Two sides of a coin: Maritime and Modern Boutique

Two sides of a coin: Maritime and Modern Boutique

Finding the sweet spot between the fine lines that define a “dream home” can be rather tricky. There are an abundance of factors to take into consideration and even then we can never truly be absolutely certain. Without going too much into superstitions such as “Feng Shui” or which side of the garden the sun is set to rise from, a few key items can be considered.

For some, it may be an instant dealbreaker to know that the homes in GRAVIT8 will be boasting a fully integrated smart home system. You guessed it! That means totally voice control of your home or via the app made accessible through your mobile device or tablet. The future once beyond reach in fabled Hollywood movies can now be a reality.

For those that are still yet to be convinced, this next point finds itself more grounded in less material circumstances. The one in question here is namely – the living environment.

Gravit8 is one of Mitraland’s latest development that spans a massive 15.6 acres of land. Ashino, the fourth and newest residential tower ranges from 871 to 1237 square feet, bridges a contemporary and unique maritime concept. At its heart lies an accentuation in the form of its placemaking 8-acre Lakepark.

Seamlessness is a characteristic most sought after in society today and GRAVIT8 recognises that need. The 11 Million Investment comes fully packed with an 800-metre jogging park, fitness stations and a playground for recreation. The facilities will also be the first in Klang South to feature Pet Friendly practices for all its patrons.

What of connectivity, you might ask? Fret not, GRAVIT8 has got you covered there again. Taking into the consideration the importance of a holistically wholesome environment, the development is situated strategically within 800m of the LRT3 station!

Understandably, a thematically structured development like GRAVIT8 may not be everyone’s cup of tea. In that vein, Mitraland has more than one ace up their sleeves; Upperville.

For those living life in the fast lane and unable to make away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this might be the one for you. Upperville is a modern natured boutique development of low density condominium units (merely 176 units ranging from 1050 to 1176 square feet!) surrounded by a serene environment.

Residents will be able to take in the splendour of breathtaking views and fresh air while simultaneously relaxing in resort-esque facilities facing either the Quartz Ridge or the KL City Skyline from the highest point in Taman Melawati (126m above sea level).

Coming back to the previously raised importance of the living environment, the atmosphere provided by Upperville is no gimmick as the surrounding properties are comprised by an array of multi-million dollar landed properties.

Strategically located within the affluent neighbourhood of Taman Melawati, many of the established amenities such as Melawati Mall, Setapak Central, WangsaWalk, TARC, Fairview International School, Columbia Asia Hospital are just less than 10km radius away from Upperville. Conveniently connected, the residence is also just adjacent to most major highways such as AKLEH, MRR2, DUKE and KARAK for effortless mobility.

Regardless of which development suits your fancy, there is a home for everyone. GRAVIT8 units begin from as low as RM440,000 and Upperville from RM500,000. Currently limited to the purchasers of the first 10 units, Mitraland is offering a subsidy of interest during construction period up to 12 months, ZERO downpayment and a chance to win a fully furnished package worth RM50,000! *T&C apply.

Make the purchase of your dream home worthwhile.

Hurry, your future home awaits!

An alarming leap in the number of Covid-19 infected cases among healthcare personnel

An alarming leap in the number of Covid-19 infected cases among healthcare personnel

Superheroes in Malaysia do not wear a cape, instead they put on a protective suit and stethoscope around their neck. While we enter the third week of MCO, our healthcare frontliners have completed three weeks of dedicating their time and expertise in order to save lives from this deadly virus and they will continue it until it is eradicated.

However, according to our Health Director-General, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, in a period of less than a week, almost 138 of our beloved frontliners have been infected with COVID-19. Even though, he has stated that the source of infection is not linked with treating the patients, it is always better to stay safe than sorry.

Majority of our frontliners have committed the act of selflessness by isolating themselves after duty and working all day long without taking any break. They are not able to give their toddlers a hug, enjoy a meal or have a good night sleep ever since this pandemic attacked our nation. Their admirable commitment and diligence are constantly applauded, but sadly there is no enough protection to protect them during their battling period.

Recently, the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) highlighted on the shortage of face masks for our frontliners. It is saddening as some medical personnel have to recycle their used mask to treat their patients and some of the clinics are closed due to this shortage. Face mask is a necessity for medical frontliners and the patients as it is a form of protection against germs and viruses.

Hence, as a way of addressing this heart-breaking issue and as a contribution to our superheroes, Akisama Group has donated a large supply of face masks to the hospitals. In such a crucial time, Akisama Group emphasizes on the importance of caring for each other. Doctors, nurses and medical staffs are our precious lifelines and we must care for them. Therefore, as a loving citizen, please stay at home and obey the MCO regulations while our frontliners carry out their duties with great protection.

It is notable that Akisama Group have complied to the MCO rules and temporarily stopped the construction work of RC Residences. Today, we look up to them for their kind heart and their amazing role as a law-abiding property developer. Last month, they launched ‘Caring for Our Frontliners’ campaign where they contributed hand sanitizers and face masks to our dearest police force. Now, they are continuing their noble act by providing the most-needed protective supply for our healthcare frontliners at the Ampang Hospital. The face mask supply was received by Nurul Anita on their behalf. Nevertheless, they are also contributing to our law enforcement officers. Also, another noteworthy fact would be that Akisama Group has given out 6400 pieces of face masks this time.

Undoubtedly, these frontliners are at the highest risk of getting infected by COVID-19 as they are treating many patients every day. Protective suits, hand sanitizers and face masks are their shield and Akisama Group has offered the biggest protection of all. With the current MCO implementation, we may not be able to step out of the house and contribute, but you can always offer monetary donations to the special fund that the Ministry of Health (MOH) has started. You may transfer the preferred amount to the following bank account and this contribution will allow MOH to purchase more medical supplies.

Beneficial Account: Sumbangan Perubatan KKM

Account number: 2-66016-0002347-5 (RHB Bank)

Not only that, as a sign of support and love during the MCO, RC Residences is offering RM8,000 vouchers when you book a RC Residences unit. A small token of appreciation that would surely lessen your financial burden and make your ‘owning a home’ dream come true! Share this wonderful news with your loved ones.

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Be the first in Southeast Asia to master CodeSnaps App to code artificial intelligence

Be the first in Southeast Asia to master CodeSnaps App to code artificial intelligence

SCKL Principal Sri Jaiandran Munusamy (fifth from right), Lee Mun Loong, SAS Head of Education Malaysia, AEC and Indonesia (centre) and David Foo (eight from left) with the winners of the DataIntelligence Challenge.

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur (SCKL) in collaboration with SAS Institute Inc. (SAS), the US multinational analysis software developer, is the first higher education institute to adopt and offer CodeSnaps app to code an Artificial Intelligence programme in Southeast Asia. 

If you have the ambition to ride the wave of the Fourth Industry Revolution (IR4.0), you will know that Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are some of the new technologies you need to master to be an expert of Data Science. Malaysia has launched its own National Policy on IR4.0 known as Industry4FWD to prepare Malaysia for the next phase of the industrial revolution that is heavily shaped by evolving and converging technologies. One of the national strategies outlined in the policy is Upskilling Existing Talent and Producing Future Talent which can be implemented through skills development programmes that support reskilling and upskilling and equipping graduates with necessary skills set to thrive in the Industry 4.0 environment.

In line with the National Policy, SEGi has developed a partnership with SAS to offer skills certification programmes to train talents for IR4.0, integrating theory and practice of Industry 4.0 applications into the tertiary education system to raise industry standards and create industry placement opportunities, as well as enhancing and increasing the capacity and capabilities of our educators, trainers and instructors, creating a pool of subject matter experts in the field of data science.

One of the programmes offered at SCKL is CodeSnaps. It is a coding programme that requires only one tablet and one robot. It is an initiative to prepare prospective professional data scientists to acquire the skills and means to manage block-less devices and provide employees with Industry 4.0 knowledge. 

Aiming to create awareness in the younger generation of the coding programme, as well as generate interest of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, SCKL and SAS recently organised a training workshop on Big Data Management and CodeSnaps for 30 school students comprising of Form 5 and 6 students from 4 schools, SMK Pandan Mewah, SMK Seri Mutiara, Victoria Institution and CBC Learning Centre. The training workshop was held on 19 July 2019 at SCKL.

The students then had the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned at their training workshop at the DataIntelligence Challenge – Big Data & Artificial Intelligence: A Powerful Combination for the Future Growth that was held at SCKL on 26 July 2019.

Lee Huan Yang (left) enjoys exploring the coding application to control machine movement. And Tasigen Visvanathan (right) believes coding knowledge will help him in the future.

At the Data Intelligence Challenge, students were grouped into a team of five where they were required to use CodeSnaps to write an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program code to activate and mobilise a robot. There were challenged to apply Big Data concepts, analytical and creative skills to store, analyse, manage and predict as well as report data to make decisions. All participants received RM2,500 worth of training vouchers from SAS and certificate of attendance from SCKL.

CBC Learning Centre, a private education institution emerged as the overall champion of the Challenge, while Victoria Institution and SMK Seri Mutiara came in second and third, respectively. The winners of the challenge received RM5,000 worth training voucher each and SCKL Scholarships worth RM90,000.

“Data scientists sounds like a really cool job. It was fun to explore and analyse coding and have it control a machine. Apart from that, we also learned a lot from this training workshop, especially patience to manage the challenges we were facing and teamwork,” said Lee Huan Yang, the team captain of CBC Learning Centre. 

Tasigen Visvanathan, a Form 6 participant from Victoria Institution said he was elated that his team won second place at the Dataintelligence Challenge and they benefited a great deal from this experience. 

“I personally wanted to gain some experience in data intelligence because I want to become an actuarial scientist. The basic knowledge of coding will certainly help me in the future. As a team, we all benefited from the lessons learned at the workshop and the competition,” said Tasigen. 

According to Mr Daniel Teng, Group Senior Executive Director, SEGi University & Colleges, as a tertiary institution with over four decades of excellence, it is important for SEGi to prepare and equip students with awareness, understanding and practical knowledge through innovative study programmes in fields like artificial intelligence, data analytics and data management because globally, economies are getting disrupted thanks to the introduction of new innovation, machine intelligence, and data-driven business environment.

“At SEGi, we have always had our students’ interest at heart and we have dedicated ourselves towards enabling promising minds, which is one of our main Pillars of Action. I believe the collaboration with SAS and the introduction of the Diploma in Computer Science programme with specialisation in data science is a step in that direction. Both parties are committed to upscaling existing talent pool via training in the field of data science and producing future-proof graduates who will be equipped for Industry 4.0.”

SCKL’s new Diploma in Computer Science study programme includes 5 main subjects, namely Data Technology and Management, Data Visualisation, Data Science Methodology, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Introduction to Machine Learning. These subjects, particularly data technology, AI and machine learning correlate to the technologies identified in the national policy to transform and drive Malaysia forward and we are excited at the prospect of producing skilled professionals who will accelerate our nation’s growth. 

So be the FIRST in Southeast Asia to master CodeSnaps App, be a Big Data Guru, or be one of the Best Data Scientist in the region!

and make your dream come true!

Report reveals the 10 best countries for kids to grow up in now

Report reveals the 10 best countries for kids to grow up in now

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Bare-faced robbery: thieves steal 6,000 hygiene masks in Japan

Bare-faced robbery: thieves steal 6,000 hygiene masks in Japan

Tokyo (AFP) – Thieves in Japan have made off with some 6,000 surgical masks from a hospital, with the country facing a mass shortage and a huge price hike online due to the coronavirus.Four boxes containing the face masks disappeared from a locked storage facility at the Japanese Red Cross hospital in the western port city of Kobe, a hospital official said on Tuesday.”We still have a large number of masks — enough to continue our daily operations at the hospital, but this is so deplorable,” the official told AFP.Police have launched an investigation as they suspect the thieves intend to resel… (more…)

Love boat: Valentine’s Day on a quarantine cruise

Love boat: Valentine’s Day on a quarantine cruise

Tokyo (AFP) – “Cupid’s avocado” for dinner, heart-shaped messages for the crew, but also painful separation: for those trapped on board the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship, Friday is no ordinary Valentine’s Day.Wearing a red dress and a red hair tie, the ship’s entertainment manager Natalie posted a Valentine’s Day video on Twitter to try to keep spirits up.”I just wanted to check in with everybody and say that we are all hanging in there, doing fine and keeping together as a big family,” she said, admitting with a smile: “This hasn’t been my regular attire for the last week or so.”Pa… (more…)