Two sides of a coin: Maritime and Modern Boutique

Two sides of a coin: Maritime and Modern Boutique

Finding the sweet spot between the fine lines that define a “dream home” can be rather tricky. There are an abundance of factors to take into consideration and even then we can never truly be absolutely certain. Without going too much into superstitions such as “Feng Shui” or which side of the garden the sun is set to rise from, a few key items can be considered.

For some, it may be an instant dealbreaker to know that the homes in GRAVIT8 will be boasting a fully integrated smart home system. You guessed it! That means totally voice control of your home or via the app made accessible through your mobile device or tablet. The future once beyond reach in fabled Hollywood movies can now be a reality.

For those that are still yet to be convinced, this next point finds itself more grounded in less material circumstances. The one in question here is namely – the living environment.

Gravit8 is one of Mitraland’s latest development that spans a massive 15.6 acres of land. Ashino, the fourth and newest residential tower ranges from 871 to 1237 square feet, bridges a contemporary and unique maritime concept. At its heart lies an accentuation in the form of its placemaking 8-acre Lakepark.

Seamlessness is a characteristic most sought after in society today and GRAVIT8 recognises that need. The 11 Million Investment comes fully packed with an 800-metre jogging park, fitness stations and a playground for recreation. The facilities will also be the first in Klang South to feature Pet Friendly practices for all its patrons.

What of connectivity, you might ask? Fret not, GRAVIT8 has got you covered there again. Taking into the consideration the importance of a holistically wholesome environment, the development is situated strategically within 800m of the LRT3 station!

Understandably, a thematically structured development like GRAVIT8 may not be everyone’s cup of tea. In that vein, Mitraland has more than one ace up their sleeves; Upperville.

For those living life in the fast lane and unable to make away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this might be the one for you. Upperville is a modern natured boutique development of low density condominium units (merely 176 units ranging from 1050 to 1176 square feet!) surrounded by a serene environment.

Residents will be able to take in the splendour of breathtaking views and fresh air while simultaneously relaxing in resort-esque facilities facing either the Quartz Ridge or the KL City Skyline from the highest point in Taman Melawati (126m above sea level).

Coming back to the previously raised importance of the living environment, the atmosphere provided by Upperville is no gimmick as the surrounding properties are comprised by an array of multi-million dollar landed properties.

Strategically located within the affluent neighbourhood of Taman Melawati, many of the established amenities such as Melawati Mall, Setapak Central, WangsaWalk, TARC, Fairview International School, Columbia Asia Hospital are just less than 10km radius away from Upperville. Conveniently connected, the residence is also just adjacent to most major highways such as AKLEH, MRR2, DUKE and KARAK for effortless mobility.

Regardless of which development suits your fancy, there is a home for everyone. GRAVIT8 units begin from as low as RM440,000 and Upperville from RM500,000. Currently limited to the purchasers of the first 10 units, Mitraland is offering a subsidy of interest during construction period up to 12 months, ZERO downpayment and a chance to win a fully furnished package worth RM50,000! *T&C apply.

Make the purchase of your dream home worthwhile.

Hurry, your future home awaits!

Financial FREEdom to owning a home

Financial FREEdom to owning a home

In response to the government’s efforts to stimulate the residential property sector, IOI Properties Group has unveiled a host of home ownership incentives under an unprecedented ‘IOI F.R.E.E. Ownership’ campaign.

Announced by Finance Minister YB Lim Guan Eng in January 2019, under the government’s Home Ownership Campaign (HOC), buyers are exempted from paying stamp duty on the transfer of property priced up to RM1 million and stamp duty on the loan documents for properties priced up to RM2.5 million.

Taking advantage of this, the ‘IOI F.R.E.E. Ownership’ campaign takes things one step further for greater savings.

Encapsulating the program’s benefits, the name ‘IOI F.R.E.E.’ is an abbreviation for Flexible financing options, Rebates, Extra rebates and Exemptions on stamp duties.

The best time is now to own your dream home!

Flexible Financing:

IOI Pay Later Buy Now helps prospective homeowners move forward with the next phase of their lives. Eligible prospects will enjoy a low down payment and an extended period of 5 years to settle their differential sum payments, free of interest!

With the flexibility afforded under this program, homebuyers will get extra cash in hand, and would be able to go ahead with their other plans, such as marriage, investment or renovating and decorating their new home during the 5 year deferment period!

Need more cash? There’s more! Free up some cash and reduce your monthly instalment payment by opting to service only the loan interest (without the repayment of principal loan sum) for the first 5 years of the loan tenure.

IOI Rent To Own as the name suggests, allows homebuyers to stay in a home of their choice now and own it later, and it also comes with a rental refund of up to 100% that goes towards offsetting the property purchase price. This campaign is specially tailored to give homebuyers a head start in owning their home. Homebuyers are presented with plenty of time to beef up their loan eligibility, save up for a down payment or even try out the development before committing.


This is the time for rebates and more rebates. For a start, homebuyers can enjoy a minimum of 10% discount. On top of that, IOI Properties has lined up a host of additional rebates for a host of award-winning developments just for this ‘IOI F.R.E.E Ownership’ campaign period. What’s more, IOI LiVO members get to enjoy a further discount on top of the additional rebates!


In addition to the government’s waiver of stamp duties for both MOT & loan documents, IOI Properties is covering all SPA & loan legal fees. Collectively, the extra cash in hand, discounts, rebates and free legal fees add up to a hefty and neat savings for homebuyers.
Encouraging homebuyers to move fast, IOI Properties Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Jason Tie said “The best time is now. There is no better time to buy a property! It has been announced that the stamp duty exemptions are applicable to all buyers and not just for first time homebuyers. Homebuyers should act now before 30th June 2019 to enjoy all the incredible savings.”

For more information on the IOI F.R.E.E Ownership campaign 

Is it time for you to upgrade to a bigger and better home?

Is it time for you to upgrade to a bigger and better home?

Craving for more space? Pictures courtesy of MRCB

As one’s lifestyle and work functions change, there will come a time where homeowners are faced with the question of moving into a bigger home.

The dream home you once thought was perfect may change over the years as your needs evolve.

Here are six signs it is time to switch to a larger home.

1. Your family is growing

Have your children outgrown their bunk beds and want a room of their own? Picture by MRCB

Multiplying family members is the most obvious reason to move to a bigger home.

Be it parents with teenagers who are outgrowing their bunk beds and need a room of their own or couples planning to welcome a bundle of joy, space becomes a priority.

For many families in Asia, it’s common for ageing parents to move in with their children and if the occasion arises, the possibility of an upsize simply cannot be ignored.

2. You need more space

Additional space requirements usually calls for an upgrade. Pictures from MRCB

 Let’s face it, the Marie Kondo downsizing method is not everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes, your lifestyle and hobbies just require more room.

It could be any reason: a large walk-in wardrobe for the fashion conscious, a gourmet kitchen for those who enjoy cooking up a storm, a room to store workout equipment for the Olympian in you or even a home large enough for your beloved four-legged furry family member to roam around.

3. You want a more secure neighbourhood

Kids wandering in the playground alone can pose a worry to parents. Picture by 123RF

Want your kids to have fun but worry about their safety because you can’t watch over them? On top of ample play areas and fun amenities, rest easy knowing you can keep your children within sight and within reach with Alstonia’s security systems.

The gated and guarded residence is equipped with multi-tier security features including access card, CCTV surveillance, panic button and an intercom system.

4. Your status has elevated

Over time, your income will grow and allow for a home that’s bigger and better. Picture by Pixabay

Whether it’s a hard-earned promotion that got you a significant pay bump or coming into an inheritance, you may find yourself in the financial position to upgrade to a more spacious home.

Always wanted to live resort-style property but couldn’t justify taking out another mortgage? This could be the right time.

5. You love entertaining guests

A larger living room is perfect for those who love having guests over.

If open houses and large family dinners are your thing, any host would appreciate and understand the need for adequate dining space and mingling areas.

The extra rooms will also come in handy for homeowners to put up guests and family members visiting from abroad.

6. You work from home

A bigger space allows for comfortable room for your home office. Picture by MRCB

As companies allow employees more flexibility with their work hours and the option of working remotely, a home office is the way to go.

Should you ever decide to take the self-employed route to start your own business, converting one of the extra rooms in your large property saves you the rental costs of an office.

What to consider before upsizing

Location is without a doubt the biggest and most important factor. Bigger homes tend to be situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city which is a wonderful thing if tranquillity is what you’re after and there is still room for resale value to make sure the investment will be a fruitful one.

Before you decide to upgrading to a bigger home, be sure to ask yourself if you’re prepared to exert extra elbow grease to upkeep a home with a larger square footage.

Alstonia Hilltop Homes provides exclusivity and privacy in a resort setting.

Alstonia Hilltop Homes is a private and exclusive residential in Bukit Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh offers a resort lifestyle living concept with 20,000 square feet of facilities deck and promises a practical and spacious layout, perfect for those looking to upsize to a bigger home.

If you’re moving to a larger home because of a growing brood, this freehold, gated and guarded development with multi-tier security has the conveniences of a mature township such as educational institutions, medical centres, as well as banks other services.

Alstonia is located close to several prestigious schools including international, government and Chinese schools. There’s a college and university in the development’s surrounding areas and private and government hospitals nearby.

This super low-density development only has 31 units of three-storey Garden Villas and 214 units of Garden Heights condominiums, offering a sense of privacy coupled with its linear parks, recreational facilities and well-designed amenities.

Think moving into a bigger home means moving away from the city?

You don’t have to compromise on accessibility as Bukit Rahman Putra is a mature township that is close to Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam via four major highways near the development which are Duke Highway, NKVE, LDP and Guthrie Corridor Expressway.

There’s also an MRT feeder bus to transport commuters to the Sg Buloh MRT station.

If you’re considering an upgrade, why not drop by Alstonia’s show units to have a feel of the property?

Find your way with Waze (Alstonia Sales Gallery), call the sales gallery at 03 2718 1771 or visit its website at

This article is brought to you by MRCB.

Free $$$ with IOI Livo Referral Programme!

Free $$$ with IOI Livo Referral Programme!

There’s no reason to say no to free money when all you have to do to get it is have a person quote your name and mobile number to another person. Sound hard? Pfft, just bring them along to any IOI Galleria and they will most definitely use your name and mobile number. It’s so easy! Once these 2 details are given to a Sales Consultant in the Gallery, you just have to kick back, relax, and let them take it from there. The most work you have to do is registering to be a referrer in the program. Even that takes less than 5 minutes.

What exactly is the referral programme? Basically, you refer anyone you like, ideally people that are interested in buying property, to these guys. Then, they give you money when they make a sale through that referral. Simple!

Interested? Here’s the link:

Still not interested?
Read on, it only gets better – I promise.

Not only is this programme open to everyone, every successful referral increases the amount of money you make. The best part? You can have as many referrals as you want- there’s no limit!

You might be thinking there’s something shady going on here- “why are these guys giving away money for free? What’s the catch?”. It’s simple, the more people you refer to them, the larger their sales network grows. What we have here is a situation in which IOI Properties Group have created an environment where you and them both benefit- you benefit by the monetary incentives they give you for a successful referral, and they benefit because you’ve helped them grow their network. How can you say no?

Since November last year, this referral programme has enjoyed a bountiful response of more than 1000 registrations. The rewards for a single participant have reached up to RM 36,022. That’s not a maximum, you can actually earn more! It gets better, check this out: “How easy was it to introduce a referral?” – when asked this, participants responded with an outstanding 4 out 5 stars.

If this isn’t enough to pique your interest, fine! Did you want more reasons to work with IOI Properties? Sure! IOI Properties also introduced the Wheel of Fortune at all of its IOI Gallerias across Klang Valley to give you guys more reasons to celebrate Chinese New Year. With a spin of the wheel, customers can enjoy up to 1.5% in discounts for selected projects.

You can’t not be interested at this point.

“I hope that more of our purchasers and those who are keen to earn some extra income will take part in the IOI LiVO Referral Programme and refer their friends to us.” – IOI Properties Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Jason Tie.

The future of property buying

The future of property buying

Sime Darby Property has introduced its latest innovation to the market known as dto (pronounced as ‘ditto’), an online platform that will transform the future of property buying.

dto is a result of a shift in mindset from building with our potential customers in mind to building with our potential customers involved. dto is Sime Darby Property’s first experiential online platform that will allow potential customers to vote for their preferred development concept, design and amenities of a future property.

Sime Darby Property aims to evolve the way potential customers approach the property industry through collaboration possibilities that would ignite a movement to inspire a new buying trend in the property market.

Sime Darby Property Group Managing Director, Amrin Awaluddin said, “dto emphasises guiding potential customers through their journey towards owning a property, by giving them a say in the properties that Sime Darby Property is building today. The idea is to change the future of the property landscape through an engaging, empowering, educational and collaborative online platform that connects the developer and potential homebuyers.”

“Registered dto users will be taken on a unique journey on the online platform with different experiences to co-create their future home. The platform will be usedtogether preferences and understand users’ lifestyle patterns to be considered in the design and development of the project. The main co-creation experience is via a voting system that allows users to vote for their preferred options for the design elements of their future property, of which where possible, the results will be incorporated into the final building plans. Users may also enjoy the educational features, knowledge sharing articles and interactive activities on the platform,” Amrin added.

dto is targeted for first time homebuyers and young professionals aged between 28- 40 years old. The development concept and design for dto cater to young professionals and newlyweds who are seeking to have a say in their future home.

Sime Darby Property Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Mr Gerard Yuen said, “It’s about time property developers innovate and change the way we designand build homes to be more relevant to our future generation of home buyers, who are already born in an era of empowerment through social media and technology. The new generation today is more involved and prefers to be engaged especially on purchasing decisions of big-ticket items like their first property. Through dto we will be able to deliver all of that, not just through our online experience but also on- ground events that will be unveiled over the next few months.”

He adds, “I firmly believe that dto is the future of property buying. A seamless collaboration between property developers and future homebuyers. I wished dto had existed when I was buying my first property, it just makes so much sense. Why should I be paying so much for something I never had a chance to have a say in.

How wonderful would it be if one day Malaysians say “dto-it” when it comes to property buying, just like Grab it, Google it, Boost it…We look forward to Malaysian home buyers saying ‘Don’t buy your next property if you have not dto-ed it!’”

Sime Darby Property’s first dto project will be carried out at a new high-rise development located in Subang Jaya City Centre (SJCC). SJCC is an integrated development comprising residential and commercial components on approximately 17 acres of land in Subang Jaya. SJCC is planned to be a self-contained urban centre, an anchor component of the planned regeneration project of the Subang Jaya township.

Updates on Sime Darby Property activities and developments can be found, Facebook (, Instagram ( and the Sime Darby Property Mobile App (available for download via the App Store and Google Play).

To sign up for dto, visit and register to be the pioneers to lead the change in the property industry.

Live amidst it all

Live amidst it all

SENTRAL Suites, the latest landmark residential development in Kuala Lumpur (KL) Sentral, is where the best elements of cosmopolitan living come together.

Crafted by leading Malaysian property developers MRCB, it pulsates with all the conveniences, energy and dynamism offered by the country’s largest transportation hub.

The residences at Sentral Suites are designed to cater to various lifestyle needs and come in 10 different layouts ranging from single to three-bedroom units, up to dual-key variants with multi-functional spaces.

Sized from 650sq ft to 1,166sq ft, they afford homeowners great flexibility in space planning, be it for personal use, or occupancy by extended families. Four well-designed show units are available for viewing daily.

Being at KL Sentral – a new generation CBD (central business district) and Malaysia’s largest transportation hub – puts one at the gateway to both the city, and also the world.

A total of 7 rail networks pass through it every day, serving an average of 170,000 commuters.

Adding to the convenience, are the myriad of amenities which are all interconnected and within walking distance. There are five international hotels, including St. Regis, KL Hilton, Le Meridian, Aloft KL Sentral, and Ascott Sentral KL, award winning office towers and residences, as well as the lifestyle shopping mall NU Sentral.

Besides being at the heart of a world-class destination, Sentral Suites is also about creating a community. Much attention was put into the design, to provide functional and practical spaces where inhabitants can live life to the fullest.

A key feature is the two-over acres of lifestyle facilities and open spaces, lined by greenery, that give residents a place to relax and soothe their senses amidst the busy, urban setting.

Besides fun and interactive spaces for people to enjoy social activities, there are also zones where one can enjoy quieter moments from an elevated vantage point.

The list includes 15 Sky Pods and 15 Sky Gardens with five unique Asian themes, an infinity pool, family pool, barbeque area, sauna, outdoor and indoor gyms, Taichi deck and reflexology path, outdoor Jacuzzi, basketball court and breakfast nook.

There will also be retail lots on the ground and first floors, for even more convenience. In the vicinity, are also many other shopping, financial, educational, dining, healthcare and public transport amenities.

Sentral Suites is easily accessible via a network of roads and highways that connects to other parts of the city, such as Jalan Duta, Jalan Travers, Jalan Bangsar, the Mahameru Highway (Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim), the Damansara Highway (SPRINT), the Federal Highway and the New Pantai Expressway (NPE).

With over 70 per cent of units sold, visit for floor plans or drop by the Sentral Suites show units at Lot 74, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Seksyen 70, Kuala Lumpur. For more info, call +603 2727 7510