & the APU Big Data Week Hackathon at its campus in Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil.

The multi-level challenge took place over several months, in which participants gained advancement into the Semi Finals and Grand Finals after several rounds of ideas and prototype presentations, workshops and debate sessions from the panel of judges, who were appointed by MDEC.

The winning team from APU stood out among all participants with the project, Affinity Analysis and Prediction (AAP), which aims to reduce university drop-out rates by identifying students’ strengths and interests through data analytics.

1st runner-up for academia track

2nd runner-up for academia track

The team comprises Chin Koh Shian, Dickson Pang Yee Sheng, Hiew Ming An and Manigandran Raamanathan; they walked away with a cash prize of RM10,000.00.

In addition, two more projects from APU teams, WG – Movie Theatre Advertising System using Analytics, and Superlon – Analytics System that reduces the risk of underweight babies bagged the 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up awards of the Academic Track at the Big App Challenge 3.0 respectively.

“We are delighted to know about our victory; but what overwhelmed us the most was the moment when we knew that our friends from other teams also won the two other awards! It’s all three awards for us – it’s amazing!”

said the winning team, as they received the award from Dr. Karl Ng Kah Hou, MDEC Innovation Capital Director.

The winning team from APU developed the Affinity Analysis and Prediction (AAP) project to reduce universities’ drop-out rate. From left: Hiew Ming An, Chin Koh Shian, Dr. Karl Ng Kah Hou, MDEC Innovation Capital Director, Manigandan Raamanathan and Dickson Pang Yee Sheng

The Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) is amongst Malaysia’s Premier Private Universities. APU offers a wide range of degree programs in collaboration with Staffordshire University, UK with Technology as a common core. These programs nurture students into professionals and prepare them for challenging careers and roles in business and society globally. Professionalism, problem-solving skills, and creativity & innovation are some of the key attributes of APU graduates. The multi-cultural student community comprises both Malaysian students as well as International students from over 110 countries. APU was also Rated No.1 in Asia and Malaysia for Multicultural Learning Experience by the Student Barometer Wave 2015, ‘Studying with people from other cultures’.

APU has earned an enviable reputation as an award-winning University through its achievements in winning a host of prestigious awards at national and international levels. It was announced as among the Highest Rated Universities in Malaysia, being rated at TIER 5 (EXCELLENT) under the SETARA 2013 Ratings by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) on 1st November 2012 and has maintained this Excellent rating in the latest SETARA 2013 Ratings announced on 17th November 2014.

By enrolling at APU you will gain invaluable insight into the world of opportunities and to be better equipped towards positioning yourself for the lucrative career you seek.

For more information and full course listings

Please call

03-8996 1000

or visit APU website

Breathe better with cleaner air

Breathe better with cleaner air

The transboundary haze plaguing Malaysia annually has raised the public’s awareness on the importance of good air quality. Consequently, there are now a plethora of air purifiers in the market. As such, shopping for one can be a daunting task.

We surveyed the market to give you a brief review of what is available in Malaysia. Below, we compare the attributes of air purifiers from five popular brands – Coway, Cuckoo, Dyson, Panasonic and Sharp.

A good air purifier is effective in both removing airborne particles and improving indoor air quality. The objective of the air purifiers is to minimize the hazardous health effect of polluted indoor air in a user friendly manner by continuously reducing the concentration of particles in the air to a minimum, especially the smallest particles (nano particles, below 0,1micron) as these are considered causing the most severe health problems.

Coway has four air purifiers available in Malaysia. The Dolomities has a 4-step filtration, the Indicator and Tuba have 5, and the Lombok II has 6. All of them feature Coway’s Anti-Flu HEPA™ Filter that eliminates cigarette smoke, micro dust, bacteria, viruses and germs. Indicator and Lombok II have a resistive barrier discharge (RBD) plasma and filtration system that generates charged ions that capture airborne particles and sterilise moulds and germs like Aspergillus, Nigermand and E.Coli and decompose harmful gases like formaldehyde. All but Dolomities have a deodorisation filter.

Source: Coway

Cuckoo only has one air purifier in the market, simply named B Model, which is certified with the Clean Air Mark by the Korean Air Cleaning Association. It features an 8-level filtration, which consists of 5 filters – “Pre-Filter, Allergen Plus, Harmful Gas Relax, Deodorixing, 4-in-1 HEPA” – and a plasma ionizer. Cuckoo boasts of filters that are 1.5x larger than those of regular air purifiers (300x465).

Dyson, meanwhile, boasts of filters capable of capturing pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. Moreover, Dyson’s 360° Glass HEPA filter is engineered to draw air from all around, allowing free positioning of the machine. A layer of activated carbon granules captures odours and potentially harmful toxins like paint fumes.

Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier™ technology draw air through the filter and accelerate it through the machine, creating a long-range stream of smooth air. It’s the same technology used in Dyson’s bladeless fans.

The Dyson Pure Cool™ and Pure Cool™ Link are also low maintenance. Some purifiers rely on you changing, washing and drying your filters every month or so. Waiting for the filters to dry can result in up to six hours without a purifier. It takes fewer than 60 seconds to replace Dyson’s filter, and only after using it for 12 hours every day for a year.

Dyson’s 360° Glass HEPA filter is engineered to draw air from all angles

Panasonic, meanwhile, feature long-lasting filters (other than the pre-filters). The filters of the F-VK655A last 5 years while those of F-VXK70A lasts 10 years.

The key technology in Panasonic air purifiers is nanoe™ – it claims that this technology inhibits 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, reduces 90% of odour after 30 minutes, and even restores moisture back to your skin! A nanoe™ is a fine (5-20nm) and weak acidic water particle with a reactive substance and an electric charge. nanoe™ possesses the characteristics of removing hydrogen from viruses, bacteria, odours and allergens. It has a lifespan 6x of normal ions. The nanoe™ dimension is one-billionth parts of vapour, which enables it to easily penetrate textile fibres and eliminate bacteria and odour.

Sharp has a similar technology, which it calls Plasmacluster Ion technology, that powerfully and quickly removes airborne particles.

Mechanism for removing bacteria from the air using Plasmacluster (for illustration purpose only)

Source: Sharp

Filtration aside, there are other unique characteristics that may sway you to consider them.

Sharp, for example, has two air purifier models that can also double as a mosquito catcher! Some of the Panasonic and Sharp models are also humidifiers. Cuckoo has voice guide enabled — you can choose between English, Malay and Mandarin.

Dyson air purifiers double as fans and arguably the most aesthetically-pleasant air purifiers in the market. Not that because they are fans, they tend to be louder than others when on higher fan speeds. Nonetheless, they are quieter than regular blade fans. Moreover, while other air purifiers rely on big AC motors and large filters to purify the air, taking up valuable space in your home, Dyson purifier fans use a small efficient DC motor. Its compact footprint makes it smaller than conventional purifiers.

Dyson purifiers can be set to automatically monitor, react and purify the air — multiple sensors  detect changes in conditions, before automatically adjusting airflow to maintain your target air quality. Live air quality metrics are then sent straight to your Dyson Link app (for Pure Cool™ Link machines). You can also control your purifier remotely via the app.

Brand Model Power Consumption Airflow Rate Noise Level (dB) Pollution Indicator Weight (kg)


5.6 – 38.0W 1.9 – 5.1 m³/min 21.1 – 48.0 Colour Indicator 7.9

Lombok II

13 – 72W 1.6 – 7.1 m³/min 20.0 – 70.5 Colour Indicator 12.0


106W Max 4.2 – 16.8 m³/min 31.2 – 52.5 Colour Indicator 25.0

B Model

16.4 – 33W n/a n/a -Colour indicator

-Contamination figure

-Voice Guide


Pure Cool™

56W 33.4 litres/s 63dBA
(Max Setting)
Colour indicator. Detailed reported shown via Dyson Link App. 3.03 (desk)

3.2 (tower)

Pure Cool™ Link

56W 418 litres/s 63dBA
(Max Setting)
Colour indicator. Detailed reported shown via Dyson Link App. 3.03 (desk)

3.2 (tower)


12 – 54W 1-5.5m³/min 10 – 58 Colour indicator 11.9


n/a 1.1-6.7m³/min 18 – 54 Colour indicator 10.2


Brand & Model Power Consumption

Airflow Rate
Noise Level

Pollution Indicator
Weight (kg)


5.6 – 38.0W

1.9 – 5.1 m³/min

21.1 – 48.0

Colour Indicator


Lombok II
13 – 72W

1.6 – 7.1 m³/ min

20.0 – 70.5

Colour Indicator


106W Max

4.2 – 16.8 m³/ min

31.2 – 52.5

Colour Indicator


B Model

16.4 – 33W



Colour indicator, contamination figure, voice Guide


Pure Cool™


33.4 litres/s

(Max Setting)—Colour indicator. Detailed report shown via Dyson Link App.
3.03 (Desk)

3.2 (Tower)

V6 Entry


418 litres/s

(Max Setting)—Colour indicator. Detailed report shown via Dyson Link App.
3.03 (Desk)

3.2 (Tower)


12 – 54W

1 – 5.5 m³/min

10 – 58

Colour Indicator




1.1 – 6.7 m³/min

18 – 54

Colour Indicator



Decent air purifiers are not cheap. Coway and Cuckoo air purifiers can also be rented if you prefer not to buy them outright.

Coways range from RM2,500 to RM4,500 or RM85-150/month to rent. The Cuckoo B Model is RM2,988 or RM120/month to rent. Dyson’s Pure Cool™ Link tower costs RM3,399 while the desk model costs RM2,599. Panasonic models range from RM599 for the entry level F-PXJ30A with 20m2 coverage, to RM2,999 for the F-VK655A. Sharp air purifiers range from RM549 to RM2,619, with the two mosquito catcher models costing RM769 and RM1,049.

Dyson's Trade in Campaign

If Dyson tickles your fancy, you may want to take advantage of its trade-in campaign running from 10 Dec 2016 to 29 Jan 2017. Enjoy 15% off all Dyson technology (vacuum cleaners, bladeless fans and purifier fans). When you trade-in any vacuum cleaner, desk/floor standing fans or air purifiers. Terms and conditions apply.