Bringing life back to Corporate Presentations

Bringing life back to Corporate Presentations

20 minutes, that’s the maximum attention span of the average adult

Does your presentation have what it takes to keep your audience firmly engaged?

It is a refutable fact that our modern digital lifestyles have reduced our ability to remain focused on a single task, particularly in non-digital environments. A Microsoft study released last year puts the average human transient attention span at a mere eight second, lower than that of the goldfish at nine! Thankfully, our sustained attention, also known as focused attention, lasts much longer – up to 20 minutes on average – and by repeatedly refocusing on the same thing, we get stuff done.

Nonetheless, surrounded by constant bombardment of information, we no longer respond well to a passive delivery system. If you have a meeting, briefing or presentation in a traditional classroom-like setting where a presenter stands in front and talks while the rest mostly listen, people will inevitably zone out and do their own things, like doodling or frequently checking and playing with their phone, anything except focus on the presentation. You will be hard pressed to command even the first 20 minutes of attention. Interactivity is now more crucial than ever to keep everyone’s attention and involvement. And Epson has just the perfect tool for that – interactive projectors

Interactivity is Key


Admittedly, there is no substitution for effective presentation skills in engaging the audience. That aside, the right tools can breathe life into an otherwise another run-of-the-mill corporate presentation.

The projector has become indispensible in corporate presentations as a tool to share key ideas, charts, pictures and even movie clips. But not all projectors are created equal. Some projectors are little more than noisy heat-generating contraption that requires the dimming of the room lights to view the less-than-sharp projection. On the other end of the evolution are projectors that allow the users to actively participate with the projected image and disseminate the content immediately via a printout or email.




Developed by the leader in interactive projectors and the world’s top projector maker for 15 years in a row, Epson interactive projectors create a participatory environment, making presentations more engaging and productive. The key feature is the transformation of the projected image into a huge drawing board on which participants can freely annotate with the interactive pen.

This pen works like a stylus pen, and does everything a regular marker pen could on a whiteboard – write and draw in multiple colours – and then some.


The projector can also be operated simply by touching the screen with a fingertip – including opening and closing files, scrolling through pages, pinching in/out and rotating images, and adding notes.

Think future-generation iPad with advanced Samsung Note stylus features on a humongous screen. Nifty!

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Keep the ideas flowing!

In the PC-free interactive mode, two people can write simultaneously on the projection, with two pens operating at the same time for greater interactivity. The projector can support the simultaneous input of up to six fingers and two pens, bringing brainstorming sessions to another level.

Just imagine the flurry of ideas being quickly shared and animatedly discussed, on screen!

The benefit of this revolutionary approach is that it helps to break down the wall between presenter and audience. When multiple participants are given free rein to write simultaneously, the presentation becomes a stimulating, collaborative and productive experience, increasing engagement and delivering improved business outcomes.

One projector to connect them all

As a further nod to the value of group collaboration, Epson’s latest interactive projectors can wirelessly connect up to 50 devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets over a network, with a terminal serving as a moderator host PC. The group moderator can display content from up to four devices simultaneously onto the big screen to link participants together for side by side evaluation of presentations, making group discussions even more broad-based and insightful.

And sharing is a breeze. Participants can access the content through a URL link from their PC or smart devices. The whiteboard mode allows output of the meeting results to a maximum of 50 pages in your preferred format, eliminating worries about lack of space. Participants also no longer need to waste time comparing notes. Missing or misinformation is a thing of the past.

Small room or no room? No problem

Thanks to their short-throw projection, these projectors are able to share bright and large images even in small meeting rooms. Essentially, they can transform any flat surface such as walls, whiteboards and even tables into digital whiteboards and interactive spaces, without additional software – you no longer need to hunt down a sufficiently-sized meeting room for an impromptu session.

Projector set-up is simply plug-and-play, with a one-time auto calibration and auto resolution adjustment. And no messy wires connections.

What more, with the short-throw projection, light from these interactive projectors is less distracting as it barely touches the presenter, ensuring a more comfortable experience compared to conventional models. Shadow interference is also greatly reduced, making presentations a more pleasant experience for all participants.

Epson is committed to sustainability, and eco-friendly features are built in to its interactive projector range. The choice of materials – lead-free lenses, unpainted plastic housings, and chlorine/bromine-free flame retardants – is designed to minimise environmental impact.

The projectors use just up to 0.44W of power in standby mode. Its eco-friendly Light Optimiser function features a luminance sensor that detects the brightness level of the environment and adjusts the projector’s brightness automatically, resulting in power and cost savings. This function can be turned on/off according to your preference. With a long lamp life of 10,000 hours in eco-mode, the frequency of costly lamp replacements is also reduced.

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Earning their Stripes

Earning their Stripes

Earning their Stripes

Nilai U Professional Development Club organises conservation campaign.

“Nilai University’s holistic approach to higher education includes providing students with opportunities to learn valuable lessons beyond the text books,” explained Eddy Bala,

advisor to the Professional Development Club. He was speaking at the launch of the Save the Tigers Campaign which was organised by students from the Professional Development Club, in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund-Malaysia (WWF-Malaysia).

At the gala launch, the audience was treated to performances which included traditional dances from international students, solo vocal performances and a traditional drum troupe show. Also present were Dr Megat Sany Megat Ahmad Supian (Under Secretary, Biodiversity and Forestry Division, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) and Suan Tan (Senior Manager, Activation, WWF-Malaysia).

Pre-schoolers from neighbouring kindergartens participated in a series of fun-filled events. The students took part in a colouring contest, a treasure hunt and quizzes; all of which were aimed at raising awareness of the plight of the Malaysian tiger.

The students also organised fund raising activities, with monies being channelled to the conservation of habitats for the tigers.

“By organising this campaign in collaboration with the WWF-Malaysia, Nilai U students have proven they are more than capable of facing global challenges in their future careers. Their willingness to go the extra mile demonstrates positive change in their personal development,” commented Dr Megat.

He also sprang an unexpected surprise to the students by inviting yhem to visit the Ministry’s Wildlife Conservation Centre in Sungkai, Perak.

Dr Megat’s sentiments were also echoed by Suan Tan who said,

“WWF-Malaysia is especially heartened to see today’s youths, who will be tomorrow’s leaders, taking action to help protect our wildlife and natural resources, thereby helping build a better, greener future for us all and generations to come. We commend Nilai U for supporting WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts and hope that other educational institutions will follow your example.”

The Professional Development Club is but one of the many initiatives on campus that allow students to fulfil their full potential. Students get opportunities for personal and professional growth through university modules such as Dale Carnegie’s Skills for Success and Chapter One’s Personal Branding. These modukes are designed to help students mature into young adults who will be a boon to their respective communities.

“Nilai U’s motto is ‘Enrichment for Life’, and that means we teach our students, not just to be model pupils but also model citizens,” states Eddy Bala.

“This campaign was a great success as it has taught our students valuable lessons in the importance of biodiversity. At the same time it has helped them grow personally and professionally.”

Nilai U offers unique opportunities to for students to develop the relevant soft skills, which will boost their employability. For more information, please visit or call 06-8502308.

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7 Habits to A Healthy Brain

7 Habits to A Healthy Brain

Endless processing on information using brain juice will cause mental fatigue…

Current hectic lifestyle requires a lot of thinking. Endless processing on information using brain juice will cause mental fatigue. Here are the 7 simple ways to conquer mental fatigue

1. Feed your brain with sufficient nutritions.

The brain weighs about 2% of total body weight, but it needs over 20% of oxygen and nutrition intake. Always remember to supply sufficient nutrients to optimize brain processes. When the brain is in the process of thinking, it requires more oxygen flow. Studies showed BRAND’S Essence of Chicken helps to improve memory and concentration by improving blood circulation and oxygen flow to brain and body. Besides that, it helps to relieve stress. A bottle of BRAND’S Essence of Chicken contains nutritional requirements for our brain and body work well.

2. Change your daily mindset.

Be creative and innovative, the brain requires change to evolve. Explore new experiences like travelling to new places, taste different cuisines, create an artistic masterpiece, use a different route to work or simply stroll in the park. These short bursts of discoveries will help to refresh our mind.

3. Buffer some time for games

Stay young at heart, and play games. Pick up video games, board games, puzzles, or sports and play with family or friends, and keep it fun. Regardless of the games you play, it helps to sharpen your mind, and more importantly a great environment to relax.

4. Exercise regularly and stay fit

Studies showed that people who have adequate exercise will have a healthier mind. Choose an enjoyable exercise to do it with your love ones in order to avoid boredom. This helps to enhance your thoughts, and gives a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. Make it social by inviting friends over for Zumba dance, cycling, or jogging and have lots of fun for keep fit and let you have a healthier mind.

5. Learn something new.

Learning new skills develops your potential. Learn a new word daily and practice writing. Research on something interesting or pick up a musical instrument to keep your brains active. You might discover hidden passions or talents, and definitely a more positive outlook on life.

6. Relax with Music

Turn on your favourite song after a busy day because it helps your mind to relax and have a better mood.

7. Strengthen your memory

There is a simple way to help you improve memory. Recall the good times by looking at old albums and high-school yearbooks. This triggers your mind to recall back the past story and it is an good exercise for better mental fitness.

First Class Engineering Education @ Nilai U

First Class Engineering Education @ Nilai U

First Class Engineering Education @ Nilai U

Nilai U offers a spectrum of engineering programmes, from diplomas to Ph.D.

“One of the great things about enrolling in engineering programmes at Nilai University (Nilai U) is that students have access to state-of-the-art engineering facilities,” says Assoc.

Prof. Dr Adnan Ibrahim, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. He is referring to the many workshops and laboratories at Nilai U’s 105-acre campus.

The workshops and laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment and machinery for the delivery of engineering programmes. These include 3D printers, industrial robotic systems, engine dynamo meters and flexible manufacturing systems. In addition, the purpose-built hangar houses two planes to be used for the aircraft maintenance programmes. All these enable students to gain the necessary practical experience before they embark on their On-Job-Training.

Having the requisite practical experience cannot be underestimated, especially for engineering studies. Employers want graduates with hands-on experience, not just theoretical knowledge. “That is the reality and that is why Nilai U has not spared any expense in equipping the labs and workshops with the latest equipment,” says Dr Adnan

“Many school leavers interested in engineering have firm ideas of the field they wish to specialise in. Nilai U provides options in the fields of aircraft maintenance, automotive, electrical and electronics, mechanical and mechatronics engineering. It makes good sense for students to sign up for the diploma programmes after their SPM,” Dr Adnan states.

The diploma programmes give students specialist knowledge in the relevant fields and hold them in good stead when they proceed to the workplace, or when they further their studies at the advanced diploma or degree level.

Aircraft maintenance diploma students can proceed to the 1-year Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology programme where they will be conferred not only with the Advanced Diploma from Nilai University but also the BSc (Hons) Aircraft Engineering Technology award from Kingston University, UK.

Students from the other engineering diploma programmes who proceed to the mechanical or electrical and electronics engineering degree programmes at Nilai U are eligible for credit transfers which will shorten the duration of their degree studies. These degree programmes have been accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and the Engineering Accreditation Council, a signatory of the Washington Accord.

Although they can enter into the professional working world at the end of their diploma or degree programme, students who are interested in research can also opt to further their studies at Nilai U at the postgraduate level. Nilai U offers the Master of Engineering Science and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Engineering programmes.

“School leavers who are serious about career in engineering should check out Nilai U programmes. The pathway available to them at Nilai U is one that gives options to either secure a successful engineering career after the diploma or degree studies or go on to the highest rung of the ivory tower with a Ph.D.,” says Dr Adnan.

Nilai University was established in 1997 and is located just 15 minutes away from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. For more information, please visit or call 06-8502308.

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