Impossible is nothing when you believe you can!

Impossible is nothing when you believe you can!

What is your childhood dream? Have you realized it?

Many of us enthusiastically wrote in our compositions “My Ambition” that we dreamed to become pilots, some of us wished to become professional basketball players, and some aimed to become scientists, and many other exciting roles.However, the enthusiasm wore off as days gone by. How many of us still hold on to our childhood dreams when we have all grown up? After all, a dream is just a dream like they said, and the reality bites—like certain external conditions of ours which are not as good as others’, so we give in to our ordinary-selves.

However, the enthusiasm wore off as days gone by. How many of us still hold on to our childhood dreams when we have all grown up? After all, a dream is just a dream like they said, and the reality bites—like certain external conditions of ours which are not as good as others’, so we give in to our ordinary-selves.

Now, is external condition your only road block to your goal? Here are some stories that might inspire you!

Big Dreams In Small Bodies of the Northern Giants

Brazil, the “football kingdom” that produces world class football stars; and there are countless people there who love football, among them, of course are those talented ones. So, to become a “Professional Superstar Footballer” there, one has to be extraordinarily gifted on top of having a good physique.

However, there is a team there with an average height of only 1.22 meters,which is shorter than most people, but this is one of the most popular local football teams, and able to attract 30,000 audiences in every game they play. They are the famous “Northern Giants’ team—the world’s first football team that is formed entirely of dwarves.

The shortest member of the “Northern Giants’ stands at only 0.9 meters tall, but their physical conditions can never limit their dreams of becoming footballers! They might be small in size, but they are driven by powerful dreams and ambition which spur on their capabilities.

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Nicol David—Malaysia’s Squash Princess

Another excellent example of external conditions breakthrough is our internationally famous “Squash Princess” Nicol David. This Penangnite was only 16 years old when she won the World Youth Cup in Belgium.

With comprehensive technique coupled with agility and speed, Nicol is famous in the international squash arena. She’s not only the “world’s youngest number one seeded player”, but also “the first Asian who won the British Open”. Nicol is much younger than many other players of the same period, and she is only 1.65 meters, but she is ranked world no. 1 and the first Asian player who has won the world title. This is an extraordinary success in the international sports arena, which is dominated by the Western countries.

Size does not matter – Just stay alert and stay fit.

“Zootopia”, a recently popular Disney animated film, has brought out an encouraging message: “Do not let a congenital condition limits you to pursue your dreams”.

Judy the rabbit, who was petite, delicate and loveable but also very alert and full of fighting spirit, worked with her charismatic partner Nick the fox, to successfully solve all difficult cases which all other police officers couldn’t.

This animation reminded us that, as long as we are determined to go after our dreams and face the challenges with a clear mind, we definitely are able to achieve our goals as compared to those who have better inborn conditions than us.

Photo credit: The Walt Disney Company

Though we might be playing just a small role in our work place, but with the correct attitude, a good physique and a clear mind, we definitely could excel in our areas of work. As the character Ong Tiam Cai said in the recent local film Ola Bola, “even if I were a little screw, I should be a useful screw”.

All your future success starts with a small step today. Your hard work today determines the path of your success in the future. Stay alert, maintain a clear mind, go forward in the right direction, and your dream destination is just down the road.

No matter how high or how big your future accomplishments may be as an athlete, a student, or a working professional, one thing that matters is whether you are willing to take the first step today. All your efforts and struggles today will determine your future success. Thus, effective mind and body coordination is important to unlock one’s potential and challenge the limits, and ultimately, realizing their dreams and goals.

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GREDAC: The First Global Real Estate Conference in Malaysia

GREDAC: The First Global Real Estate Conference in Malaysia

Join GREDAC Conference Now

14-15 April, 2016, Kuala Lumpur

The First Global Real Estate Developers and Agents Conference in Malaysia

About GREDAC Conference

GREDAC 2016 is an international real estate conference, focused on the South East Asia region. The conference is focused on building new partnerships, sharing market outlooks in the current economic situations, discovering new up-and-coming world-class projects through a dedicated programme.It gives special attention to the evolving role of technology in the property market.The Conference will be held in Malaysia for the very first time. This event will span across 2 days and host real estate developers and agents from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Africa and also Australia.

Come, participate and meet your new venturing partners in real estate!

Why should you attend the conference?

With a GREDAC Ticket You Get

Reach networking opportunities

Share thoughts and ideas, engage in a conversation with like-minded people during coffee sessions and networking lunches.

Access to 40 real estate agencies

Meet 40 fastest growing real estate agencies all in one room. Watch their presentations to identify new opportunities and potential partners for your business.

Top-Tier Keynotes

Share thoughts and ideas, engage in a conversation with like-minded people during coffee sessions and networking lunches.

Industry Exhibition

Get to know the up and coming and established industry players who are looking for your attention.

Business Matching Session

Present your business, meet the right people and find a perfect match for you needs during this an effectively structured session.

Welcome reception and Gala dinner

Strengthen your connection over a light refreshment and celebrate success with your new partners during the gala dinner.

Fill The Form To Get your ticket Now

What to expect?

Day one is a get to know. Walk around the booth exhibition to meet real estate agency and businesses, enabling property industry. Break the ice at the coffee networking session and meet new potential business partners, enjoy a lunch, while discussing new opportunities. Head to the agency presentation to get to know 40 fastest growing agencies all in one room. Finish the day at the GREDAC welcome resection, celebrating new connections.

Day 2 we will dive deeper into discussing hot topics in the regional property agenda with high-notch speakers from 6 different countries. Learn from their experience during presentations and roundtable discussions. Participate in the business matchmaking session, sealing the deals with your new found partners and business supporters. Celebrate the success with 400 participants at the gala dinner!

 Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan

GREDAC Moderator,
Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan

Industry Insights from Experts

Aaron Huang

Aaron Huang

Columnist, Taiwan

Topic: ”Invest in ASEAN”

Agnes Wong

Agnes Wong

Managing Partner at Syarikat Ong Group of Companies

Topic: “How Taxes Affects Your Property Investment Behaviour

Colin Tan

Colin Tan

Founder of Colin Tan Group of Companies

Topic: ”Discovering Real Estate Hotspots in the Middle of an Economic Winter”

Dato’ Seri Matthew Yeoh

Dato’ Seri Matthew Yeoh

Founding Partner and Consultant at Yeoh Mazlina & Partners

Topic: ”ASEAN Property Market Outlook”

Dr. Daniele Gambero

Dr. Daniele Gambero

CEO and Co-Founder of Firm REI Group of Companies

Gala Dinner Speaker

Elizabeth Siew

Elizabeth Siew

Managing Partner at Messrs Iqbal Hakim, Sia & Voo

Topic: “Smart Property Investors Know The Law in Government and Local Authorities Know-how”

Neil Foo

Neil Foo

CEO and Secretariat for the Advancement of Malaysian Entrepreneurs (SAME)

Topic: “Awareness alternative financing made available by Venture Capital Firms”

Norhizam Abdul Kadir

Norhizam Abdul Kadir

Vice President of Infotech & IoT Division at MDeC

Topic: ”Emergence of Property-Tech and How It Has Changed The Landscape of Global Property Business”

Ken Urata

Ken Urata

CEO at FP Communications, Inc

Topic:”The latest trends of Japanese investors and the Japanese market”

Janette Toral

Janette Toral

Owner Digital Filipino

Topic: ”Trends in Digital Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals”

Join 400 real estate professionals at GREDAC 2016

The Venue

Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre,
Lot No LL2.1lppp37, Lower Level 2 Sunway Pyramid Phase 2,
46510 Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Contact Organisers

Name: Melvin Ooi
Email: [email protected]

Name: Carine Hew
Email: [email protected]

Name: Melanie Wong
Email: [email protected]

Contact No:
+603-93680019 /+603-93680020
(Monday till Friday, 9:00AM–6:00PM)

General Inquiry: [email protected]

Nilai University Aircraft Maintenance Programmes

Nilai University Aircraft Maintenance Programmes

Nilai University Aircraft Maintenance Programmes

A Very Good Start to your Career

“If you really want to have a strong foundation for your career in aviation maintenance, the programmes on offer at Nilai University, which combine EASA mechanic training and certification with academic study, are a very good start to your career,”said Paul Chun, Vice President of KLM Engine Services.

Paul was referring to the unique package of aircraft maintenance programmes on offer at Nilai University which permits SPM holders to complete a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance in just three and a half years and with that also obtain EASA B1 and B2 certification and a BSc (Hons) in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering from Kingston University, UK.

“If you only want to be an aircraft mechanic, a diploma and EASA certification will be sufficient. But if you want to move into upper management and supervisory roles, having a degree will help. Also, much of the work is very complex. If you really want to secure your future, then do both EASA and a degree I never hire people on the short term. I always look at how they can move forward with the industry.”said Paul

“This is a boom industry. I have been involved in it for over 35 years and it has only ever been growing, save for a dip in 2001. Over the next decade, the number of commercial aircraft will grow by more than 40% resulting in a great demand of aircraft maintenance engineers,”said Paul when he recently officiated the signing of an agreement by KLM UK Engineering and Nilai University for the provision of Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) material and the conduct of the European Air Safety Authority (EASA) B1 an B2 examinations at Nilai University.

“The VLE is in addition to the normal lectures, tutorials and practical sessions that we already offer. Combining the VLE from KLM UK Engineering with the exceptional facilities at Nilai University will give our students an even better learning experience” explained Professor Datuk Dr Sothi Rachagan, Vice Chancellor of Nilai University.

Simon Rhodes, the Head of KLM UKE Technical College is effusive of the benefits of the VLE. “The VLE consists of course materials, quizzes, and forums. Students will also be able to interact with KLM UKE instructors in the UK. So if they don’t understand any particular part of a subject or lesson, they can ask questions. Our instructors will post textual responses or videos.”

“A key benefit of the VLE is that it allows students to share knowledge among themselves. They can ask each other questions and this helps with their social learning and this is where the VLE becomes really powerful.”

“The VLE is broken down into chapters and there are quizzes at the end of each chapter. Students put in their answers and the VLE will tell them if the answers are correct or wrong. This allows for self-assessment. Students can use forums if they are not sure of a concept, they can post questions for instructors, who will help them better understand. Students can also post pictures and create their own learning space. The VLE is powerful in the sense that it allows for social learning and tailors to a generation which is used to using social media platforms.”

Nilai U launched its Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in 2007 and obtained full accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) in 2010 (while the Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Engineering Technology received MQA accreditation in 2013). It has support from Kingston University which provides external assessors and advisors. The institution is located just 15-minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and is rated ‘Setara 5/ Excellent’ by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency

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Malaysia’s Top E-Commerce Merchant Awards is here!

Malaysia’s Top E-Commerce Merchant Awards is here!

The time has come for e-sellers to shine as the very first Top EC merchant will be chosen.

Leonardo DiCaprio waited 12 years to get his Oscar, and he did not take the night for granted. But what about our local e-commerce merchants? In recent years, there have been many homegrown merchants rising to the challenge of doing e-commerce, and we believe that the time has come to recognise their excellence, innovation and creativity!

As such, the Malaysia Top E-Commerce Merchant Awards, the first of its kind in the country, was brought into existence by the Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (SITEC), with the support of major industry players such as Lazada Malaysia,,, Youbeli, 11street, MOLPay, iPay88, Exabytes and eCommerceMILO.

The aim of the competition is to honour and recognise the efforts of the most innovative, creative and well-received e-merchants, helping to boost their brand names through a friendly competition, in turn helping e-merchants find out how they can improve their services and offers.

Since the launch of the competition on Feb 18th, there have been over 30 (and counting!) local e-merchants registered for this prestigious competition. Just as Leonardo DiCaprio did not take the night of the Academy Awards for granted, Malaysia’s e-commerce merchants should not miss this opportunity to showcase their products and services either.

In order to stand a chance to win some sweet cash from that RM25,000 prize pool, the merchant must have achieved at least 200 transactions or have over RM50,000 in sales volume for any single month in 2015.

Additionally, winners will receive other attractive prizes such as trophies, industrial recognition and credibility through official certification by SITEC, co-working spaces in SDCC for 1 year, and mentorship by industry experts.

12 Distinguished Judges Make The Call

Actual judging will be split, with the competition’s distinguished panel of judges holding 50% of the weightage while the remainder 50% of the weightage will come from public voting, representing the targeted customer base of the merchants.

The competition has the strong support of major industry players, with the panel of judges fielding 12 of the e-commerce sector’s pioneers and e-marketplace administrators, each able to provide their own insights into the judging process.

Of the 12, there are names such as Hans-Peter Ressel, the CEO of Lazada Malaysia, Andy Lau, the CEO of Youbeli, Adrian Foong, the GM of, Hoseok Kim, the CEO of 11street, and Bernard Yap, the chief digital officer of These gentlemen represent the most popular e-marketplaces in Malaysia, with the public no strangers to the brands they represent.

Also on the panel of judges are big players in the e-commerce scene, such as the co-founders of eCommerceMILO, Adrian Oh and CK Wong, the founder and CEO of the Exabytes Group of Companies, Chan Kee Siak, Chief Executive of SITEC Yong Kai Ping, and EC Class Manager Goh Boon Peng of SITEC. These gentlemen, being experienced and knowledgeable in e-commerce themselves, will be able to provide valuable insight and offer critique into the processes of the competition’s participants.

At the same time, an online business is not considered functional without a payment gateway. Following that train of thought, payment gateways are represented among the judges as well, with MOLPay CEO Eng Sheng Guan, as well as iPay88 CEO Chan Kok Long.

For more information, please contact Mr Loke Chee Hoo at 012-670 5026 or [email protected].

Fasttracking your ACCA

Fasttracking your ACCA

Fasttracking your ACCA

Nilai U signs agreement with ACCA to offer ACCA Accelerate programme

“The Accounting and Finance degree is one of the more popular programmes at Nilai University (Nilai U). The vast majority of our students in the programme are focussed on becoming certified accountants. This agreement with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is designed to fast track their ambitions,” explains Assoc Prof Dr Celis Evelita, Head of Nilai U’s Department of Accounting and Finance. She states that this agreement will allow students to begin and complete their professional qualifications during their varsity years. Previously, students could only start on the ACCA programme after graduation. Under the terms of this agreement Nilai University’s BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance students will now be able to register with ACCA even before they graduate.

Nilai U’s BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance Programme is an ACCA Accredited programme, as such, graduates of this programme get the full nine paper exemptions from ACCA. Now, with the ACCA Accelerate programme, our students have the option to complete their remaining 5 ACCA papers at the same time they are studying for their degrees. “Many students are very eager to join the work force and not spend any additional time studying,” states Dr Celis. “Many have expressed that completing their ACCA papers at university is much easier than studying part-time whilst juggling work commitments.”

On hand to sign on behalf of ACCA was David Chin, Head of ACCA Malaysia. He had this to say: “Undergraduates under the ACCA Accelerate programme will be able to graduate with both their accounting degree and ACCA qualification certificates in hand. This will make them more competitive in the employment market and be highly sought after by reputable companies both locally and globally.”

Students who sign up for the ACCA Accelerate scheme will be entitled to:

  • Waiver of ACCA’s initial registration fee (worth £79)
  • Free annual subscription fee worth £170 for up to two years after graduation (inclusive of graduation year)
  • Deferred exemption fee payment (up to 24 months after graduation)

These students can also look forward to further support from ACCA via the organising of informative events, meetings with ACCA members, and promotion of the ACCA qualification at Nilai U. Students who successfully register to study ACCA will automatically gain access to ACCA’s online resources including the ACCA Learning Community which connects over 455,000 ACCA students around the world offering support during study and training.

Nilai U’s business programmes are highly popular among school leavers and this move allowing students to fast track their ACCA qualifications is sure to be greeted positively. The Faculty of Business also offers Diplomas in Accounting and Finance as well as Business Administration. Apart from the BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance, students can get to choose Bachelors of Business Administration (Hons) in the fields of Human Resource Management, Finance, International Business, Marketing and Management.

Nilai U was established in 1997 and is located in the picturesque suburb of Putra Nilai, just 15-minutes from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. All of its programmes are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and is rated as ‘Setara 5 / Excellent’ by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. For more information, please go to or call 06-8502308.

Nilai U’s Accounting and Finance degree students can now opt to complete the ACCA examinations whilst studying for their degree via the Accelerate programme. (L-R) “Prof. Dr. Sivakumar Velayutham (Nilai U Dean of Faculty of Business), Prof Dato’ Dr Sothi Rachagan (Nilai U Vice-Chancellor), David Chin (Head of ACCA Malaysia) and Hishamuddin Jalil (Head of Strategic Partnerships and Learning, ACCA).

Prof Dato’ Dr Sothi Rachagan (Nilai U Vice-Chancellor) and David Chin (Head of ACCA Malaysia) formalises the agreement to offer the Accelerate programme to the university’s accounting and finance degree students.

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