With IOI Livo Referral Programme, you can earn some extra income

With IOI Livo Referral Programme, you can earn some extra income

Have you been longing for that dream holiday; the latest smartphone or planning to renovate your house, but it has not materialised because you have not saved up enough? Now, this is an opportunity to earn some extra income from the IOI LiVO Referral Programme, by IOI Properties Group.

“Since the launch of the IOI LiVO Customer Loyalty app, we have seen a huge increase in engagement with our loyal customers. They have been actively sharing and promoting their positive experiences with family and friends. In response to this and in light of the current economic environment, we have taken the initiative to reward our loyal customers with the IOI LiVO Referral Programme. This enables them to earn a significant side income. At the same time, it will allow us to expand our sales network.” This is according to Mr. Jason Tie, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of IOI Properties.

To make things more interesting, the programme is open to everyone besides IOI LiVO members. To take part in the programme, you just need to register online as a referrer. Once this is done, you can start to refer purchasers and leave the rest to the IOI Properties’ sales staff. It cannot get easier than this.

Anyone can be a potential customer – family members, friends, even colleagues. You can either accompany them to the respective IOI Galleria located in various IOI Properties townships or they can go on their own. If it is the latter, then all they need to do is to quote the referrer’s name and mobile number to the sales consultant as a verification procedure. After that, there is absolutely nothing else that you will need to do as the sales consultant will take it from there by explaining everything about the property of choice. This will include arranging for site visits and attending to the conclusion of the sale subsequently.

As for the reward, the referrer will be entitled to an incentive for each successful referral as follows:

The potential reward can be quite substantial, up to RM56,000! There is no limit to the number of people you can refer. The more you refer, the more you gain! So, this will be the perfect time to scan through the address book and look for people that you know who may be in the market for buying a new property.

If you’re excited about earning extra money, register yourself immediately and start introducing your relatives, friends and colleagues to us! The IOI LiVO Referral Programme will only be running until 31 December, 2018.

If you need more details or to register as a referrer, just head on down to this link or call the IOI Galleria at the respective township:

IOI Resort City: 03-8947 8899

16 Sierra: 03-8944 9999

Puchong: 03-8060 8833

Bandar Puteri Bangi: 03-8912 3333

Warisan Puteri: 03-8705 9989

There is also a video on the IOI LiVO Referral Programme, which can be viewed here:

Body aches and pains ruining your quality of life?

Body aches and pains ruining your quality of life?

Counter the pain

Nearly all of us experience pain at some point in our lives; and for some of us, this experience is all too frequent! Alas, body pains and aches tend to be perceived as trivial and given low priority. Nonetheless, they affect 95% of the global population and have significant impact on the lives of many, according to a recent global study on pain.i

If you feel pain on a regular basis, you are not alone. The study found that the majority of sufferers feel body pain at least once a week and for significant periods of time. Across all aspects of everyday life, pain is negatively impacting the lives of both the sufferer and those closest to them, from damaging self-perception and negatively impacting time spent with friends and families, through to having a detrimental impact on their parenting abilities.

And what do we normally do when we have muscle pain and aches? We tend to self-medicate, do we not? According to the pain study, 94% of people know the cause of their body pain and for the majority, the cause is known through self-diagnosis rather than visiting a healthcare professional. Self-diagnosis is particularly common amongst 18-34 year olds.

After all, muscle pain and aches are fairly commonplace. Sore muscles are almost a given after an intense gym workout, especially when we have been a couch potato! We can easily pull a muscle when we forget to warm up or stretch properly before a game of sports. We get sore neck and numb arms if we sleep in a wrong position. We get backache and shoulder ache from sitting too long at the desk – ah the perils of the modern day office worker. Alas, muscle pain and aches have become part and parcel of our lives, whether we are physically active or otherwise.

Pharmacies and drugstores in Malaysia carry a diverse range of analgesics from many brands in many formats – pill, cream, balm, spray, liniment, ointment, patch – whole shelves of them. One is spoilt for choice!

How then do we decide which product to use? Trial and error is one. Following word-of-mouth recommendation is another. And of course we would do best to stick to a trusted brand with a strong heritage. After all, you would not want to ingest, or rub or stick anything of dubious origin on your body, would you?

Counterpain, which has long heritage, is a safe choice. That it has been around for ages speaks volumes. Many generations swear by its efficacy.

Counterpain Analgesic Balm provides temporary relief to minor muscle and joint aches and pains associated with strains, bruises and sprains. It is a non-greasy, fast-acting cream that leaves no stain. And it has a soothing scent. Slap some on for instant relief!

Do you know that besides easing muscle soreness post workout, Counterpain balm is also excellent in warming up the muscles pre workout?

Counterpain is available in patch format as well, for easier application and convenience, such as when you are busy at work or travelling. Indeed, patch format topical analgesics/anaesthetic products are increasingly popular among consumers in Malaysia.ii

Counterpain patches come in two variants – Counterpain Patch and Counterpain Patch Hot, both available in boxes of four.

The Counterpain patch certainly does look and feel modern and premium. It has a smooth and soft texture, and does not cause skin irritation. In fact, the patch contains Vitamin E, and hence moisturises your skin. It is flexible and stretchable, making it ideal for application on joints or folds – the patch stays on with every flex and bend, and you will feel no discomfort (skin does not feel pulled) or that your movement is somewhat constrained. The patch feels like a second skin! And it comes off clean when removed, without any pain or irritation to the skin. It smells really pleasant to boot.

Counterpain is confident of its patches’ quality. What have you to lose by trying? Counterpain Patch and Counterpain Patch Hot are widely available in independent as well as chain pharmacy stores, Chinese medical halls, supermarkets and hypermarkets… alongside the good ole Counterpain Analgesic Balm trusted by generations.

This article is brought to you by Counterpain.


GSK Global Pain Index 2017

ii Euromonitor’s October 2017 Analgesics in Malaysia report

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MAL19910746X, MAL15085067XR, MAL15085068XR

Discover the SECRETS to raising a successful child

Discover the SECRETS to raising a successful child

Learn 3 keys on how to identify, manage, regulate and enhance your child’s EQ as well as IQ. Empower your child’s academic performance, reduce their stress level and help them succeed in all areas of life.

Issues Raised

Do you find it hard to communicate with your children most of the time?

Do you know when & why your child rebel against you?

Do you know the actual reason why your child did not score higher grades like others?

Do you know that your child’s stress can lead to anxiety, depression and suicidal tendencies?

As parents, we always want the best for our children. Give your children the best by unleashing their full potential early in life.

Introduction to UCMHP Methodology

UCMHP is a 21st Century Breakthrough Profiling Method that was painstakingly developed by Dr. Bernard Yeo over the last decade. This profiling method is the first of its kind to integrate 7 world renown profiling methodology into 1.

This Evolutionary Methodology will be able to reveal the nature of your child and help you connect deeper with your child.

This is like having a “lifetime manual for your child” so you know what your child is truly capable of achieving.

Introduction to Dr Bernard

Dr. Bernard Yeo
(Hon PHD, Human Capital Development and Human Profilling)

Dr. Bernard Yeo is the founder, creator and chief researcher of UCMHP Methodology. He decided to embark on a journey to uncover the Universal Character of people after being inspired by a lady professor.

Over the course of 10 years, he has put in over 70,000 hours of research to analyze more than 12,000 data stemming across diverse cultures, genders and backgrounds while reading hundreds of journals and thousands of articles during his development of the UCMHP Technique.

As a result, the UCMHP methodology was born, and since then he has helped over 40,000 people to transform their life.

After transforming more than 40,000 people’s life, he realizes that this methodology has the immense potential to accelerate a child’s success, and hence he decided to setup UCMHP Edu Centre, dedicated to transform the life of every child.


The workshop gives me a better understanding of my 2 children, opens up my own mind to how my kids want me to ‘communicate’ with them, and even to manage my own marriage. With that, I have signed up for the Seminar where I hope to learn more about the CHICC Profiling method and how to use the ‘tools’ to ‘know’ my children and my students, and to guide them along the way.


Principal of Rainforest Education Centre, Mother of Son (aged 5) and Daughter (aged 3)

As a mother, I would want the best for my child. The workshop really opens up my mind and gives me a deeper insight as to how I can better communicate with my child, discover her strengths and weaknesses as well as build on her potential. In addition, I am also able to apply the same technique and tools for myself as well. I have signed up for the Seminar and would definitely recommend this workshop to all my friends!


Marketing Executive, Mother of Daughter (22 months)

The workshop is really an eye opener. Their method of profiling is simple, easy to understand and can be applied in our daily lives. As a mother who always strives to improve the quality of my children’s learning and development, I have signed up for the Seminar to know more about profiling, as well as to understand how I can improve family communication and have a better approach in educating my children.


Business Owner of Reverie Island, Mother of Daughter (3 yrs) & Son (1 yr)

Learning Benefits

  • Your child’s universal hidden potentials, blind spots and attitudes in life
  • Which academic and career path choices are suitable for your child
  • Teach your child’s how to manage stress level and be happy always
  • Your child’s weaknesses and how to turn them into their strengths
  • How to use the right universal senses’ study and learning techniques for your child
  • The potential health issues your child might face in their lives, and discover how to nourish them accordingly
  • The dynamics of your interaction with your child

PLUS: 32 steps to know yourself and your child’s universal personal intelligence character! Discover how you can build up yours’ and your child’s emotional strengths, find the right solutions and move forward in challenging situations!

As parents, we always want the best for our children. Give your children the best by unleashing their full potential early in life.

Why choose between a house and a car when you can afford both?

Why choose between a house and a car when you can afford both?

The majority of first-time homebuyers buy homes because they are going through a change in the household structure – whether it’s getting married or even starting a family. In many cases, there’s also a growing need to upgrade the household car as well during this same life stage.

It may always be the buyer’s market when it comes to property buying, but with the current economic situation, we are making even more deliberate considerations when making major purchase decisions like buying a house or a car. In fact, it is not unusual to see Malaysians sacrificing one just to make way for another important decision to realize, and life plans keep getting postponed or even put off simply due to financial constraints.

For those who can afford to buy both a house and a car at the same time, it is often a privilege – one that OSK plans to make accessible for regular homebuyers.

The latest project by OSK in Kuantan called TimurBay Seafront Residence thoughtfully caters to new families who have a lot on their plates. It is a fully furnished, freehold property complete with 2 acres of resort-themed facilities. The unique seafront collection has its own private access to Balok Beach, an internationally popular coastal destination for kitesurfing and windsurfing as well as other family recreational activities.

Apart from its attractive offers including 5% bumiputera discount and 0% down payment, OSK gives you an option for your property to be managed by the developer, cutting down the worries of dealing with a third party management. What’s most attractive about this property scheme is that, it comes with a car incentive program (T&C apply) .

After all, what’s the point of going all out to invest in the perfect place to live if you have to skimp on quality and comfort living for your family?

To learn more about the TimurBay development or the Car Incentive Program, head over to Timurbay website

*Terms & Conditions apply

Take charge of your liver health before it’s too late

Take charge of your liver health before it’s too late

In today’s fast-paced world, we are unfortunately forced to live a hectic life, juggling our career with family and social life. For many of us, career seems to be demanding more attention than others. This comes at the expense of our work-life balance. Making a bad situation worse, we just can’t be bothered to eat healthily and exercise regularly. When our health takes a back seat in career pursuit, one of our hardest working organs – liver, is at constant risk of malfunctioning due to our prolonged ignorance. Not to mention the health problems that come with age.

Why is the liver so vital?

The liver performs more than 500 vital functions to shield our body from lifestyle-induced onslaughts. It removes harmful toxins, distributes and stores essential nutrients at the same time. From digestion to nutrients absorption, metabolism and immunity, liver has a role in it. Your liver simply cares for you. If you don’t take good care of it, you risk developing liver diseases. 1

Recent study showed that Liver diseases has become A major, neglected global public health problem requiring urgent actions. Statistics show that about 844 million people had chronic liver diseases (CLDs) worldwide, with a mortality rate of two million deaths per year. If CLDs are left unchecked, it will lead to cirrhosis, a late stage of deadly liver scarring due to long-term damage. This puts 633,000 people at risk each year.2

You are what you eat. Everything you eat or drink passes through the liver. Frankly speaking, we either eat the harmful foods or miss out on certain essential nutrients. For optimal liver health, we need to plug such dietary gaps. Consuming health supplements is a good practice, which helps restore balance and prevent health issues.

Where does Essentiale fit in?

Essentiale contains essential phospholipids (EPLs) derived from soya beans to act as the building blocks of cell membranes in the liver. They repair, protect and regenerate your liver.3 A healthy liver is able to boost your energy levels, keeping fatigue at bay. The end products of nutrients metabolism are stored in the liver for use at a later stage. Essentiale also provides nutritional support in the management of damaged liver due to Chronic liver disease, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver & intoxication by hepatotoxic substances.4


Take responsibility for your own liver health as nobody else will. Keep your liver healthy to make it happy. Learn more about the goodness of Essentiale.


  1. Johns Hopkins Medicine (2018). Liver: Anatomy and Functions. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/healthlibrary/conditions/liver_biliary_and_pancreatic_disorders/liver_anatomy_and_functions_85,P00676
  2. Marcellin P, Kutala BK (2017). Liver diseases: A major, neglected global public health problem requiring urgent actions and large-scale screening. Liver Int. 2018;38 (Suppl. 1):2-6. https://  oi.org/10.1111/liv.13682
  3. Gundermann et al. Activity of EPL from Soybean in Liver Disease. Pharmacological reports. 2011;63:643-659
  4. Essentiale – Malaysia Product Information.

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Disclaimer: This is a medicine product advertisement
Product Registration No.: MAL06071088X
KKLIU No.: 2009/2018

Yes! Sunsuria Forum is the new trendsetter in Setia Alam

Yes! Sunsuria Forum is the new trendsetter in Setia Alam

Fancy the comfort on your doorstep? Look no further, Sunsuria Forum in Setia Alam is the place that inspires your living, work and social life. Enjoy the one-stop convenience like no other in an environment featuring a lifestyle mall, retail outlets, corporate offices/ suites as well as the residential tower. The freehold integrated self-sustaining development of RM1.4 billion in gross development value (GDV) is transforming every inch of space to life for the sophisticated urbanites.

Breathe the air of SOHO living excitement

Vibrant, eclectic and cosmopolitan. Take a sip of your favorite coffee and snuggle down in the trendy SOHO suites. The minimalist yet practical design creates an unpretentious atmosphere. Here, you have a free hand on defining your own style of living, work and social life. This is where you connect with people who appreciate the sense of belonging in a dynamic Sunsuria community.

Spice up your life with added synergy in this multifunctional working and living space. Head to the facilities deck on the 9th floor and get energized. Take a dip in the Amarillo Starlight infinity pool while enjoying the refreshing views from the deck. Get fit in style with the built-in street workout installations.

The multipurpose hall, shaded pavilion and serene deck add zest to your social gathering and recreation. That’s not all. The community pod, toddler land, yoga/ tai chi deck and terrace Jacuzzi are part of the real deal as well.

Of course, security is a matter of utmost concern. The 24-hour multitier security system combining access card, security patrol and CCTV surveillance provides residents with added peace of mind.

The 653-unit SOHO suites of 441 – 904 sq. ft. in built-ups are housed in a 33-storey tower with attractive prices starting from RM298,000. Be one the privileged owners and experience life with a flair for creativity.

A corporate office that lets you relish work-life balance

This is a full-fledged corporate office with a warm reception. You arrive like an VIP the very moment you walk into its grand double-volume lobby. The classy feel uplifts your spirits instantly. The modern office tower of 346 units will be serviced by eight high-speed lifts for a faster access.

The high standards also include a 24-hour surveillance system with turnstile security for visitors. Each unit is graced with abundant natural lighting and ventilation for a healthy working environment.

From business lounge to meeting rooms, your business needs are taken care of like an honoured guest. Feel free to enjoy the office amenities that Sunsuria Forum has in store for you at the Business Centre.

The 31-storey office tower features varied built-ups of 624 – 14,400 sq. ft. to suit different business preferences. You can be one of the proud owners of this prestigious address for RM526,000 onwards.

A lifestyle mall with a gross floor area of 256,000 sq. ft. adds more vibrancy to this integrated development while the sold-out Boulevard Walk of 61 retail outlets and 172 office lots complements the iconic landmark. The Boulevard Walk will house a number of notable brands in the likes of Village Grocer, Focus Point, Alibaba & Nyonya, Baskin Robbins, Secret Recipe and Subway.

Both the SOHO and corporate office residents will have direct access to the lifestyle facilities on the ninth floor in the likes of refreshing pools and “diamond reflexology trail”. Such integrated components transcend urban sophistication with a holistic approach that boosts your work-life balance for improved productivity and relationships.

You are a proud resident of Sunsuria Forum

The very design of Sunsuria Forum fosters community interaction as evidenced by its connected blocks with open corridors and elevated pedestrian walkways. It promotes the concept of seamless connectivity within development. The outdoor shopping and alfresco dining are two pleasant styles of living. The triple-volume interior space with skylight roof pushes the shop-office ambience to new heights. An engaging experience awaits the young, first-home buyers as Sunsuria Forum is bringing an integrated social living hub to the booming Setia Alam township. Be it for work or family and leisure gathering, it is setting a lofty benchmark.

Comprehensive township planning for all walks of life

The 2,525-acre Setia Alam is a glorious example of excellent master planning. The township of mixed residential and commercial development is forecast to reach a population of 150,000 by 2020, in which Sunsuria Forum is tapping into a catchment area of readily available supporting facilities and institutions.

Excellent learning institutions such as Odyssey The Global Preschool Malaysia, Peninsula International School Australia and Tenby International School are found within the Setia Alam vicinity. Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam is just a short distance away.

KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital and Hospital Shah Alam are prominent hospitals nearby. In addition to Setia City Mall, your shopping destinations include AEON Bukit Raja, i-City and Giant Hypermarket Klang. For other recreational choices, Setia Alam Central Park, Setia City Park, Setia City Convention Centre, Urban Park and Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Golf & Country Club top the list.

The feel-good checklist continues with other lifestyle-inspired residential and commercial components such as the affluent Setia Eco Park and Duta Villa, and bustling Setia Taipan.

Located in the International Zone of the Setia Alam township, Sunsuria Forum is directly accessible via Persiaran Setia Alam with highway connectivity in the likes of North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), North-South Expressway Central Link (ELITE) and Federal Highway, and Jalan Meru.

Cherish community-centric lifestyle

Sunsuria Forum is becoming a preferred address in the Klang Valley to experience the spirited community vibes. It enriches you with lasting aspirations for living, work and social life. It’s a welcoming environment specially built for you to raise a family and live a better life.

Call 011 – 1622 1931 to find out more about Sunsuria Forum. The time-limited offer is up for grabs!