MCO may be a tough period for us, but it’s battle time for our frontliners

MCO may be a tough period for us, but it’s battle time for our frontliners

The minacious COVID-19 continues to ravage the world. Each day, the number of confirmed cases in Malaysia has been increasing gradually, making every citizen to live in fear. As the number of cases are alarming, the Malaysia Government has extended the MCO until 14th April. Public are urged to cooperate during this MCO period by staying at home and minimizing the need to go out as a preventive measure to progressively eradicate this pandemic.

Staying at home for almost a month can be devastating for many, however, spare a moment to think about our frontliners who are dedicating every day for our safety and well-being. Medical staffs are treating and taking care of the patients without a break, while police officers work hand in hand with our army force to ensure that the public obey the MCO regulations.

Ever since the outbreak of this deadly virus, these hardworking frontliners have not seen the daylight, eat peacefully or spend some time with their families. They are working around the clock while self-isolating themselves for the safety of their loved ones. So, instead of whining about this MCO, we should Stay at Home and be grateful for their services. Staying at home is the greatest comfort and support we can contribute to them. Together, we shall overcome this pandemic!

Humanity and the warmth between humans can only be realized during such pandemic. People from all over the world are supporting one another and that has definitely touched many hearts. In addition to it, Akisama Group (RC Residences’ prestigious developer) launched the ‘Caring for Our Frontliners’ campaign recently where the representatives of Akisama Group distributed various daily necessities, face masks and hand sanitizers to our unsung heroes.

On top of it, the construction of RC Residences has been temporarily stopped as they comply to the MCO and also, care about every RC worker’s health. Thus, during this period, they are thanking the frontliners for their commendable contributions through this campaign. 

We do hope that more companies would follow Akisama Group’s footsteps and contribute to the frontliners who have been sacrificing their time and risking their lives for us.  It can be in the form of daily supplies, monetary donations, food and more. Not only that, the Ministry of Health (MOH) Malaysia has set up a special fund raiser account so that they can purchase more medical supplies. Therefore, whoever who wishes to donate can transfer the preferred amount to the following bank account:

Beneficial Account: Sumbangan Perubatan KKM

Account number: 2-66016-0002347-5 (RHB Bank)

As to honour their future buyers and investors during the MCO, RC Residences will offer RM8,000 vouchers when a RC Residences unit is booked. Yes! RM8,000 vouchers! Just what one needs during such a tough time! Don’t forget to share this incredible news with your family and friends. Don’t think too much and contact them right away to know more about this great deal!

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Be the first in Southeast Asia to master CodeSnaps App to code artificial intelligence

Be the first in Southeast Asia to master CodeSnaps App to code artificial intelligence

SCKL Principal Sri Jaiandran Munusamy (fifth from right), Lee Mun Loong, SAS Head of Education Malaysia, AEC and Indonesia (centre) and David Foo (eight from left) with the winners of the DataIntelligence Challenge.

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur (SCKL) in collaboration with SAS Institute Inc. (SAS), the US multinational analysis software developer, is the first higher education institute to adopt and offer CodeSnaps app to code an Artificial Intelligence programme in Southeast Asia. 

If you have the ambition to ride the wave of the Fourth Industry Revolution (IR4.0), you will know that Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are some of the new technologies you need to master to be an expert of Data Science. Malaysia has launched its own National Policy on IR4.0 known as Industry4FWD to prepare Malaysia for the next phase of the industrial revolution that is heavily shaped by evolving and converging technologies. One of the national strategies outlined in the policy is Upskilling Existing Talent and Producing Future Talent which can be implemented through skills development programmes that support reskilling and upskilling and equipping graduates with necessary skills set to thrive in the Industry 4.0 environment.

In line with the National Policy, SEGi has developed a partnership with SAS to offer skills certification programmes to train talents for IR4.0, integrating theory and practice of Industry 4.0 applications into the tertiary education system to raise industry standards and create industry placement opportunities, as well as enhancing and increasing the capacity and capabilities of our educators, trainers and instructors, creating a pool of subject matter experts in the field of data science.

One of the programmes offered at SCKL is CodeSnaps. It is a coding programme that requires only one tablet and one robot. It is an initiative to prepare prospective professional data scientists to acquire the skills and means to manage block-less devices and provide employees with Industry 4.0 knowledge. 

Aiming to create awareness in the younger generation of the coding programme, as well as generate interest of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, SCKL and SAS recently organised a training workshop on Big Data Management and CodeSnaps for 30 school students comprising of Form 5 and 6 students from 4 schools, SMK Pandan Mewah, SMK Seri Mutiara, Victoria Institution and CBC Learning Centre. The training workshop was held on 19 July 2019 at SCKL.

The students then had the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned at their training workshop at the DataIntelligence Challenge – Big Data & Artificial Intelligence: A Powerful Combination for the Future Growth that was held at SCKL on 26 July 2019.

Lee Huan Yang (left) enjoys exploring the coding application to control machine movement. And Tasigen Visvanathan (right) believes coding knowledge will help him in the future.

At the Data Intelligence Challenge, students were grouped into a team of five where they were required to use CodeSnaps to write an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program code to activate and mobilise a robot. There were challenged to apply Big Data concepts, analytical and creative skills to store, analyse, manage and predict as well as report data to make decisions. All participants received RM2,500 worth of training vouchers from SAS and certificate of attendance from SCKL.

CBC Learning Centre, a private education institution emerged as the overall champion of the Challenge, while Victoria Institution and SMK Seri Mutiara came in second and third, respectively. The winners of the challenge received RM5,000 worth training voucher each and SCKL Scholarships worth RM90,000.

“Data scientists sounds like a really cool job. It was fun to explore and analyse coding and have it control a machine. Apart from that, we also learned a lot from this training workshop, especially patience to manage the challenges we were facing and teamwork,” said Lee Huan Yang, the team captain of CBC Learning Centre. 

Tasigen Visvanathan, a Form 6 participant from Victoria Institution said he was elated that his team won second place at the Dataintelligence Challenge and they benefited a great deal from this experience. 

“I personally wanted to gain some experience in data intelligence because I want to become an actuarial scientist. The basic knowledge of coding will certainly help me in the future. As a team, we all benefited from the lessons learned at the workshop and the competition,” said Tasigen. 

According to Mr Daniel Teng, Group Senior Executive Director, SEGi University & Colleges, as a tertiary institution with over four decades of excellence, it is important for SEGi to prepare and equip students with awareness, understanding and practical knowledge through innovative study programmes in fields like artificial intelligence, data analytics and data management because globally, economies are getting disrupted thanks to the introduction of new innovation, machine intelligence, and data-driven business environment.

“At SEGi, we have always had our students’ interest at heart and we have dedicated ourselves towards enabling promising minds, which is one of our main Pillars of Action. I believe the collaboration with SAS and the introduction of the Diploma in Computer Science programme with specialisation in data science is a step in that direction. Both parties are committed to upscaling existing talent pool via training in the field of data science and producing future-proof graduates who will be equipped for Industry 4.0.”

SCKL’s new Diploma in Computer Science study programme includes 5 main subjects, namely Data Technology and Management, Data Visualisation, Data Science Methodology, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Introduction to Machine Learning. These subjects, particularly data technology, AI and machine learning correlate to the technologies identified in the national policy to transform and drive Malaysia forward and we are excited at the prospect of producing skilled professionals who will accelerate our nation’s growth. 

So be the FIRST in Southeast Asia to master CodeSnaps App, be a Big Data Guru, or be one of the Best Data Scientist in the region!

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Predator Helios 700:  Hyperdrift your Experience into the Fast Lane

Predator Helios 700: Hyperdrift your Experience into the Fast Lane

“Substance over looks” – that is what comes to mind when one comes across the newly launched Predator Helios 700. While many of its counterparts and equivalents in the market have become more submersed in being more sleekly designed and cosmetic oriented, the Helios 700 is a testament in contrary. 

The Helios 700 at first glance is an unapologetic mean looking behemoth that is a no frills, no nonsense performance tank. As you may expect, it fiercely delivers on impeccable performance of Intel’s latest 9th Gen 8-Core, Core i9-9980HK CPU and a full-tilt Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080. 

Perhaps the biggest eye catcher in this powerhouse is something some may identify to be a gimmick. Almost synonymous with the Helios 700 now is the HyperDrift keyboard; which is a keyboard that can be slid forward of the laptop. Quite befitting of its thematically industrial appearance, this HyperDrift keyboard even has accompanying sound effects akin to that of the Transformers or similar robotic sci-fi sounds otherwise limited to movies and video games. This is promptly followed with a message that “auto-overlocking has been engaged”. For this really looking to get into the groove of heavy duty work, this just might set the perfect tone. 

Admittedly, not everybody would be taken by such gimmicks and many might jump to conclude that it is frankly unnecessary. However, one key factor might be able to turn the tide; it is more than a gimmick – IT WORKS TO YOUR FAVOUR. 

The HyperDrift keyboard was invented with ergonomics in mind; when engaged the laptop would assist gamers in keeping a healthy distance from the 17-inch 144Hz IPS display screen without the need to typically overextend their hands. Moving the keyboard forward into its engaged mode would also allow the laptop to more directly vent certain hot components with the assistance of the 4th Gen Aeroblade 3D fans. Even the most intense of gaming sessions would be overwhelmed by the fan’s cooling capabilities. 

Typically, the Helios 700 operates in “Normal” and “Fast” mode when locked. But when in the aforementioned “auto-overlocking” mode, the laptop enters a state of “Boost” when engaged and even has a further step that allows the most superior performance; aptly titled the “Extreme” mode. Think what you may of Acer’s efforts to afford some theatricality with this gimmick, it is certainly not in vain at least with these additional features.

On top of the already abundant chops that Helios 700 is capable of, it also comes with the MagForce Keys with Linear Switch technology that allows for greater sensitivity with regards to control for certain in-game mechanics. While linear switches in themselves are not new to the market, this would be a first of sorts for its inclusion on a gaming laptop. Video games that typically require more sensitive control over its functions such as flying and driving would see great improvement with the linear switches. To harmonise the switch on the laptop, the Predator app will assist in providing a seamless transition from the traditional WASD keys. 

If you are a performance junkie that is not one for the glammed superficiality that has become the priority of one too many computers today, the Helios 700 can be your dream come true. Available immediately at Acer’s official online stores as well as all authorised Acer resellers in Malaysia, the Predator Helios 700 is priced at RM17,999. 

For more information, visit Acer Malaysia’s Facebook page or contact Acer’s Product Infoline at 1800-88-1288. The infoline is contactable between 9am-6pm on Mondays to Fridays.

Coinciding with the launch of the Helios 700 in Malaysia is the “Asia Pacific Predator League 2020” that is due to take place in Manila later in February this year. Preceding this event, the Battle Arena Elites and Geek Fam won RM10,000 and RM5,000 respectively in cash prizes as well as Predator accessories during the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 – Malaysia Finals of PUBG. The Battle Arena Elites and Flower Gaming will later be competing with 16 other countries champion teams come February for Asia Pacific League 2020 DOTA 2 and PUBG Champion Titles.

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Finding Flexibility at MCKL

Finding Flexibility at MCKL

The American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur(MCKL) is notable for its flexibility where students are exposed to a wide range of studies across different disciplines; from physical and life sciences to art, history, literature, philosophy and religious studies. American universities have hundreds of majors on offer, giving students the freedom to chart their own career path.

Since its founding in 2014, more than 150 students have transferred to American universities through [email protected] Students in [email protected] have the opportunity to explore various fields of study before they transfer. [email protected] has 52 partner universities. Four of which offer exclusive scholarships to [email protected] students. Furthermore, students are free to apply to non-partnered universities. Our students have successfully transferred to non-partner universities such as The Ohio State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Michigan -Ann Arbor, Purdue University, and San Jose State University.

The ADTP allows students to explore subjects outside of their chosen field of study. A student majoring in Finance can take a course in Chemistry during their time in the ADTP. 

Students can join the ADTP after completing their high school without having to go through pre-university. However, this does not mean that ADTP is academically inferior. It is a degree program, after all, hence students will be challenged to think and work at a much higher level than what they will need to do at a pre-university level. In terms of affordability, American universities are famed for their generosity. Students can apply for scholarships on their academic or extracurricular performance, and most of the scholarships can be stacked. Schools also provide financial aid to students. 

In the ADTP, students are introduced to a different study environment. They will soon discover that they will be seeing fewer examinations, but more continuous assessments – assignments, tests, presentations, and group projects, all of which will develop a well-rounded student.  

Students who join the [email protected] need not worry about how the American education system works because they will all undergo a course which will teach them everything they need to know about the American education system in the first semester. 

The [email protected] has intakes in January, April, and August.

For more information about the course,

WhatsApp +6019-2236712

Not Your Regular AUSMAT Programme

Not Your Regular AUSMAT Programme

The Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) programme at MCKL is turning 20 this year! 

AUSMAT is a pre-university programme that prepares students for undergraduate studies in a variety of disciplines. The syllabus is contemporary, comprehensive and learner-friendly. The continuous method of assessment provides consistent monitoring of students’ progress and helps students transition smoothly into the evaluation system of higher learning.

Upon successful completion of the programme, students are awarded the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).  Over the past 20 years, MCKL has consistently produced excellent WACE results. This year, 21 students achieved ATAR 90 and above with one student Hannah Li-An Cheah, making it to the top 0.5% for the Mathematics Applications subject. 

MCKL provides a unique learning experience for its AUSMAT students as the College does not focus only on classroom-based learning but also help students develop soft skills through its community-based Service Learning subject. Though it does not contribute to the final grading, this subject has helped our alumni develop skills and qualities that stand them in good stead in their university and scholarship applications.

One such student is Wong Xiao Cheng. A two-time recipient of the STAR Scholarship, she was also a recipient of the University of Nottingham’s Vice-Chancellor Global Graduate award. She credits MCKL’s holistic education for igniting her passion to help others and to pursue excellence in life. She believes that the Service Learning subject had inspired her to pursue community work as a career. She also praised MCKL lecturers for being genuine and passionate about empowering the students and walking the talk.

Another student is Yek Ren Yew. Like most MCKL newbies, he tut-tutted at the thought of having to fulfil 20 hours of community work to pass the Service Learning subject. He started doing community work only for the sake of doing it to fulfil a course requirement, but Ren Yew soon found that he enjoyed doing it so much that he racked up 40 hours of service, without realising it. 

Little did he know, the 40 hours would help him receive the YTL Foundation Scholarship to study at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. His advice to students: TAKE SERVICE LEARNING SERIOUSLY! 

AUSMAT students at MCKL are provided with adequate resources and support to enhance their learning experience. They are given access to ReviseOnline, an online revision portal with a bank of more than 30,000 exam questions written by experts and teachers from Western Australia. MCKL students have found the portal helpful as it prepares them for examinations.

Intakes for the AUSMAT programme at MCKL are in January, March, and August.

For more information about the programme and scholarship opportunities,

WhatsApp +6019-2236712

Explore Malaysia from a 5-star hotel – Sheraton Petaling Jaya

Explore Malaysia from a 5-star hotel – Sheraton Petaling Jaya

Revel in relaxation at Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel, a 5-star haven near Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. Find your respite in luxury accommodations with contemporary essentials, signature amenities and refined design elements. Thrill your palate with delectable local and international fare at Feast, savor authentic Japanese dishes at our contemporary Miyabi restaurant or try inventive Chinese specialties at Yue. Stay within steps of Putra LRT Station near Jalan Universiti, Jaya One and Bukit Gasing Forest Reserve. Celebrate and succeed in sophisticated event space for meetings, weddings and flawless social affairs. After a full day of business or sightseeing, refresh in the sparkling waters of our rooftop infinity pool or celebrate and socialize over wines, craft beers, innovative cocktails and cigars at our stylish Chime Lounge. Designed to be everything you would expect from a 5-star hotel, Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel in Malaysia is an upscale sanctuary in a vibrant travel destination.

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